Integrate jQuery form plugins with your website & create unlimited forms with just a click!

For most of the times, you might have thought about adding the forms on your website such as contact, registration, lead generation & other types of forms. And yes, they can help you to gather the queries from your customers/visitors.

So for this thing, you have to do the programming. If you are a web developer then it is easy for you but if you aren’t one, that would be a problem for you.

Even if you have a little bit programming knowledge to create a web-form, you will surely be able to do it. But when I think about my own website, I’d rather go for some best pre-defined form builders/plugins which are widely used by others.

So after doing a lot of research, I’ve found 5+ best jQuery form plugins which can ease your workload. With the help of them, you can build & add web-forms to your site in a matter of time. Some of these form plugins are free while others are paid.

Even there are some plugins in this article which can display your forms in popup notifications.

That’s what made me curious!

If you have a sufficient knowledge for editing the source code of these plugins then you have a plus point. Otherwise, they are way too easy to use. All you have to do is to go through this article & choose a best form jQuery plugin according to your needs.

You can also read our more blogs of jQuery plugins. Maybe, they will help you in your work to transform your website into a better one!

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in together!

1. jQuery Simple Contact Form:

It is one of the best in jQuery form plugins through which one can easily create a contact form & add it on his website without any issues. A person uses multiple fields in this contact form in which one is about emails.

This plugin also validates the email entered in the form which is the basic requirement.

Simple Contact jQuery Form Plugin


  • This jQuery plugin has a single plan which charges only $5 which comes with 6 months support.


  • When you use this form plugin, you’ll be able to access a lot of jQuery parameters which will definitely help in achieving your desired goal.
  • You can configure many options of the form through multiple parameters & CSS classes.
  • Along with it, this plugin is compatible with almost all of the browsers worldwide. So there is no need to panic about it.

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2. Easy Form JSON: jQuery Form Plugin

This is a jQuery plugin which helps in serialization & deserialization a multi-category form. Serialization is a method of transforming form data into JSON while deserialization is just opposite from it. This plugin comes includes both of them as a feature.

Because of the JSON format, it is way too easy to access the data from the form.

Easy Form JSON jQuery Form Plugin


  • It has a basic plan which costs $9 for general features.
  • For more features, $45 is the charge which you can pay.


  • This plugin supports both radio buttons as well as checkboxes which can help you in making a form with multiple features.
  • It has another facility to which add a section for accepting passwords & hidden files.
  • Apart from the textual format, you can also get the data from users/visitors in the JSON format also. That’s what makes this form jQuery plugin a unique one.

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3. jQuery Contact Popup Plugin:

Well, here comes another plugin with a distinctive feature. Through it, you can display your existing form into a popup modal. That’s how you can do some creative stuff with all of your multi-category forms.

Contact Popup jQuery Form Plugin


  • This jQuery form plugin has a regular plan of charge $4 only.
  • To avail its extended license, you have to pay $20.


  • You can apply three types of popup opening transitions/animations to your forms such as fade, side & grow effect.
  • Even if you use this plugin for any kind of form, the responsiveness of the form never gets disturbed.
  • Also, a non-technical guy who has no programming knowledge can use it too via its dashboard section.

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4. KwikForms:

KwikForms is a comprehensive form builder plugin with which you can instantly create & then add the forms to your website. All of the whole processes is done with the use of just a few lines of code.

Apart from all of this, it has some pre-compiled list of elements that you can use in your form at any time.

KwikForms jQuery Form Plugin


  • This form plugin has a regular license which costs only $19.
  • It also has an extended license which costs not more than $109.


  • You can add many elementary fields in your forms such as text, telephone number, URL, email, checkbox, date & many more.
  • There are some predefined select items which are included in this plugin such as international dialing codes, countries, currencies, etc.
  • Apart from it, this jQuery form plugin includes Honeypot in order to detect & deflect any unauthorized use of information.

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5. jQuery Form Plugin:

The jQuery Form Plugin helps in upgrading an HTML form in order to use AJAX functionalities. The only one thing it requires to work properly is jQuery 1.7.2 or the later version. And then, you can effectively transform your form to work better than before!

jQuery Form Plugin


  • This jQuery form plugin is free of cost.


  • This form plugin supports the file uploading functionality to import any of your files to the form.
  • To prevent the form from submitting due to any reason, you may add the ‘beforeSubmit’ callback function for it.
  • It comes with various APIs in order to provide several methods that can allow you to easily manage the form data as well as form submission.

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6. jquery.formbuilder:

Jquery.formbuilder is also an important form of jQuery plugin for building the web forms in a couple of minutes. For providing a resulting form, it provides some basic logic to make the form look better & work efficiently for all types of niches. That really sounds like something new!

jquery.formbuilder jQuery Form Plugin


  • It does not charge for the entire lifetime.


  • For no serialization & format conversion, it uses JSON in all of its elements.
  • You can change the database of your forms at anytime you want to.
  • Also, it has better support for multiple numbers of instances for each page on which you have added your form.

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So above are some of the primest jQuery form plugins which you can add to your website. Through them, you will able to create & add the forms to your webpage with so much ease.

While building forms, you can add multiple types of fields which can be conditional or non-conditional according to your needs.

Also, there are some plugins in this article which opens the forms in popups. That’s a unique thing about them.

All you have to do is to try them out & finalize the best one according to your requirements!

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding these form jQuery plugins, please comment below & we’ll help you out soon!