jQuery Feedback Plugins facilitate various feedback facilities for site admin as well as site users. These facilities include error reports, informative messages and customer reviews for the site admin. And review window and forms for the site visitors.

No matter how much big or small your business is, the feedback always play a vital role in the growth and fallback.

So, monitoring the same is very essential for a site. Don’t go for managing the whole interface manually, try the ready-made jQuery plugins for the feedback functionality. Through these plugins, users can share their views & ideas about your products.

The site visitors can share their views, ideas about your new products, without any distractions. With the integration of user feedback form to your site, you can give your visitor’s a flexibility to revert you as quick as possible, without even leaving your WordPress website.

Moreover, integration of a feedback form on your site will help you connect with your site users and also get benefitted by their reactions. These plugins also possess the power to avail the form for your user without leaving your website.

Have a look at these popular jQuery blog listings:

So here in this article we have handpicked some very useful jQuery feedback plugins both free and paid. Have a look throughout the blog listings and choose the one best suitable for your site needs. Enjoy!

1. FeedbackNow – Prime In jQuery Feedback Plugins

This plugin is basically developed for the website developers. It submits the information regarding various errors, comments etc. Also, it captures that particular area of the screen that you choose to highlight and sends it as a feedback.

Moreover, it is very easy to use as well as a helpful jQuery plugin. The FeedbackNow is a jQuery plugin with maximum sales and a 3.6 stars rating.

FeedbackNow jQuery Feedback Plugin

Pricing Plan:

This plugin has a regular licensed plan of $9 and an extended license plan of $45 only.


  • It sends feedback email to the administrators with a screenshot.
  • You can choose any desired area as feedback.
  • This plugin can feedback various comments, ideas and error reports.
  • Report for various errors.

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2. Feedback Rating – jQuery Feedback Plugin

This plugin is crafted for user’s feedbacks and ratings. It is an extremely small jQuery plugin with very lightweight packages and basic functionality. The plugin’s functionality will allow you to add a feedback box at the bottom of a page. This feedback box pops out as the visitor finishes the page visit.

It renders feedbacks from 1 to 10. Also, it also makes wonderful use of cookies so as to store the feedback of user and to not show the box again and again after every page refresh.

Furthermore, it makes use of a simple PHP file to insert the visitor’s feedback into your site’s database.

Feedback Rating jQuery Feedback Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Feedback Rating has two cost estimate plans. They are-

  • Regular license plan- $4
  • Extended license plan- $55


  • Fully responsive feedback-box which can adjust to any screen size efficiently.
  • Automatically a Feedback box appears as soon as a user reaches to the bottom of a page.
  • Let your visitor rate your site from 1-10.
  • Cookies and PHP included for automation.

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3. Feedback Me – Prime In Free jQuery Feedback Plugins

It is a jQuery plugin which renders a widget with a feedback form on your site. Feedback Me jQuery plugin uses CSS3 Transitions for sliding the feedback from the side of the screen. Also, there are options available for the input fields like required attribute, an asterisk next to required fields, and pattern attribute.

There are various customizable options available for success/failure of feedbacks such as growl dialogue response, notification response etc.

Also, it uses AJAX post to send data parameters like name, message, email etc. to the server. Further, it can also send additional custom params such as tokens, logged in user_name etc. Moreover, it gives you the ability to insert any external/inline HTML code file inside the plugin widget for max customization.

Feedback Me jQuery Feedback Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Feedback Me is a completely free-to-use plugin. You can easily download it from the official website GitHub.com.


  • This theme has full support to jQuery UI themes and Bootstrap.
  • You can add multiple feedback on a single page but on different locations.
  • It also enables you to add many types of labels with full customization options.
  • This plugin support RTL (Right To Left) writing formate.

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4. Feedback – jQuery Feedback Plugin

Feedback jQuery plugin enables you to send a Feedback message to the site user after a particular event. The site admin can choose the particular event between multiple site events. These messages can contain specific information, error report or customer feedbacks.

In addition, it makes efficient use of the jQuery UI plugin to determine the type of the message/feedback.

Feedback jQuery Feedback Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Feedback jQuery plugin is another free product of GitHub.com


  • This plugin can be used for custom error handling.
  • With the use of this plugin, you can send feedback as well as informational messages.
  • You can easily place the feedback message next to an existing element.

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This was our take on the 4 best jQuery feedback plugins. Hope this article helped you. For any suggestions and queries comment below. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for reading!