What makes you rush for a deal of your favorite product on an e-commerce website?

It’s only when you see an alarming tick-tock countdown running for that product on that web page.

Because marketers have strategized to make the product page more persuasive, they create urgency (psychological factor) in the customer to trigger a quick purchase from them. As keeping a deadline pushes more and more customers to claim the deal faster which they have been considering. Also, letting your website visitors speculate about the launch of your new app or website is easier to happen.

“Coming Soon”, “Offer Ends In”, “We’ll be back in”, “5 days until New Year” are best depicted with the help of countdown on a web page. And the best part is, it can be done in a very precise way.

Now webmasters can stay busy with their website work while these jQuery countdown plugins will take care to provide you best of the features.

The plugin supports the countdown option for multiple usages such as special promotions, event pages, flash sales and a lot more. These plugins will further provide you with core features like dual countdown formats with the transition effects, callback functions for controlling elements of countdowns, setting up the countdown according to the time zone and so on.

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1. Coconut – jQuery Countdown Plugin

This plugin comes with an option to set the date by two means. The start and end date can be set either manually in a countdown or with the help of PHP. The countdown provided by this plugin for your website comes with a sound effect making it even more interesting.

Progress bar included is an additional feature which displays the status of the countdown. Eg. You can have an idea of the remaining time till the countdown is over.

It comes with a detailed documentation with multiple instances to have a clearer idea.

Further, the plugin supports setting the countdown in both the ways, either from local server time of the user or according to the UTC.

Coconut jQuery Countdown Plugin

Major Attributes

  • The plugin provides 40+ social media icons to engage more audience for your website. It also includes buttons to animate these icons.
  • It provides 2 backgrounds along with the unlimited colors for the elements, that can be used to match up with the theme of your website.
  • The plugin allows you to customize the countdown with 29 unique options.
  • You can anytime switch to “text only” format for your countdown.
  • It comes with the easiest and basic set-up for all kinds of website. Given examples will illustrate the process better.

Pricing Plan

This plugin is available at a very reasonable rate of $7 along with 6 months support. Extend this support to 12 months with $1.88

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2. Circular Countdown

To get the core knowledge about the characteristics and implementation, Circular Countdown comes with 3 HTML examples for its users.

The plugin is very simple to use for all kind of websites and hence gets easily integrated. It gives unlimited color options for making creative and unique countdown elements.

Since it is created to be used globally, the plugin is multilingual and comes with various language packs.

Circular Countdown jQuery Countdown Plugin

Major Attributes

  • With jQuery easing function, you can add numerous swing behavior and customized effects to the elements such as bouncing.
  • Being a lightweight markup, the small file size of this plugin will not slow down the loading time of the website at runtime.
  • It provides countdown improved layouts by using canvas shapes whose coordinates and dimensions are very easy to customize with few options.
  • This plugin offers you to imply the customization options on every individual element of the countdown.
  • Supported by widely used browsers like IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.

Pricing Plan

$5 with 6 months support for this amazing plugin is minimal. You can extend the support for 1 year in just $1.13

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3. Soon Countdown Builder

The plugin works instantaneously well as soon as it is configured with your website without much reconfiguration needed. As simple as plug n play. It comes with visual builder tool which cut down your efforts on writing long codes. And eventually allows you to create one of the finest countdowns for your site.

It offers you a choice of either to use any of its 15 preset templates or start from scratch according to your fondness. This fast and mobile-friendly plugin provides an easily scalable counter, which makes it responsive as well.

Further, this plugin has a time correction algorithm to ensure the accurate calculation of every second to display the exact time.

Soon Countdown Builder jQuery Countdown Plugin

Major Attributes

  • It provides clock faces flip, slot, matrix and text that can be combined with the given 2 progressive indicators (circular and fill) to get a unique counter.
  • Also, it comes with jQuery support, but it can also work without it with its built-in original source files. And with the HTML attributes or JavaScript API you can always customize it.
  • The multiple animation styles include fade, style, roll etc. with 4 animation direction and fast speed.
  • You can simply pause and control the countdown with a button. And change the color to red when it is near to completion (5 sec before) to grab visitors attention and show a message when the timer runs out.
  • Easy customization for spacing, labels along with reflection effect and background image on the counter.

