jQuery file upload plugins effortlessly add up the file upload feature to a website. Whether the file is an image, audio, video, a personal word document, a text document or a programming oriented file.

But why are we recommending you to use jQuery file upload plugins?

Almost every internet user comes across making use of file uploading. And due to constant change & exchange of files all over the webspace, services like Dropbox exist. So, these plugins are for uploading a file to your website with ease. Therefore to comfort us manage and synchronize our files these plugins are used web-wide.

Moreover, due to efficiency, security & convenience, it has become crucial to access a reliable file uploading service.

We have gathered a list of the most prominent & the best 5 jQuery file upload plugins that will definitely help you in optimizing your files. These plugins exhibit features such as drag & drop support, image previews, progress bars and much more.

They positively complement your existing web design with an excellent file uploading/managing functionality and would build trust amongst your visitors.

Tip – For a personal file uploading script choose a minimal one i.e, a plugin that makes efficient use of the features present in it no further useless additions. But for a multifunctional file management system on your site grab the one which has extended features.

1. Uploader – Prime in Free jQuery File Upload Plugins

The Uploader is a lightweight & easily configurable jQuery plugin. Probably if you have basic JavaScript knowledge then you can efficiently make full use of this add-on on your site. Also, this plugin can easily adapt to any frontend design. It uploads a file by making use of AJAX i.e, Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. Uploader supports queues, progress tracking, drag and drop options, etc.

The idea behind designing this plugin is to keep it lightweight Moreover, it also provides a method to know when the plugin is not supported in the webpage.

Upload File jQuery File Upload Plugin

Pricing Plan –

Uploader is a completely free jQuery plugin. You can grab it from its official website GitHub.

Prime feature of  Uploader jQuery file upload plugin-

  • It has major modern browsers support.
  • This plugin provides a drag and drop area plus a file browser input “button”.
  • It makes efficient use of the Queue system for multiple file upload.
  • A lot of customizable options available for callbacks, methods and file upload options.

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2. Upload File – jQuery File Upload Plugin

Upload File jQuery plugin provides multiple file uploads functionality with a progress bar. It works with many server-side platforms that support standard HTML form file upload. These platforms include Google App Engine, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, etc.

You can upload single & multiple files with a simple drag and drop interface. Furthermore, it provides custom UI, various upload events, localization (Multi-language), Image Preview, and Show previous uploads features.

Uploader jQuery File Upload Plugin

Pricing Plan –

Upload File is a free product of GitHub.

Feature –

  • It follows sequential file upload.
  • You can apply file restrictions like specific file size/count & file type.
  • Sending Form Data – plugin sends the form data along with every file uploaded
  • It allows adding HTML elements like- input, text area, select the status bar.
  • You can delete/download uploaded files.

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3. PekeUpload – jQuery File Upload Plugin

PekeUpload is a file uploader jQuery plugin that makes efficient use of HTML5. With the use of this plugin, you can add file upload functionality multiple files or a single file to your site.

In addition, it provides various settings for limiting file size, restrictions on file type and custom error messages.

PekeUpload jQuery File Upload Plugin

Pricing Plan –

The PekeUpload is another free plugin. Download it directly from GitHub.

Feature –

  • It supports theming to make ready for Twitter Bootstrap.
  • This plugin facilitates a real-time progress indicator for the file upload in progress.
  • It also supports drag & drops file upload.
  • You can preview various media files such as- images, audios & videos.

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4. File API – jQuery File Upload Plugin

It is jQuery plugin specially crafted for the purpose of FileAPI. It supports multiple file upload, image upload etc. You can crop and resize the uploading content anytime. It is an interactive and highly customizable jQuery plugin with many events and options.

FileAPI jQuery File Upload Plugin

Pricing Plan –

Grab the File API jQuery plugin for free.

Feature –

  • It supports multi-upload and image upload.
  • Cropping and resizing an image is easily possible.
  • It has a progress bar to show the upload status of a file.
  • This plugin also facilitates an auto-upload option.

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5. Simple AJAX Uploader – jQuery File Upload Plugin

Simple AJAX Uploader is a JavaScript file upload plugin. It supports concurrent file uploads even for the browsers which don’t support HTML5. You can simply drag and drop a file to upload. It is a very light-weight plugin. You can use it with or without jQuery.

Moreover, this plugin works perfectly with all major browsers such as- IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

Simple AJAX Uploader jQuery File Upload Plugin

Pricing Plan –

Simple AJAX Uploader is just another free product by GitHub.

Feature –

  • Single 6Kb minified and gzipped Javascript file for the overall plugin functionality.
  • You can make use of any HTML element as an upload button.
  • It provides individual callback functions for browsers are XHR-supported & also for browsers that do not support XHR file uploads.
  • It gives you the ability to pass the custom headers in any request (Authorization header).

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Consequently, these were the most noteworthy plugins of there domain jQuery file upload plugins. If you are aware of another which is much useful, please do share the same with us in the comment section below, we would really love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for reading!

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