Adding an audio player on a website can be a time consuming task, but not with jQuery plugins.

So, if you want to add an audio player to your website. In that case you have landed on the right blog, as here we have got some of the top class jQuery Audio Player plugins defined with all the essential details.

jQuery Audio Player Plugins

These jQuery plugins provide you a quick and easy way to get an audio player set up on your website site along with various options and visual customizations.

In addition, all these plugins are light-weighted, feature rich, responsive & supports different old & new browser versions. Besides that various audio formats like MP3 files, MP4, and more are also supported.

Let’s get a depth information about each of them plugins one-by-one.

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1. Fullwidth jQuery Audio Player Plugin:

Fullwidth Audio Player is one of the top-rated audio player plugin which supports latest audio browser technology and works well with all types of devices. It consists various audio formats like MP3 files, MP4 etc. The plugin also enables you to create your own playlist with HTML document or manage those playlists with XML files.

Fullwidth Audio Player jQuery Plugin


You can get this plugin at $11 only and take its unlimited advantages for 6-months.


  • The plugin provides Pop-Up window, so you can browse the next track without the music stop.
  • It provides unlimited color variations to easily change the colors of the player.
  • This plugin consists of countless keyboard shortcuts so that you can control the player with your keyboard.
  • It comes with custom methods & events to control the audio players on your website.

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2. FxMusica jQuery Audio Player Plugin:

FxMusica is one of the best HTML5 jQuery audio player plugins for the web which comes with various playlists, & huge options. It is built by numerous open source tools like jPlayer jQuery plugin, SASS, & CSS3. With this SASS & CSS tools you can customize or restyle the media player easily.

The plugin comes with 12 different audio player styles with single and multi-playlist orientations. It also supports song shuffle option, repeat, timeline progress bar of audio, song title and track.

Fxmusica jQuery Audio Player Plugin


Get this plugin at $10 for 6-months supports and extends its services at $65 with unlimited features and functionality.


  • The plugin allows you to add your downloaded or purchased audio URLs easily on your website.
  • You can assign the playlist in different positions either vertically or horizontally.
  • FxMusica is well documented and clean coded plugin so it can easily get implement on any website.
  • It supports song title and artist name too.

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3. MediaBox jQuery Audio Player Plugin:

MediaBox is a jQuery plugin that lets you create multimedia applications very easily and instantly. It leverages the power of jQuery, jPlayer and utilizes HTML5. Plus it includes a flash fallback object inside your audio or video contents.

MediaBox jQuery Audio Player Plugin


The plugin is well coded and properly documented so you can get this product at $17 with its 6-months support.


  • You just need to insert your playlist, choose various widgets for your playlist.
  • The anchors in this plugin is an HTML element that defines where the widget will be displayed on the page.
  • It contains numerous APIs for different methods like play, next & prev option for your audios.
  • The plugin comes with 20 pages of documentation that explains usage, widget configuration, the developer API & FAQs.

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4. Vimuse jQuery Audio Player Plugin:

Vimuse HTML5 media player is a jQuery plugin that enables you to play both audio and video with a modern interface. One can choose to play their own self-hosted audio/video files or choose from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or from Shoutcast/Icecast streams.

You can choose MP4 file for video and MP3 file for audio. Whatever you choose to do the player will work in both modern and old browsers as well. With this plugin, you can show the subtitles and post-roll content for every video. It supports HTML5 playback and provides Flash/Silverlight fallback on your video content.

Vimuse jQuery Audio Player Plugin


Get this neat & clean coded plugin at $18 and get free updates, 24/7 live customer support and so on.


  • By getting this product you will get access to various key buttons to operate your HTML5 media player in different categories like a regular player, audio/ video from YouTube etc.
  • The player script has been tested and is fully compatible with jQuery 1.9+, jQuery 2.0+ and also jQuery 3.0+.
  • It extracts audio information from ID3 tags such as track, artist, albums and more.
  • Provides special layout for audio-only mode playlist.

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5. jQuery-jlEmbed Audio Player Plugin:

jlEmbed jQuery audio player plugin makes easier to add embedded media players to your web pages. It comes with amazing supports tools like adobe flash, QuickTime, real player, windows media player and so on. You don’t need to do lengthy or cumbersome coding, get the complete documentation of this plugin and simply implement it on your website to start using it.

jQuery jlEmbed Audio Player Plugin


Purchase this clean coded HTML5 media player at free only and use its unlimited features and functionalities.


  • It comes under the term GNU General Public License with which you can use or modify the software anytime.
  • The plugin provides an option of login membership so that any users can log in and use it for a lifetime.

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6. Vpplayer jQuery Audio Player Plugin:

Vpplayer is a free, light-weighted jQuery audio player plugin which supports various audio formats like mp3, mp4, YouTube, etc. The plugin uses SRC attributes to insert URL of the audio files and preloadMessage attribute to display the message of loading before the audio file is loaded into the player.

Vpplayer jQuery Audio Player Plugin


You can get this plugin at $0 only and add its advanced functionalities of audio player into your website.


  • The plugin consists various libraries like a jQuery library, bootstrap library to make your site responsive, consistent and glyphicon to provides stylish fonts.
  • Vpplayer supports single as well as dual color for a player screen.
  • It has a trackName option to display the audio name in the player screen.

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This blog was all about 5+ jQuery audio player plugins which are full of features and functionalities. We hope that you will get the right plugin of your choice which is peculiar to your business.

Do comment us below if you have any queries or suggestions.