Pricing Plan

Get this plugin $15 with 6 months support. Extend the support for 12 months $4.88

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4. Count Everest Countdown

With speedy integration to your website, this plugins provides 12 dynamic and responsive themes of the countdown, where you can define the time units (from days to milliseconds) for your countdown.

The themes are of countdown clock (timer) as well as simple text (10 days until the new year). It can be of digital clock form or a progressive bar, or a flip effect. You can flash an animated message after the completion of the countdown.

Further, it provides you with these 5 essential Callback functions: onInit, beforeCalculation, afterCalculation, onChange, and onComplete.

Moreover, you can easily extend and customize this plugin too.

Count Everest Countdown jQuery Countdown Plugin

Major Attributes :

  • Besides countdown, you can also have count up elapsed time right from the page loading or from a specific date. It can be utilized in many ways like showing total time spent on the website to a visitor.
  • It provides easy customization of current date and time with your preferred time unit labels for localization. Then there is a default option where plugin uses date and time of browser or OS.
  • To end the countdown at the same time across the world, the plugin enables countdown with time zone. Now the target date and countdown can be in sync with UTC for all the browsers globally.
  • This lightweight plugin allows you to have complete control on the countdown simply with 5 API methods: pause, resume, destroy, getOption, setOption.
  • To follow the standard syntax of time units, you can compel a left-hand zero for a two-digit structure.

Pricing Plan

Just $8 for this amazing plugin. That’s it!

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5. jQuery Countdown

This is an easy to use plugin that sets a division/span to display countdown. With over 50 localization options, this facilitates to set the countdown time according to your server (GMT) or convert it to UTC.

The plugin provides certain default options, like text in English and countdown format in “date hour minute second”. These defaults can anytime be overridden according to the localization need.

In addition to countdown option, this plugin allows you to calculate elapsed time from a particular date or time and display count up option as well.
It allows you to use approx values (since, until) with respect to the current time, instead of absolute values.

jQuery Countdown jQuery Countdown Plugin

Major Attributes

  • The two formats for countdown are, first, the standard format where you can either use all the elements (day, hours, minutes, seconds) or skip any of these. You can also display the compact version where the elements will be separated by a colon. The second format allows you to hold “years, months, weeks” element as well.
  • The plugin offers ‘pause and resume’ feature, where you can pause to display the lap time and the countdown would still continue to run.
  • With the help of significant option, you can control the number of non-zero elements to be displayed. Eg. 0 hours 57 min 30 sec you can display either min or min and sec both.
  • It also allows you to start the countdown with a callback once it is expired. This can be done to an already running countdown. And once it is over, you can either display a message or redirect to a new page altogether.

Pricing Plan

No currency transaction required as its free to download.

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6. Countdown – jQuery Plugin

This plugin uses a very simple and basic set up to render you a variety of customizable countdowns. Start and stop the countdowns with a simple click.
The customization offered by the plugin results in many changes and these changes can be refreshed in a loop in order to have an updated countdown.

Countdown jQuery Countdown Plugin

Major Attributes

  • It lets you have a refresh on the countdown after all the updations are made at an impressive rate in milliseconds.
  • The refresh loop can anytime be disabled.
  • The plugin allows you to add leading zeros to a number that will be displayed in the countdown. This helps to convert the single digit in 2-digit format.
  • The plugin provides an offset feature where you can give the time difference and start time for the countdown, as the end time may be imprecise for any reason (say different time zone).

Pricing Plan

You can use this plugin without spending any money as it is free.

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The above-mentioned set of jQuery countdown plugins are free and paid, but all of them serves the purpose of providing countdown plugins for all the variety of websites. With multiple functionalities, every plugin has its own value. Now it’s your call to find which one would suit your kind of website.

So do try these plugins in order to have an outstanding website.

For any suggestions and queries, you can always put a comment in the below section.