jQuery group has a wonderful collection of image display plugins through which you can create an astonishing website.

Texts are not engrossing anymore. Being a webmaster you would like to elevate the appearance of your website using media files and what can be better than images! As nowadays high-quality images are in demand.

So, to ease you and help you out in making your website look more efficient and amaze in the stream of images we have roundup some of the best jQuery Image Display plugins in this article.

These plugins will allow you to display images, content, videos and beautiful pictures on sites without any hassle. Integrating such kind of plugins on your website will help you to make the website look beautiful and visually stunning.

jQuery Image Display Plugins have multitude advanced features like responsive image gallery, transitions-shadow effects, image slideshows and much more advanced features.

In addition, these all plugins are lightweight, cross-browser compatible and we have involved the best premium plugins on this blog.

So, let us move to its features and pricing session in detail.

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1. jQuery Mega Image Viewer – jQuery Plugin

jQuery Mega Image Viewer is a unique jQuery plugin which is super flexible and you to replace the <div> tags with an animated image viewer.

It helps you to display all the high-resolution image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF and you can control the position, zooming effect of the image on the website. Also, you can organize the sliding effects of the image so that it can occupy the whole screen of the device.

jQuery Mega Image Viewer jQuery Image Display Plugin


  • This amazing plugin will cost you $9 with 6 months client support and lifetime updates.
  • So to get its more advanced features you can pay $45.


  • You can enrich your viewers to zoom in and out the images with the help of mouse wheel.
  • It has very smooth animations effects with the full scalable benefit that will display the images in an amazing manner.
  • This plugin allows you to display the hotspot on images and add popup windows with hotspot.
  • You can easily decide the position of the navigation bar on the site like TL, T, TR, L, R, BL, B, BR.

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2. jQuery Giga Image Viewer – jQuery Plugin

This is very good at displaying the large images without requiring to load the whole image. It only loads the required section of the image which is further divided into small pieces (256×256 px).

This plugin allows you to display the high-resolution images of JPG format and it has a package which contains command line program (for Windows only), PHP script for dividing the images into pieces (max tested image had size 9000×9000 px).

jQuery Giga Image Viewer jQuery Image Display Plugin


  • jQuery Giga Image Viewer plugin will cost you $10 and to get more features you can buy it at $50.


  • Its package contains a program for cutting large images, for building thumbnails gallery and for building lightbox gallery (ColorBox Gallery).
  • You can display the image map palette on the website to quickly change the view using thumbnails.
  • This plugin allows you to set the start coordinates, scales and animation duration of the images in the dashboard settings.
  • Also, you can easily install this plugin on the HTML page of the website.

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3. jQuery Image Select – Part Of jQuery Image Display Plugins

jQuery Image Select is one of the most simple and easy to use plugin present in the market. It allows you to use the images and pictures as the HTML  tag select element on the sites.

This plugin enriches you with two modes:

  • In the first mode, drop-down list (up, left, right etc), and checkbox/ radio buttons which helps you to display the images on different web pages.
  • In other modes, you can define the number of pictures to be displayed on site and you can also choose the axis of a scrollbar.

jQuery Image Select jQuery Image Display Plugin


  • jQuery Image Select plugin will cost you $7 with lifetime updates and 6 months client support.
  • To use its advanced features you can buy this at $19.


  • This plugin is lightweight which doesn’t cause any trouble while activating the plugin on the website.
  • It has CSS skinning that helps you to provide the styling and effects on the images.
  • You can modify the tag styles of the images in the admin panel of the dashboard.
  • It supports all major browsers like IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.

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4. Point of ViUU – Part Of jQuery Image Display Plugins

One of the most popular image display jQuery plugin present on this blog. It is a simple and powerful jQuery plugin for adding images in the slider. You can show the images in a slideshow using jQuery framework.

This plugin provides you with 4 different orientation display options like transitions speed display, darkening color, opacity and a lot more.

Point Of Viuu jQuery Image Display Plugin


  • Point of ViUU jQuery plugin will cost you $6 and its extended plan will cost you $30.


  • You can auto-rotate or set the manual positions of the images and videos.
  • It allows you to set the timer for image display on the web pages.
  • With this plugin its very easy to manage the photos, videos, and gallery section on the website.
  • Also, you can add the text and content to the images or videos on the website.

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Above we have discussed the details of jQuery image display plugins that you can integrate into the website. With the help of them, you can add images, pictures, videos and slideshows within few clicks.

All you have to do is select the best one and try it on your website.

For any kind of queries or suggestion, you can comment below. We will reach you as soon as possible.