jQuery image slider plugins are becoming more popular with its superb features and functionalities. With the help of these image slider plugins, you can easily create CSS image gallery slider for your website.

jQuery Image Slider Plugins

On the web, there are so many amazing and powerful jQuery image slider plugins available and we have specially selected some of them for you. These plugins will give you an advanced tweaking to make brand new sliders for your website and provide a better user interface.

By implementing one of these plugins into your site, you will heave a sigh of relief because these tools come with a dozen of pre-built features & functionalities such as animated layers, keyboard navigation, thumbnails and various more. You only need to add captions, images, and effects on the slider and rest code are generated by the jQuery tool.

These plugins will give many other options for choosing the effects for your image slider for e.g. parallax effects, super smooth transitions, Ken Burn Effects, and blur effects to make your slider more creative. Some of the plugins in this blog supports videos and as well as rotation of slider banners.

So, without any long discussion, have a look below at the mentioned jQuery image slider plugins which are available in paid as well free and contains intuitive of advanced features.

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1. JQuery Image Slider Plugin:

This jQuery image slider plugin allows you to create a scrollbar image. It has an active installation of more than 50, 0000+ as on date. The tool supports caption text for every image slider and makes your website more appealing and pleasing. Simply select images, drag & drop, add a slide caption, and start using it.

You can resize and customize the sliders of your website by using the style sheets and also it contains PSD files for customizing the scrollbar graphics and designs.

jQuery Image Slider Plugin

Other Useful Features:

  • The plugin provides a slider button to change the slider image of your website quickly.
  • Also, it is fully resizable and colors can be easily edited with the help of CSS.
  • It displays the contents as well as slider image.


jQuery image slider is a premium plugin but it will costs you only $3 for its 6-months support, also you can extend its services at $20 for 12 months support.

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2. Master Slider jQuery Slider Plugin:

With 1,277,500+ active installation, Master slider plugin is second in the race of popularity. This tool for jQuery has taken the slider to the next level with its captivating looks, super smooth transitions, and more. Master Slider plugin is a premium slider for both image and HTML contents. It supports touch navigation with a pure swipe gesture.

It comes with 80+ ready to use sample of sliders for you. Plus, it also provides you the option to add hotspots, thumbnails, video support, and variety of effects on your slider.

Master Slider jQuery Image Slider Plugin

Other Useful Features:

  • It comes with parallax effects which makes your sliders more attractive and creative.
  • Also, it provides an online visual builder which allow you to build any type of sliders by combining and arranging content elements.
  • Master slider contains animated layer sliders also which develops more graphics and arts on your website.
  • This plugin provides you 3 preload image options such as before initializing, instant initialize and at the same of initializing the slider.


Get this clean coded & well-documented jQuery plugin at $17 and take its unlimited advantages for 6-months.

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3. IA Slider jQuery Image Slider Plugin:

This IA Slider image plugin lets you create a beautiful slider for your website without any coding. Sliders made with this plugin are completely responsive and even touch-friendly.

Its sliders come with varied options of visual effects, animation effects, advanced templates, images preloader option, and an amazing blur effects. Plus, the plugin also comes with PSD templates with which you can create a custom skin for sliders.

Moreover, the plugin allows you to embeds the videos from Vimeo & YouTube with amazing background captions.

IA Slider jQuery Image Slider Plugin

Other Useful Features:

  • There’s Ken Burn Effects (panning & zooming effects) which is used to embed images in motion pictures & display in a slow zooming effect.
  • The colors in this plugin are based on CSS so you can easily change the color of your sliders.
  • Speed rate option is also available through which you can speed up, and slow down the sliders.
  • IA Slider allow you to set any amount of inline images in gallery mode.


It has two pricing plans based on versions. $13 for basic features and functionalities and $65 for its Pro Edition.

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4. Evo Slider Pro jQuery Plugin:

This plugin is an all in one jQuery plugin that lets you create any type of content slider on your website. It gives you a flexibility to use this product in a multitude of ways, whether you are building anything from an image gallery, to a banner rotator and more of things in between.

It is a simple and probably the best choice of jQuery image slider plugin you’ll ever need. It gets the content sources from different tools such as HTML, XML, Dailymotion, and Flicker.

Evo Slider Pro jQuery Image Slider Plugin

Other Useful Features:

  • It provides Callback API to run the functions before and after implementing the slider into your website.
  • The plugin contains permalink for each slider which enables the slides to be bookmarked.
  • It supports multiple slider layouts so you have to set your images to display it in an accordion.
  • Autoplay option is available so that slider can be set to rotate automatically.
  • It provides directional navigation which shows where your slider is going to display.


This plugin will cost you only $14 in order to provide you its dozen of advanced features and functionalities.

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5. Blueberry jQuery Image Slider Plugin:

Blueberry is one of the most beautiful and easy to use slider in the market which helps you to provide unique visual effects. All its features and performance persuade us to rank this plugin as one of the best jQuery image slider plugins. It has got features like responsive web layouts, image cropping option, visual effects and a lot more.

The plugin has got a really great and dedicated support team that comes with the best solution every time.

Blueberry jQuery Image Slider Plugin

Other Useful Features:

  • It automatically builds a page of a slider with an option to enable or disable the slides.
  • Keyboard navigation is added to this plugin for the people who can not use any pointing devices.
  • Option to resize the pages of your slider.


This product will cost you nothing. You can get this tool from GitHub’s official website.

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6. Devrama-Slider jQuery Image Slider Plugin:

This is an excellent plugin to make a slider of both images and HTML contents. It automatically resizes the image’s size according to the size of slider parent container and can be used for different sizes of devices. Devrama is CSS3 transition ready which provides native transition effect like slide, fade, split, wave etc on your slider.

Devrama Slider jQuery Plugin

Other Useful Features:

  • The plugin provides a progress bar which shows the time remaining in uploading of slider images to the website.
  • It has an advanced preload/lazyload option to load the images sequentially.
  • There is an option to pause the slider on hover whenever required.
  • It supports SRC attributes which locates the URL of the image.


This is another free image slider plugin which is packed with tons of useful features. It is an open source software which can be downloaded without paying any amount.

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Now, this was the best 5+ jQuery image slider plugins from our side. We hope that you must have found a perfect fit for your website. We’ve carefully selected those sliders which as per the user’s rating, reviews, and highest installations.

Moreover, if you have any other image slider plugins in your mind then let us know via the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!