jQuery search plugins are used to take the overall searching experience to a much-advanced level.

Because normally users don’t enjoy typing much & sometimes there are mistakes in search typing. Actually, we all know that it’s too boring to type an entire search topic or correct the mistakes manually. That’s why we use the advanced features like word suggest, autocomplete and search instead for redirects. These smart techniques further help us in enhancing the search method via different means.

Moreover, there are many further additions such as accordion searching, sorting, filtering, highlighting, navigating and much more.

As searching is the first experience amongst important user experiences. So its foremost ‘duty to make it more user-friendly. I’ve come across some of the best ways using jQuery search plugins and shortlisted a list of the best ones. Just look through each and every listing presented in brief and make use of the one which best fits your site needs.

Have a look at these popular listings:

With the help of this plugin, You can show your stores on Google Maps.

Integrats Google Maps into your website.

Highlight specific pieces of text on a web page.

1. BWL Searchable Accordion – jQuery Search Plugins

It is a responsive searchable accordion plugin with an enabled content search option. This plugin consists of many unique features such as content search, search content highlight. BWL Searchable Accordion has cleanly coded that it consists of very fewer files. So, you can create unlimited themes by few setting changes.

Additionally, the plugin has well-commented jQuery code with valid HTML5 markup and an extensive documentation. These additional features will let you easily make use of the overall functionality of the plugin through manual customization.

BWL Searchable Accordian jQuery Search Plugin

Pricing Plan:

This unique plugin will cost you $15 for a regular licensed plan with 6 months premium support. Also, there is an optional extended license plan of $75 only.


  • This theme provides very smooth jQuery coding as well as attractive CSS3 animated accordions.
  • It uses pagination to place hundreds of content in a single place. You only need to define some numbers and the plugin will take care of the rest. Also, it works great with the search feature.
  • 14+ smooth accordion content animations plus 6 colorful and modern accordion themes for full customization.
  • Excellent usage of font awesome icons in navigation buttons & Google fonts in the text.
  • Also, this plugin has a unique feature of RTL (Right To Left) content support.

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2. UniFilter – jQuery Search Plugins

UniFilter is a multipurpose jQuery search plugin for searching, sorting and filtering data easily and beautifully. Since it makes excellent use of the filters, range sliders, search and sort boxes you can use them separately or in combinations. For an instance, either you may want a search box for a photo gallery or four filters options for an online supermarket.

Moreover, you can use this plugin with fluid or fixed grid types. It’s an absolute solution for image galleries, online shops, or many types of lists which make use of sorting or filtering data content.

UniFilter jQuery Search Plugin

Pricing Plan:

The UniFilter jQuery search plugin has two different pricing plans.

  • Regular – $10
  • Extended – $50


  • It provides multiple filters & search boxes.
  • This plugin has inbuilt auto-scroll functionality.
  • Also, it has an advanced filtering mode available i.e, the “best match”.
  • Two pre-designed templates absolutely ready to use.
  • CSS3 animation effects to show/hide items and to rearrange list items after applying filters.

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3. Simple Content Search – jQuery Search Plugin

Simple Content Search is a minimal solution to the search procedure. Since it makes a very simple content sorter for your content. Due to the smooth client-side sorting mechanism, you can easily beautify your web interface. There is no need for a full page refresh while sorting. Yes, you heard it correctly, no full ape reload because of the use of javascript.

In addition, this plugin is well-documented for better understanding its features and functionality. Therefore no need to think about manual learning or understanding the plugin’s functionality.

Simple Content Search jQuery Search Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Simple Content Search jQuery plugin comes with a regular license plan of $4 only with 6-months support and future updates.


  • It provides real-time content searching.
  • This plugin is extremely flexible and very easy to use.
  • It is a fast and light weighted plugin.
  • There are several configuration options already available further it is fully customizable.

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4. Autocomplete – jQuery Search Plugin

As it is crystal clear from its name that this plugin will let you implement search suggestions functionality while searching on a website. This plugin will allow the multi-category search embeded along with the plugin. You can simply apply this plugin to any of your HTML element.

Furthermore, this advanced jQuery plugin has unique options available as “did you mean” for suggestion & “search redirect” for search instead for redirection.

Autocomplete jQuery Search Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Autocomplete advance jQuery plugin has a regular license plan of $7 and an extended license plan of $40.


  • It supports both the JSON and HTML output options.
  • A unique feature that it comes with PHP/MySQL demonstration for the HTML output.
  • The unique feature of “did you mean” suggestion. It goes like this please type “tylr” & it will auto-suggest you for search “Taylor” instead.
  • Another unique feature of “search redirect”. And this one goes like this please test “iPhone” & it will search “smartphone” instead.

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5. HideSeek – jQuery Search Plugin

It is a very simple and mobile-friendly jQuery search plugin. Yet, it facilitates various customizable quick/live search features. It also supports highlighting, custom message, navigation, initialization and much more. The plugin’s functionality is carried out with the use of data attribute and custom events.

Additionally, it is compatible with all major browsers such as IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and jQuery 1.8.x – 2.2.x.

HideSeek jQuery Search Plugin

Pricing Plan:

HideSeek is a completely free product of GitHub and you can directly download it from the official site.


  • The plugin searches all along the text, title and alt attribute.
  • Highlighting the specific searched text/content is possible.
  • There are various ready-made navigation elements for direct usage on the site.
  • The plugin consists of custom events and messages.
  • Also, you can create lists with headings.

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6. Searchable – jQuery Search Plugin

Searchable is a very fast jQuery plugin. It starts searching through various elements as soon as anyone types in the search bar. It is a product of Stidges (Twitter Github). This plugin renders 3 different search types out of the box, strict matching and default matching. For fuzzy matching, case sensitive and case insensitive matching respectively.

Moreover, it allows automatic row striping while searching through tables. It automatically hides that particular row which doesn’t match the search.

Searchable jQuery Search Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Searchable is another free plugin of GitHub.


  • Searchable is a lightweight jQuery plugin. So, only 1KB minified & gzipped.
  • It is optimized for quick & fast search even also for large element sets.
  • You can set custom functions for show/hide elements while searching.
  • It is not restrained to use on tables only any element having rows & columns can be used.

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Consequently, these were the most noteworthy plugins of the domain jQuery search plugins. If you are aware of another worthy product which is much useful, please do share the same with us in the comment section below, we would really love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for reading!