Today we are going to introduce you to the jQuery SelectBox plugins. These plugins will allow you to create an amazing select box for your website.

First, let’s know a bit about the select box.

SelectBoxes are used to create a drop-down list with the available options in that list. Even, your viewers can choose the multiple options at once.

But why would you use these SelectBox plugins in your web-page?

The traditional HTML select box doesn’t provide a stylish and feature-rich select box, but these jQuery plugins will. Some of the plugins in this blog hold the ton of features like – changing default styles, keyboard navigation, multi-select controls, and many more.

In fact, using these jQuery SelectBox plugins you can enhance your site’s layout. Then, these are easy to use and you can integrate them into your website.

In this blog, some of the plugins are styleable with Twitter Bootstrap, and some are lightweight as compared to others.

Now, let’s walk further in this blog, to inform you about the features and pricing of these jQuery SelectBox plugins.

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1. oCombo – Best Paid In jQuery SelectBox Plugins

This plugin is very useful to those who want to implement an image in their selectboxes. It supports JavaScript JS and CSS.

In fact, it is compatible with all the latest browsers like – Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. This wonderful plugin was designed by Orcun.

oCombo jQuery SelectBox Plugin

Price –

You can purchase this plugin at $7 with free lifetime updates along with its features.

Features –

  • You can simply integrate the image with your sites selectbox to change it into an image-integrated selectboxes.
  • Also, you can customize the size of the image which you want to integrate with the select box.
  • It provides full support via a keyboard.
  • Also, it comes with 5 different color themes.

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2. jQuery Selectric – Free In jQuery SelectBox Plugins

jQuery Selectric is an easily customizable plugin. It comes with a complete demo for you to understand it better. And the most important feature of this plugin is that word search works only with western latin characters set, for example – á, ñ, ç.

This amazing plugin is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 7+, Opera.

jQuery Selectric jQuery SelectBox Plugin

Price –

This plugin will cost you $0, as it is freely available to all.

Features –

  • It is a lightweight plugin, that means it won’t take much time to load your sites page.
  • You can use the keyboard navigation keys up, down, left, right and you can also do the word search as well.
  • The option box is always gonna stay visible.
  • Besides, jQuery it doesn’t need any external library.

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3. SelectBoxIt – Best Free In jQuery SelectBox Plugins

This is the most suitable jQuery SelectBox plugin for mobiles, tablets, and desktops browsers. It will provide you full keyboard search and navigation support to you.

In this plugin, API is a method of providing different ways to interact with the dropdown list. Moreover, you can easily select, disable, and opt group support for your list or select boxes.

SelectBoxlt jQuery SelectBox Plugin

Price –

Anyone can have this plugin free of cost, and download it from the official website of GitHub.

Features –

  • This plugin supports the jQueryUI, Twitter Bootstrap, and jQuery mobile themes.
  • It comes with SelectBoxIt default theme, which is similar to the Twitter Bootstrap theme.
  • SelectBoxIt also provides support for mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers.
  • Also, you can try all the options provided by this plugin like – options, events, and methods inside of the HTML editor.

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4. PopSelect – Free In jQuery SelectBox Plugins

This jQuery plugin transforms a selectbox into popover tagger system. You can display multiple popups in any direction easily. PopSelect comes under the license of MIT.

Also, this plugin provides all the examples for you to understand its functionality in a better way.

Popselect jQuery SelectBox Plugin

Price –

You can have this plugin from, without paying a single penny for it.

Features –

  • You can easily create the popover boxes over select input tags.
  • It will also allow you in displaying multidirectional popovers.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can add support for autofocus option for the select, for initially selected value, a general placeholder, and getting value from select.

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5. jQuery SelectBox – Top In jQuery SelectBox Plugins

The main aim of this plugin is to restyle your controls and by leaving the functionality untouched. It comes with several useful options which you can control easily.

This plugin comes under the MIT license. In fact, it provides a fully documented demo with examples, which you can use to understand its working and features.

jQuery Selectbox jQuery SelectBox Plugin

Price –

From the official website of GitHub, that is you can download this plugin for free.

Features –

  • It supports optgroups, dropdown, multi-select & inline controls.
  • In multi-select controls, you can select a range of options by clicking (shift + click) or (shift + enter).
  • This plugin is tested in for IE7-IE9, Firefox, WebKit browsers, and Opera.

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Conclusion –

In short, these are some amazing jQuery SelectBox plugins with lots of functionalities. We truly believe and hope that by now you have decided which one to choose.

So, just use them on your website and start enjoying the functionality provided by them.

Guys, do share your words in the comment section!