Drip emailing is one of those must-have features in an email marketing service. However, not all email marketing service is going to offer you this. Hence, we have come up with 10 best drip email marketing software which won’t disappoint you at the time of your drip email campaigns.

Drip emailing is a smarter way to conduct successful email marketing campaigns. It’s a feature which makes you a better online marketer by automating mailing processes.

Before we begin,

A bit about Drip Emailing.

Drip emailing is a powerful feature which easily automates the process of email delivery. Once a contact is added to a drip campaign he automatically receives drip emails on regular basis.

Why do we need Drip Email Marketing?

There is a major difference between drip email campaigns and regular email campaigns.

The benefits of using Drip Campaign are that:-

  • Automated email delivery, no manual intervention is required.
  • Delivers welcome, greeting mails at times of sign-ups & at special occasions.
  • Helps to conduct follow-ups and promotions on regular basis, etc.

The current market is flooded with hundreds of best drip campaign software which claim to be equipped with Drip email facility.

So, to help you choose the best in Best Drip Email Marketing Software & Tools blog we have defined some of the top class drip email services which will help you promote or advertise products online.

Comparison Of 5 Best Drip Email Marketing Software

Services Pricing for 50k Users  Free Demo  Auto Responders Subscription Forms
Pabbly Email Marketing $99/M
MailGet $49/M
SendinBlue $173/M
Customer.io $350/M
Predictive Response $825/M

1. Pabbly Email MarketingSend Drip Emails Free & Easily

We all know that Pabbly Email Marketing is a leading email marketing brand in the market. This is because of its affordable price, quality services, and awesome features. Drip emailing is a facility which comes preloaded with this marketing software.

You can easily automate email delivery of different marketing campaigns using drip emailing features and reach out to customers at times when they are most available to interact.

Pabbly Email Marketing - SMTP Service Providers


Drip Emailing In Pabbly Email Marketing –

With Pabbly Email Marketing drip mailing service you just have to create series of emails, schedule campaign, add contacts and the emails will automatically get delivered at the specified date & time in customer’s inbox without any manual efforts.

You also get free access to 500+ email templates which accept all types of customizations. Still, if you want to design your own emails that process is also simplified by Drag-Drop email builder which is easy to use and helps you design eye-catchy emails.

Pricing –

  • Pabbly Email Marketing offers a free trial for sending unlimited emails to 100 subscribers for 7 days.
  • After that, you can choose from multiple paid plans which range from $29 for 5000 users to $1599 for 1 Million users a month.
[Note:- Yearly subscription on any plan of Pabbly Email Marketing gives you 20% OFF]

There were times when we struggled getting 5% OPEN RATE on an email campaign.

But now we commonly score 43.69% and the reason behind this rise is Pabbly Email Marketing.

Trust me, the drip emails delivered through this email service provider lands directly in customer’s inbox, which increases the chances of conversions.

Try it once & you won’t regret

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2. MailGetDrip Emailing Service

MailGet is the cheapest email marketing software in this entire list and it has got various advanced features. In fact, it allows you to connect multiple SMTP services at a time.

You can create beautiful, eye-catchy emails without writing a single line of code using its drag and drop builder. It supports most of the popular SMTP services and requires no complicated hosting or set-up.

Best Drip Email Marketing Software

Drip Campaigns In MailGet –

Drip emailing is a complicated process to practice, but not with MailGet email marketing software. This software is equipped with the variety of tools which simplifies the process of email creation, designing, scheduling and more.

Drip email automation feature helps you send a series of emails automatically to customers at scheduled time intervals, the major benefit is that it removes any type of manual intervention in email delivery.

Pricing – 

  • Send unlimited drip emails to 5,000 users in a month at the cost of $29 only.
  • The next plan will cost you $49 on monthly basis for unlimited email delivery to 15,000 subscribers.
  • Other than the above price plans MailGet has designed 11 more plans which can satisfy the needs of any size of business.

If you already have an SMTP server, in that case, my personal recommendation is MailGet as it supports multiple SMTP integrations simultaneously and is extremely easy to set-up.

Plus the price of this online marketing service starts as low as $29 a month for the delivery of unlimited emails to 5000 users.

Any SMTP + MailGet = Great Drip Emailing Results.

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3. SendinBlue – Mail Marketing Software

SendinBlue email marketing software doesn’t require any type of contracts or downloads. It is an easy-to-use emailing service which is loaded with features like mail editor, responsive design, email tracking, reporting and it also provides a free trial to test the service.

