In this world of technology, a huge number of jQuery plugins revolves around the internet. To ease you in this situation, we have cut down some of the best jQuery flipbook plugins in this article.

jQuery Flipbook Plugins are specially crafted for developers, website owners and the others who wish to have an eye-catching book like layout to their product catalogs, sales, and brochures etc.

It’s more like a virtual flip effect that you must have noticed while reading a book on Kindle.

All our shortlisted plugins present here are fully filled with features like CSS3 animations effects, slideshow, single page zoom in & out, easy page styling with HTML5 and a lot more.

Moreover, with these flipbook plugins, you can almost create a virtual book on the internet for visitors and make it look amazing at the same time.

All the jQuery flipbook plugins in this blog are paid and have unique features so, I insist you to examine all of them one by one.

Let’s get started!

We also have some more jQuery plugins for you:

These plugins will give your users a clear indication of how long they have to wait before they can access to your website.

Using these jQuery quizzes plugins you can add quizzes on your website without any hassle.

These plugins will help you in optimizing your files by using features such as drag & drops support, image previews, and much more.

1. WowBook – Flipbook jQuery Plugin

One of the most modern jQuery plugin that allows you to create flipbooks using HTML, images and PDF files. By using its PDF.js library, you can use internal links, external HTML links, index and selectable text for flipbooks.

Also, it has the option to create a toolbar, table of contents, thumbnails, a responsive layout and displays the number of each page on books.

WowBook, Flipflop jQuery Plugin jQuery FlipBook Plugin


  • The regular plan of WowBook, a flipbook jQuery plugin is priced $25 with regular updates and 6-month support.


  • You can curl the corner page with hover effects and there are 2 realistic page flipping effects- one for the hardcovers, other for the regular sheets of flipbooks.
  • It automatically generates the thumbnails and it also has a tool that generates an image sprite for thumbnails.
  • You can allow your users to pinch the flipbook to zoom, helps you to allow flipbook on fullscreen, create double pages and also it allows you to create an unclose book.
  • With this plugin, you can also attach the internal links with the content of the book and it will redirect the user to next page.

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2. Business FlipBook –  jQuery Plugin

Business FlipBook jQuery Plugin is a powerful tool for creating flipbooks on the websites.

The plugin is fully based on the turn.js 3rd release library which can be freely downloaded for personal use. And, if you wish to buy this turn.js 3rd release library for commercial use then just pay $45 for five domains.

This plugin allows you to set the width of flipbook on the website whether it’s responsive or non-responsive.

Business FlipBook jQuery FlipBook Plugin


  • The cost of this jQuery plugin is $7 with lifetime updates and 6months support.
  • And for further extended features, it will cost you $70.


  • You can reverse the layout of the flipbook for eastern country customers (right to left).
  • This plugin has the option for optimal loading pages which only shows 7 pages at a time.
  • You can easily disable or enable the toolbar and also create an unlimited number of pages for flipbook.
  • You don’t require any Flash player, also it easily works on iPad etc.

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3. Mine Flipbook jQuery Plugin

Mine Flipbook jQuery Plugin is a very popular plugin for best reasons. It carries out the responsive nature for all the screen size devices like tab, tablet, desktop, and others.

It allows you to change the layout of flipbook for eastern country visitors (right to left). You can organize an unlimited number of flipbooks and also can create duplicate pages of the flipbook.

Mine Flipflop jQuery FlipBook Plugin


  • Mine Flipbook jQuery Plugin comes with a price tag of $14 and for more amazing features you can buy its extended plan for $70.


  • You can design the flipbook with any kind of width and alignment while working on responsive or nonresponsive.
  • It allows you to change the width input text in the bottom box of the website.
  • This plugin helps you to change the zoom steps by doing zoom in and zoom out on the screen.
  • The plugin is compatible with different kinds of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini etc.

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4. Responsive FlipBook – jQuery Plugin

Responsive FlipBook is a best responsive jQuery plugin present among them all. It allows you to create beautiful flipbooks and is fully driven on HTML & jQuery.

It has a lot of great features like link unique URL for each page, resizable book, 30+ background patterns to help you create the flipbooks.

Moreover, this plugin updates its items on daily bases, second top-selling flipbook on the internet and also its available for freelance work.

Responsive FlipBook jQuery FlipBook Plugin


  • Responsive FlipBook jQuery plugin will cost you $22 with lifetime updates.


  • This plugin helps you in the easy styling of flipbook pages with the help of HTML & CSS designs.
  • Responsive FlipBook jQuery plugin is the perfect tool for displaying the content on flipbooks.
  • It supports the keyboard keys to turn the pages of flipbook on the website(arrow key).
  • The plugin includes PSD files, other then the main book page all the pages contain graphic river assets which cannot be shared.

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5. Classy FlipBook Responsive – jQuery Plugin

When it comes to conversion of PDF files or documents into a creative digital flipbook or into magazines or brochures online, the best-paid web tool is Classy FlipBook Responsive jQuery Plugin.

This plugin is fully dependent on the turn.js 3rd release library which can be downloaded free for personal use. You can use the provided tools for the zoom in and out of the pages of the flipbook.

Classy FlipBook jQuery FlipBook Plugin


  • The regular plan of this jQuery plugin will cost $14.
  • The extended plan of this plugin with extra features will cost you $70.


  • You can set the dimensions of the flipbook pages according to your choice from the admin panel.
  • This plugin allows you to add an unlimited number of pages to flipbook which will help you to display more content on it.
  • The plugin has the optimal loading page option due to which it only shows the limited number of pages on flipbook.
  • It also helps you to display the icon on the fullscreen but only on the browsers like Firefox, chrome.

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6. Exclusive FlipBook jQuery Plugin

Another simple and effective jQuery plugin is Exclusive FlipBook. Its been design to offer the features like double pages, unlimited pages, set the width of flipbooks and much more.

The plugin includes the files like JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP to make the website look more interesting.

Exclusive Flipflop JQuery Plugin jQuery FlipBook Plugin


  • Exclusive FlipBook jQuery Plugin will cost you $12 with lifetime updates and 6months support.
  • For further use and features, you can buy its extended plan which costs $70.


  • The plugin includes AJAX form through which will help you to create fast and dynamic pages of the flipbook.
  • You do not require any flash player is it’s being compatible with the Ipad.
  • You can enable or disable the deep linking on the string of the flipbooks.
  • It also provides you with excellent tools to zoom and with free updates.

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Finally, we are at the end point of the jQuery flipflop plugins. We are pretty sure that you must have found the best flipflop plugin with advanced features that you required for the website.

If you feel to share some suggestions or want to know more about these plugins then please comment below.