“Use jQuery Clock Plugins to make your website modern and always ON TIME!”

In this article, we have compiled a list of 4 most popular jQuery clock plugins. These plugins are beneficial to set different appearances of clocks on your website.

In fact, using these plugins one can easily integrate a clock with just basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. Further, the plugins are easy to modify and can be overwritten as well.

The plugin permit you to add a simple digital clock with date and time, as well as an analog clock on the webpage with the help of jQuery script. Further, it has CSS animation effects inbuilt in the jQuery clock plugins.

You can add your own skin and graphics using different picture extensions e.g. PNG or SVG present in these jQuery clock plugins. Also, these plugins allow you to add different time zones for your website clocks.

Given listed jQuery clock plugins are well documented and easy to set up with the help of useful user guide.

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Use these plugins to build up beautiful image gallery for your website.

Display different types of charts filled with data on your website using these plugins.

These plugins are best suitable to convert your website content into a flipbook or a magzines.

Let us discuss each jQuery clock plugin in detail.

1. Active Clock – Best in jQuery Clock Plugins

Active Clock jQuery plugin is an effective jQuery clock plugin which is used to show the time on your website page. The plugin shows the time of your computer’s clock. Also, you can set the time zone best suitable for your website.

The noteworthy feature in this plugin is one can easily add decimals while displaying the time as it supports decimals time zone. Moreover, the plugin is fully customizable so that you can make easy changes according to their requirement.

Active Clock jQuery Clock Plugins

Pricing :

  • This premium plugin available at a reasonable price of $6 with a 6-month support.
  • You can even extend the support month up to a year by paying $1.50 with regular updates.

Features :

  • There are more than seven presets dial and hands included in this Active Clock jQuery plugin.
  • One can set their own dial and hands picture using this plugin. Also, you can set the width and the height of clock.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can easily show or hide AM/PM options. And, set the date, month, day functionalities in your clocks.
  • Active Clock plugin includes detail help Html file which is very well documented with useful user guide.

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2. sClock Mega Package Analog Clocks Plugin

This plugin comes with 16 unique predefined clock styles with SVG and PNG pictures which helps to give a perfect look to your online website.

The sClock plugin is used to set the clocks which are highly configurable and fully scalable. You can set the size to whatever you want, without any quality loss.

Further, the plugin is easy to implement there are few codes which you only have to copy and paste.

sClock Mega Package Analog Clocks jQuery Clock Plugins

Pricing :

Buy the regular license of this plugin at $11 with all the future updates and full support up to 6 months. You can extend your support up to 12 months by paying $3.38 only.

Features :

  • If you use PHP server, then you can use time measure based on PHP functionality. This will help you to make sure that all your users will see the same time, independently from their local device time.
  • This plugin helps you to enable or disable use of daylight saving time calculation according to your choice.
  • You can set time zones up to 1 minute accuracy using this plugin. Further, you can add as many clocks as you want on one page of your website.
  • The plugin supports time-based on JavaScript so that time will depend on end-user device time.

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3. jQuery Time Zone World Clocks Plugin

jQuery Time Zone World Clocks plugin is a powerful plugin in the list of jQuery clock plugins. It allows you to set various appearances clocks on your website. The plugin is easy to set up with well-organized documentation and complete user guide.

One of the main features in this Time Zone World Clocks plugin is it uses server time, rather than local. So that the time will be corrected automatically whether the users’ time is correct or not.

jQuery Time Zone World Clocks jQuery Clock Plugins

Pricing :

This plugin cost you $10 with regular future updates and complete quality checked by Envato.


  • It allows you to keep clocks in a grid or place them anywhere in your page as per your need.
  • Time Zone World clocks include more than 30 daylight savings offset.
  • The second hand of the clock is optional you can show or hide it. Also, you can choose between the smooth rotation and a ticking clock.
  • You only have to add 5 lines of code to your PHP and your jQuery plugin is ready.

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4. HTML5 (JavaScript) Clocks Plugin

This is one of the most powerful plugins in the list of jQuery clock plugins. It includes set of 10 clocks which can be added virtually to any web application. These web applications are ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, and simple HTML pages.

The plugin can integrate both the analogs as well as digital clocks. Moreover, the plugin is WinRT compatible. This will help to integrate clocks into HTML5-based WinRT applications to visualize data in a good manner.

HTML5 JavaScript Clocks jQuery Clock Plugins


  • $14 is the charge of its regular plan with 6 months support.
  • For advanced features, you have to buy an extended license at $70 with full support and updates.

Features :

  • The clocks are described using a declarative selection of the parameter in JSON with the help of this plugin.
  • You can create custom objects using this plugin. You can also change the color of each element using CSS.
  • It is easy to integrate, you just need to specify clock name and area of a web page where it should be placed.
  • Also it allows you to manage the view of the clocks and add various animation effects using inbuilt CSS options.

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So above are some of the most noteworthy premium jQuery Clock Plugins. All of these plugins are specially designed to give your website a better and advance presentation. We hope you have found the best plugin according to your requirement.

If you have any kind of questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more upcoming jQuery plugins.