Transactional emails deliver via SendinBlue makes it easy for your business to inform, engage and convert new as well as old customers.

Best Drip Email Marketing Software

Drip Campaigns in SendinBlue –

SendinBlue helps you create and send emails that are capable of capturing leads, attract new customers, send emails in drips, track sent emails, monitor and analyze reports, and more. Drip emailing feature is an advanced facility which automatically triggers emails at a defined time or based on user behavior.

Pricing –

  • Free version by SendinBlue credits your account with 300 emails per day which you can deliver to unlimited contacts in a month for no charge.
  • If you want to target higher volume of clients. Then, SendinBlue has three paid versions which are Lite at $25/m for 40k emails. Then, there’s Essential at $39 for 60k emails & Premium has two subsets of $66 for 120k emails and $173 for 350k emails.
  • Enterprise package is another version which is designed for organizations who want to deliver emails in large numbers like millions or billions. For more details on pricing and other version info, contact sales team.

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4. Customer.io – Email Marketing Platform

Email Marketing Platform by Customer.io provides premium mailing services which will fulfill all your marketing needs. You can simply target customers around the globe and deliver them emails at times when they are ready to read via drip email facility.

Additional features like timezone sending, segmentation, pre-designed templates, etc will help you save time, money and precious human efforts on email campaigns.

Best Drip Email Marketing Software

Drip Campaigns & Other Features –

Drip email campaigns conducted using Customer.io allows you to automate email deliver on the basis of user actions. These emails are perfectly timed and triggered at relevant conditions based on advanced rules-engine.

You can also segment users, manage user profiles, send easily customizable & personalized emails, etc.

Pricing –

  • The first version is Small Business by Customer.io email marketing service in which you can send 100,000 to 50,000 users on monthly basis at a price of $350.
  • Startup, Enterprise, and Broadcast are some other versions which offer a great deal of email marketing services.

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5. Predictive Response – Top Class Email Automation Service

Predictive Response is considered as a Top Email Automation service which improves your email marketing ROI through different automation techniques.

With this Email Automation Service, you don’t have to start from the scratch as it has got 500+ predesigned templates and also offers 1,000 free professional images, plus the templates are fully customizable.

Best Drip Email Marketing Software

Drip Campaigns & Other Features –

Using different features of Predictive Response you can conduct effective email marketing campaigns in just a few steps. You can schedule bulk email campaigns with drip campaign feature.

Deliver emails to customers which are perfectly designed and look attractive on different device screens.

Pricing –

  • Predictive Response offers three different packages to fulfill your email marketing needs which are Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. These packages vary in price and services.
  • For Standard package, if you want to send 5,000 emails or want to target 2,500 contacts in a month than, $300 a month will be charged.

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6. MailChimp – Marketing Automation Platform

We all are aware of the fact that MailChimp is the name which leads the way when it comes to effective & efficient email marketing.

It is equipped with drip emailing, autoresponders, A/B testing, email personalization, analytics, tracking and other helpful tools.

Transnational, as well as promotional emails, can be delivered with ease through MailChimp marketing automation platform.

Best Drip Email Marketing Software

Drip Campaigns & Other Features –

With MailChimp, you can simply integrate hundreds of third-party apps to store and fetch important details. MailChimp Mobile app is a facility which helps you create and send emails using a mobile phone or even tablets. You can also track the performance of different email campaigns.

Drip email feature can be used to deliver emails at different time intervals and also on the basis of user behavior.

Pricing –

  • Conduct email marketing campaigns for free with MailChimp. You can deliver 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers on monthly basis
  • Growing Business plan can send limitless emails to 2,000 subscribers in a month for $25 plus the plan cost which is $10. Total price = $25 + $10 = $35
  • Pro Marketer is an advanced plan which comes loaded with latest features and allows sending unlimited emails to 2,000 users at the cost of $25 plus the monthly plan cost which is $199. Total price = $25 + $199 = $224.

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7. Mad Mimi – Email Service Provider

Mad Mimi is a web-based email marketing solution which has numerous tools for email creation, designing, and effective inbox delivery. This is an Email Service Provider which helps you do bulk email marketing, get higher deliverability, manage audience and more.

Drip campaigns feature automatically sends emails based on the defined time intervals. You can send welcome, follow-up, greeting and other promotional emails automatically.

