Today, in this blog, we have brought up the collection of best jQuery history plugins for you. Now, you might be thinking how these are going to be helpful for your website?

jQuery History Plugins allows you to manage the history of web pages in different types of format. These formats can contain specific or categorized history of about us pages, contacts pages, homepages etc., with the compiled history.

By integrating these plugins on your website, you can systematically arrange the history section of the site and can categorize it according to your needs.

All the plugins present here are feature-filled with enormous functions like custom CSS editor, filtering options and a lot more.

Moreover, these plugins are lightweight, cross-browser compatible and responsive with all screen sizes.

Let’s move on and have a look at the pricing and feature section of jQuery history plugins in detail.

Before that have a quick glance at some more useful jQuery plugins:

Spotlight Plugins are used for activating a spotlight effect on the particular text, image or anything else on the webpage.

With the help of these plugins, you can provide designs to progress bar, buttons, charts, timer, stopwatch, notifications and input controls.

These sorting plugins allow you to control the order,  paging, and arrangement of web pages & your table elements.

1. ZoomTimeline – A Part Of jQuery History Plugins

ZoomTimeline is the topmost premium jQuery plugin that allows you to create company timeline, personal history or a visually appealing timeline slider on the website. This plugin comes up with six unique modes which help you to complete all the timeline needs.

It enriches you with latest HTML5 technology like history API and CSS3 technology for designing or styling the timeline of the site.

Zoomtimeline jQuery History Plugin


ZoomTimeline plugin comes with a price tag of $9 with lifetime updates and 6-month client support. To use its extended features you have to pay $45.


  • You can use its inbuilt five modes with any kind of brand website.
  • It comes with retina ready display that has a double resolution for smooth retina viewing.
  • This plugin is Android Optimized as it’s been tested on the Android 4.0 version.
  • You can easily modify the skin of the website using CSS for it.

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2. jQuery History – A Part Of jQuery History Plugins

jQuery History is a lightweight plugin that helps you to manage the browser’s history. It is well documented which allows you understand it in a better way.

All the events present in this plugin are triggered with two arguments i.e address & listen type. In spite, of the great features, its draw-back stand as it is cross-browser compatible with IE6.

jQuery History jQuery History Plugin


This is an open source plugin which is free of cost.


  • This plugin contains API methods that help you to easily interface between user and software.
  • You can use “jQuery.history.on” function to show the history on the web pages and later its return to jQuery.history.
  • “jQuery.history.trigger” function is used to trigger the history pages and further its return back to jQuery.history.

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3. History Click – A Part Of jQuery History Plugins

History Click is another free jQuery minimalistic plugin. It allows you to systematically arrange the history section on the webpage.

Thi plugin is easy to install. You just have to download the plugin, unzip the files and copy them to the website directory. In fact, it has detailed documentation with the codes.

History Click jQuery History Plugin


History Click is free of cost jQuery plugin.


  • You can easily load the files in the HTML document section of the website.
  • It allows you to categorize the history section on the bases of home, about us, contact etc.
  • The plugin is responsive in nature that means it can adapt to every screen size.

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4. jQuery Pusher Plugin

It is a jQuery plugin for simple access to navigate the HTML5 on the website without changing anything on the server side. If by default browser doesn’t support HTML5 then the site will work on the old version itself.

This plugin contains two demos i.e basic and the advance that will help you to easily understand the functionality of the plugin.

jQuery Pusher Plugin jQuery History Plugin


JQuery History is an open source plugin that means its free of cost.


  • You can use this “updateText” function that helps you to replace the text of the inbuilt select from loaded page to actual page.
  • It allows you to use its “get” function to get the elements from the loaded pages if there is any.
  • It is cross browser compatible with Chrome, FireFox, Safari etc.

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5. jQuery HTML5 History Plugin

It is one of the best freemium jQuery history plugin present amongst all. This plugin provides you the HTML history of the event and notifies you whenever the URL changes.

It also provides you with the example through which you can run the code and see the functions. Also, in the modern browsers, HTML5 history management is used as a support for changing the URL’s pathway without reloading the webpage.

jQuery HTML jQuery History Plugin


To buy this plugin you don’t have to pay a single penny as its free of cost.


  • You can locate all the production files in the directory (jquery-html-history.min.js).
  • It provides you with the method to navigate the URL safely.
  • jQuery HTML5 History Plugin is cross-browser compatible with Chrome, Safari, FireFox etc.
  • It also contains different kinds of options to initiate the functions of the plugin.

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6. JQuery History Plugin – A Part Of jQuery History Plugins

JQuery History Plugin is a lightweight plugin that allows you to manage the history of web pages. It lets you to build the history functionality to JavaScript.

jQuery History Plugin jQuery History Plugin


JQuery History Plugin is free of cost


  • This plugin is responsive in nature that means can be adapted to all screen sizes like mobile, tab, desktop etc.
  • It is cross browser compatible with Chrome, FireFox, Safari etc.

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So, above were some of the best jQuery history plugins. All of them are feature-filled and can help you to enhance the history of web pages.
We hope that you will find up the best one plugin and activate it on your website.

If you liked the blog or have any kind of query then comment below.