Use jQuery Autocomplete Plugins to provide your users all possible suggestions to choose from. Thereby, enhance their search experience.

Very often the visitors on your site struggle while typing the long phrases in the search section & hence might get frustrated.

In that case, they may bounce back and rather surf some other site where they can get several suggestions by analyzing the initials they have entered.  That would definitely be a much easier option for users.

To prevent the loss of website visitors and higher bounce rates, integrate your website with jQuery autocomplete plugins.

With the help jQuery Autocomplete Plugins, you can add a drop-down list to the search option without any hassle where a range of words for user convenience is provided.

This will also decrease your bounce-rate as the visitors will tend to stay a little longer as they explore various details on your website.

Moreover, most of these jQuery plugins provide a well-written documentation & demos which makes sure that you don’t have to wander around in case of any query or problem & ensures easy implementation.

That’s why, to ease your burden, in today’s weblog, we have come up with some of the best jQuery autocomplete plugins. Also, we will discuss their major attributes, pricing pattern & several other details.

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So, if you really eager to flourish your website with Autocomplete functionality. Then, let’s explore the list and find the best for yourself.

1. Autocomplete – jQuery Plugin

Autocomplete is an advanced jQuery plugin which enables you to add the autocomplete functionality to your website. This plugin provides you with exemplary features like “did you mean” suggestion and many more.

It comes bundled with a PHP/MySQL demo which enhances the understanding & implementation. Plus, it is compatible with all the modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE 10, IE 11, Edge & Opera.

Autocomplete jQuery Plugin


With this plugin, you also get regular updates & all the features at the price of –

  • For the regular license, you have to pay $7.
  • While for acquiring the extended license, the cost is $40.


  • It enables you to insert the plugin content into any HTML element.
  • This plugin provides UX features which makes it easy to surf the drop-down using arrow buttons.
  • In addition to this, it comes with two unique features i.e. adds ‘did you mean’ features and search redirect as well.
  • Also, this plugin comes with a PHP/MySQL demo which demonstrates HTML output.

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2. GS Custom Autocomplete Input – jQuery Plugin

This is an efficient jQuery plugin that holds various features like data list tag, server-side scripting and a lot more. It is an extremely user-friendly plugin which you can be implemented with a few changes.

With this jQuery plugin, you get a nicely written documentation, plus it is also cross-browser compatible as well.

Also, this plugin is very responsive and lightweight which doesn’t take much time to load.

 GS Custom Autocomplete Input jQuery Plugin


You can get this plugin & all of its features at two varied prices-

  • The regular license of this plugin will cost you $5.
  • And the price of an extended license is $25.


  • You can add any number of autocomplete inputs on a page.
  • It empowers you to pull the data in different ways like data list tag, server-side scripting & JSON files.
  • This plugin allows you to modify the drop-down as per your convenience.
  • Apart from this, you can add up/down arrows for easy navigation.

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3. Advanced Datalist Input – jQuerry Plugin

This is an astounding plugin which allows you to create an autocomplete list. It provides you with several features such as your users will view a drop-down list of options while they input the data.

Along with this, it is very easy to use & compatible with almost all the browsers like IE 8, IE 9, IE 10, IE 11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome & Edge.

Advanced Datalist Input jQuerry Plugin


This plugin is available at two different rates.

  • For availing the standard license, you have to pay $3.
  • To get the extended license, you have to pay $29.

Along with the product, you also get the benefits of getting all the future updates and support which can be extended for another year by paying the amount of $0.38 & $7.13 respectively.


  • You can allow your users to remove the items from the list.
  • It enables you to customize the styling like color & size of dropdown using CSS.
  • This plugin facilitates you to return the id of selected items instead of text.

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4. Drop Down Tree – jQuery Plugin

Drop Down Tree is one of the finest plugins which is used to classify the transmitted data. The combo box enables you to create a drop-down list which can further be divided into sub-items.

It is very lightweight & feasible plugin which provides features of dynamic search & filter.

Additionally, this plugin is built using JavaScript & you can easily pass the parameters as it has a structure of typical JavaScript object.

Drop Down Tree jQuery Plugin


To acquire this plugin & all its key features along with the future updates, you have to pay –

  • Regular license – $6.
  • Extended license – $34.


  • By using CSS, you can effortlessly customize the styling and appearance.  
  • This plugin returns the id of the selected item rather than returning the text.
  • It provides you a collapsible tree view where you can easily collapse & expand the tree elements.
  • Along with this, the search & filter option works perfectly with all the browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Edge, etc.

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5. Advanced Multi Select – Autocomplete jQuery Plugin

This jQuery plugin allows you to add the autocomplete features on input elements like a drop-down list, etc. Consequently, it provides the users a better search experience & easily accesses the content on the website. 

Moreover, it is a user-friendly i.e. fully customizable plugin that easily fits in every possible screen & mediums like mobile, tablets, desktop, etc.

 Advanced Multi Select Autocomplete jQuery Plugin


You can simply buy this plugin at two different prices according to the choice of license. Plus, you get all the excellent features and future updates as well.

  • The regular license of this plugin is available at $7.
  • Whereas, the extended license will cost you $39.


  • Its filter & search options work efficiently in almost all browsers such as Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • You can empower your users to remove the items from the list provided.
  • Plus, you can easily customize the layout by using CSS.
  • Also, it allows you to return the id of selected item instead of text.

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Wrapping Up!

We have mentioned few of the best jQuery autocomplete plugins in today’s blog.

Further, we also discussed their highlighting features like

  • You can add a drop-down list by using these plugins.
  • These plugins allow you to customize this list as per your requirement.
  • In addition to this, you can also return the id of the item at the place of text.
  • A detailed document or demo is provided with most of these plugins.

And many more features …

We hope that from the list of jQuery plugins, you must have found the plugin which best suits your website.

Mention your favorite plugin in the comments section below, we will add them to our list as well!

Don’t forget to share your views & feel free to contact us for any more queries or suggestions.