Best Drip Email Marketing Software

Drip Campaigns & Other Features –

Drip email campaigns can easily be conducted with MadMimi as it just requires a few steps to start a drip email campaign. Create series of emails for delivery, give an appropriate name to drip campaign, select the list of contacts for delivery, specify the time intervals and leave the rest to MadMimi.

Pricing –

  • Basic version is for Individuals who require less sending. With this, you can send unlimited emails to 500 contacts at the cost of $10 a month.
  • Pro version will charge you $42 for a month and allow you to send unlimited emails to 10,000 email contacts.
  • The Silver version is for bulk email marketers. It will cost you $199 and give access to send limitless emails to 50,000 users every month.

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8. SendLoop – Responsive Drip Email Campaigns

Sendloop can support the email marketing needs of different size of organizations. Email delivered via Sendloop are fully responsive and look great on different devices. This service is easy-to-use, you can create, send, manage and track different email campaigns simultaneously with this service.

Features like single or double opt-in confirmation, easy integration using webhooks, Google Analytics integration, email preview, social share will also be a help.

Best Drip Email Marketing Software

Drip Campaigns & Other Features –

Drip emailing feature helps you trigger emails automatically on user actions, like site viewing, sign-ups, welcome emails and auto-deliver a sequence of emails. This process will encourage them to buy or subscribe to your service.

You can add users through Facebook app, sign-up forms, code snippets, and use multiple plugins as well.

Pricing – 

  • Forever free version permits you to send unlimited emails to 2,000 users for free.
  • $14 is charged for unlimited emails delivery to 5,000 users in a month with other features.
  • Send unlimited emails to 10,000 users on monthly basis at a cost of $28.

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9. Vision6 – Email Marketing Tool

With Vision6 email marketing tool, you can do more than just online promotions. This is a great emailing and SMS messaging tool which is best for online marketers and agencies.

You can design, send, analyze and track various activities of email marketing campaigns and target customers around the globe.

Best Drip Email Marketing Software

Drip Campaigns & Other Features –

You get free access to over 70 professionally designed emails templates which are responsive. In addition to this, you also get drag & drop email editor which is extremely user-friendly.

Delivering emails to the right customers at right time is also possible, as you can schedule series of emails which automatically get triggered at a specified point of time. With this feature, you can conduct event campaigns, customer feedbacks and more.

Pricing – 

Vision6 has designed three different packages for email marketing which are

  • Starter Package:- Send 2,500 emails to 500 contacts in a month at a cost of $9.
  • Business Package:- Deliver limitless emails to 500 users for $29 on monthly basis, comes with additional features.
  • Pro Marketer Package:- $99 is the cost of this plan in which unlimited email delivery to 500 users can be done using advanced features.

As the number of emails or subscribers changes the cost may also vary.

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10. ZOHO Campaigns Mailing Solution

ZOHO Campaigns is a fully automated mailing solution, which keeps track of different campaigns, displays clicks, opens, unsubscribes, bounces, and shares of a particular campaign.

Features like A/B testing, social statistics, personalized greetings, Zoho CRM integration, etc are also added to this solution.

Best Drip Email Marketing Software

Drip Campaigns & Other Features –

Drip feature is slightly different in Zoho Campaign, still, it acts as a helping hand in saving time, efforts and money. As you don’t have to spend long hours for sending follow-up messages, you can deliver relevant content at the right time to the right customers.

Subscriber management is extremely easy, you can perform A/B testing, and send emails in bulk.

Pricing –

  • Zoho campaign has a free version with which you can send 12,000 emails every month to 2,000 customers.
  • Next is the Pay-As-You-Use version which charges $6 for 250 mails, $12 for 500 mails, $22 for 1,000 mails and so on.
  • The monthly subscription version is different, in it, you can send unlimited emails to 500 users at a cost of $5, for $10 unlimited emails to 1,000 users and so on.

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Final Closure

We are at the end of this article of best drip email marketing software and I think you must have shortlisted the email marketing services which are best for your business.

This blog elaborates each & every listed service in detail and provides you with information about their pricing, features, and most importantly the drip email marketing facility. I can guarantee you that drip emailing will definitely raise revenue of your business.

All the services discussed here offer top class drip emailing facilities.

Still, if you are interested in knowing more about email marketing or marketing automation below are few blogs which you can have a look at:-

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