Want to add buttons to a website using jQuery plugins?

In this blog, we have got a great collection of jQuery Button Plugins with the help of which you can design custom buttons. All these plugins will allow you to apply animation effects, add color options, background styling, hover effects and more without any hassle.

Plus, most of the plugins discussed in this blog are browser compatible, supports various devices, they also offer documentation and they are lightweight as well.

This is not all you can add buttons in drop-down menus, use them to collect payments, accept social media clicks and other operations can be performed.

So, let dive into the details without any wait.

But before that just have a look at the blogs listed below on popular plugins:-

1. jQuery Social Share Buttons Plugin

This is one of the top class jQuery plugin with the help of which you can add social sharing buttons to a website with ease. It automatically detects the page URL, gives you options to define title and description.

This plugin supports all popular social media networks and also comes with options to hide and show buttons at different locations on a website.

jQuery Social Share Buttons Plugin


  • The regular plan offered by this plugin will cost you $6 for all the features and services
  • $30 is the price charged for the extended plan of this jQuery plugin.


  • This jQuery plugin supports more than 9 social media networks which are Twitter, Facebook Like, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.
  • It allows you to showcase buttons in floating panel or you can create social share toolbar as well.
  • Various button shapes like vertical box with count, horizontal button with count and horizontal button no count are also provided.
  • Provides 4 type of demos for custom button creation using which implementation becomes very easy.

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2. jQuery Animated Button & Menu

Using this jQuery plugin you can replace simple links with animated buttons and drop down menu to give an attractive look to your website. It allows you to include buttons of any size, label active color, define button behavior like toggle/select and more.

It also helps you add rounded corner effects to buttons and height, border as well as background color in the buttons.

jQuery Animated Button Plugin


  • $6 is the price charged for this plugin with which you get various button features and facilities.
  • The second plan will cost $30 for all the extended and enhanced features and services.


  • Animated buttons created using this plugin are perfectly compatible with IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari browsers.
  • With this jQuery plugin, you can have buttons with images, background color, hover color, fonts, and other effects.
  • It comes pre-equipped with 16 different animation effects which can be applied on buttons with ease.
  • You also get full access to the documentation which offers button examples with code and other important details.

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3. PayNow! – jQuery PayPal Plugin

With PayNow! jQuery plugin you get options to collect product payments, donations and other more through secured PayPal payment gateway.

It helps you attach stylish payment buttons on your website which can easily be done using six button styles which are already available in this plugin.

You also get API methods, JSHint compliant code along with a documentation which holds the code for various buttons with proper examples in it.

PayNow jQuery Button Plugin


  • The regular license of this jQuery plugin has got a price tag of $7.
  • The extended license of this jQuery plugin will cost you $35.


  • PayNow! allows you to create Buy Now, Donate and Subscription buttons to collect payments via PayPal payment gateway.
  • It offers well-documented demo page with which you get different types of buttons explained along with their implementation code and example.
  • You get six predefined button styles with the plugin to create unique buttons for a website.
  • Buttons designed with the plugin works well on mobiles, tablets. Plus you can add CSS3 animations and optional tooltip as well.

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4. DonateNic – jQuery Button Plugin

DonateNic is another jQuery plugin which assists you in adding amazing donation buttons on different web pages with different stylings. With this plugin, you can accept donations from your website through a secured and safe PayPal payment gateway.

It also provides button maker which helps you create fully customized buttons which attract users attention and helps you collect more donation.

DonateNic jQuery Button Plugin


  • First plan of this jQuery plugin offers various button features and facilities at $5.
  • The second plan of this plugin will cost you $20 for all the extended features.


  • With this plugin you can apply various button customizations like font colors, font sizes, background colors, set default amount for donation, currency, PayPal settings as well.
  • Fully compatible with old and new versions of different browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.
  • Easy to use on any website as it provides a well-explained documentation with which implementation becomes an easy task.
  • It permits you to include icons on a button through FontAwesome, bootstrap or via other icon libraries.

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5. jQuery Like Button Plugin

With this jQuery plugin, you get some of the best like button features at free of cost. It is easy to use, cross-browser compatible, provides responsive button layout and more.

You can attach attractive like buttons to your website and get instant stats and insights about likes.

jQuery Like Button Plugin


  • This is an absolutely free of charge jQuery plugin with which adding buttons for like and rating becomes an easy task. You can simply download this plugin from github.com.


  • You get free access to around 41 themes for like and rating buttons with this jQuery plugin. In addition, it also permits to create custom buttons for your website as well.
  • This plugin provides multilingual support for more than 40 languages.
  • It has got a unique identifier parameter with the help of which you can simply connect the votes to correct sources.
  • Plus it is responsive, supports various browsers and looks great on different devices.

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Finally, we have arrived at the closure of this blog on jQuery Button Plugins. I am pretty sure that you must have found the right button plugin which is suitable for your website.

In case of any doubts and queries related to these plugins, please let us know through your comments below. We will be happy to hear from your side.