A good email marketing service can reduce half of your efforts of successfully delivering your product or service to your prospects. A service provider that matches your requirements like your budget, features, and so on.

Presently. there are many email marketing services that sound reliable but they are very expensive at the same time. Constant Contact is also one of them. Its cost gets higher with your growing subscribers list.

Now, if you are looking for an alternative to Constant Contact than MailGet Bolt can be the one that suits your requirements. Below are some consideration factors that explain, why to choose MailGet Bolt over Constant Contact :

MailGet Bolt vs Constant Contact : Consideration Factors

1. Pricing :

In Constant Contact the prices initially start with $20 per month for 0 – 500 contacts and then vary according to the pricing plan shown below:


Whereas in MailGet Bolt you have to pay monthly subscriber fees according to the number of subscribers you have, through your PayPal account. Table below explains pricing of MailGet Bolt.


MailGet Bolt pricing

2. Send Bulk Emails :

Start your amazing experience with the MailGet Bolt which allows you to send the bundles of emails in the large quantities.

Constant Contact is accepted by many email marketers today, but since MailGet Bolt has many smart features which make it stand apart from the crowd. Therefore one can send bulk emails at a very low cost compared to Constant Contact.

Constant Contact Alternative

3. Email Personalization :

Nowadays B2B and B2C markets are switching into various new devices such as smartphones and tablets, so need of responsive email designing is also evolving rapidly day by day. Therefore your email campaigns and newsletters should be designed and personalized in such a way that it should fit or should adapt easily to diverse screen sizes.

Constant contact has a cluttered user interface. It can do personalization, but it is limited and fails to impress when we talk about advanced customization features. Flexibility to design an email template is also limited as WYSIWYG editor only works if you use templates that are provided by them.

Personalization of your email is easy with MailGet Bolt. It’s an Email builder that will help you design your email templates within a few clicks. It has a drag & drop interface that allows personalized text, images etc. One can easily create and personalize his own emails as per his requirements.

4. Deliverability :

High rate of email deliverability is necessary for a business to avoid its messages landing in spam folder. To achieve this a combination of email authentication and proper list management is required.

Though Constant Contact claims for high email deliverability but it somehow fails and still emails are flagged as spam.

But since MailGet is using Amazon SES services, it is equipped with content filtering technologies where it scans the outgoing email and ensures that the content meets ISP standards and then either queues it for sending or routes back to the sender for correction. Amazon SES also detects and blocks messages containing viruses or malware before they can be sent.

5. Storage Space :

A good email is simply a collection of images and text. So the storage space is a priority for uploading an image.

Since MailGet Bolt is self hosted, so from servers to hosting, everything is managed by it, and so there is no barrier for uploading. You can upload unlimited images with easy email template creator.

In contrast to it, through Constant Contact you can upload only upto five files or images for free and after that one need to upgrade to Library Plus to upload more and for that they charge $5/mo.

Conclusion :

Constant Contact though is acclaimed by most of the audience, but its a good idea to compare before randomly choosing any email marketing service. MailGet Bolt is definitely a good alternative to Constant Contact that can meet all your requirements at very affordable prices.

It totally depends upon your choice as to which email service you opt for better ROI from email marketing, but knowing the basic difference between MailGet Bolt and Constant Contact may help you a lot in making your decisions.

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