If you are looking for jQuery social media plugins for your website, then you are at the right place.

 jQuery Social Media Plugins

As in this article, we have compiled a list of 5+ best jQuery social media plugins. These plugins are used to increase your website presence by placing social sharing buttons anywhere on your website.

jQuery social media plugins have made social interaction very easy and interactive. These plugins simply integrate the social sharing buttons on your webpage. This, in turn, helps you to increase your web presence as well as your product sales.

Now, we are going nuts over these jQuery social media plugins because we know that no one can ignore the importance of social media in this age of communication and interaction via digital platforms.

These below plugins supports all the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

Further, these jQuery social media plugins provide API keys to easily share information from other applications. E.g. blogs, websites, mobile applications etc.

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Let us discuss each jQuery social media plugins in detail.

1. jQuery Social Share Buttons Plugin –

jQuery social share buttons plugin is a powerful plugin which is used to add social sharing buttons on your website. You can easily put social sharing buttons anywhere on your website without any requirement of PHP.

The plugin is well documented and easy to implement with fully flexible positioning. It allows you to show or hide buttons using external links.

jQuery Social Share Buttons jQuery Social Media Plugins

Pricing :

You can buy this plugin at $6 with full support and future updates. The extended license is available at $30.


  • The plugin supports 9 social networks. These are Twitter, Facebook, Google +1, LinkedIn, Digg, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Xing etc.
  • It has 3 button sizes such as the vertical box with the count, horizontal button with count and horizontal button with no count.
  • jQuery social share buttons plugin has Xing button which permits you to display statistics and popularity of URL.
  • This plugin includes Pinterest button along with an option to select an image.

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2. shareGrapes – Social Media Sharing Plugin

This plugin is the finest social network sharing plugin in the list of jQuery social media plugins. It’s easy to use plugin written using jQuery which comes with complete user guide documentation.

It supports more than 80 social network buttons which you can place anywhere on your website. These networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Further, it consists of lots of options which you can customize as the plugin is fully customizable.

shareGrapes jQuery Social Media Plugins

Pricing :

Buy shareGrapes plugin at $8 with 6 months support and regular updates. The extended license will cost you $25 which offers you more enhanced features and services.


  • The plugin has multiple button design which gives a better presentation to your website.
  • It supports social share count so that you are able to analyze the number of shares and views on your posts and pages.
  • You can set any social networks on mobile as the plugin is highly responsive. And, it is compatible with all browsers.
  • Consists of custom SVG icon font so that you can easily generate fonts or search and download vector icons.

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3. WhatsApp And Social Sharing Plugins

WhatsApp and social sharing plugin is a jQuery plugin. This plugin allows you to add a floating, collapsible sidebar with social media on your website page. Also, there is an option to add contact links on your webpage.

In this plugin, WhatsApp feature is only available for mobile devices. Further, the plugin promotes your online goods in social networking sites and increase your sales.

WhatsApp And Social Sharing jQuery Social Media Plugins

Pricing :

This plugin cost you $5 with regular future updates and complete quality checked by Envato.

Features :

  • The plugin permits WhatsApp users to share product details and pages on your website through WhatsApp.
  • It supports so many social sharing buttons like Twitter, Facebook Share, Google +1, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Call button, Email etc.
  • You can send promotion link to user’s WhatsApp group or personal account and users can click and get directed to the page you want to promote.
  • This plugin is well documented with the user guide that’s why it is simple and easy to use.

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4. Tweetable jQuery Plugin

Tweetable jQuery plugin is one of the effective plugins in the jQuery social media plugins list. It is a useful jQuery plugin which is used for making quotes from your articles. Also, you can share the quotes on Twitter in an elegant way.

Tweetable jQuery Social Media Plugins


Buy this plugin at $5 with full support system up to 6 months. Further, you can extend your support system up to 12 months by paying $1.13.

Features :

  • You can simply wrap any passage from your content in a span with a class of tweetable plugin.
  • It includes various custom hashtags and URL. Also, you can automatically recommend the user to follow a Twitter stream of your choice
  • The users will be able to click the passage and directly share it with their Twitter followers.

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5. Social Media Sharing jQuery Plugin

Social Media Sharing Plugin is a useful jQuery plugin. It allows you to quickly transform an existing div element into a fully functional social media sharing widget.

This plugin is well documented that is why it is easily understandable to any developer as well as website owners.

Social Media Sharing jQuery Social Media Plugins

Pricing :

Get this Simple social media sharing plugin FREE of cost.

Features :

  • The plugin has an option to shorten the title for the content that is being shared.
  • It supports the image URL for the content which is going to share with users so that one can easily redirect to the image source page.
  • Simple social media sharing plugin supports browsers such as IE 8-11+, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

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6. jsShare jQuery Social Media Plugin

jsShare is a jquery plugin which allows you to easily share your contents with popular social media applications. It supports all social media network like Google Buzz, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, Live Messenger, Facebook, Twitter etc.

This plugin encapsulates the internal sharing logic and provides you clean and compact interface. So that you can add social media sharing functionality to your web pages.

jsShare jQuery Social Media Plugins

Pricing :

jsShare jQuery social media plugin available free of cost on GitHub website.

Features :

  • This social media sharing plugin provides you APIs for applications. It helps you to easily share contents from other applications.
  • It includes cool fish eye animation effect for social media button which will give your site a better look.
  • The plugin allows you to enable or disable the features according to your choice by making simple changes in code like true for enable and false for disable.

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Conclusion :

Well, that is all from our side on jQuery social media plugins. We have compiled both free as well as paid plugins you can choose accordingly. Hope you are going to transform the look of your website using one of the jQuery social media plugins suggested by us.

If you have any further query please let us know by commenting below in the comment section.