Google has developed the material design to create a unified style of animated elements and other web-design-related interfaces for all web and mobile apps. This is because animations make the web page dynamic and UI more interactive and are highly in use.

So now, you can also directly use material design effects for better user experience with eye-catching animations on your webpage.

Creating such animated elements and other web-design interfaces from scratch can be difficult and time taking. For the sake of your convenience, we introduce jQuery material design plugins.

These plugins enable you to use the components and styles from many frameworks and libraries to construct web pages and apps that are attractive and functional via with HTML, CSS, and JS.

With these plugins, you can not only use Google design in native Android apps but also in any other web and mobile applications.

jQuery material design plugins create design effects using the material design for the variety of purpose. Such as live streaming of radio station, sliders, tab-panel, navigation menu etc.

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1. MatEffects- A jQuery Pack Based On Material Design

This plugin is completely based on Google’s material design guide to add modern effects to sliders in terms of visual, motion and interactive UI for your site.

It provides following advanced effects:
1. Overview – A pop-up that contains elements(login box, image gallery etc.) and slides in from right side of the window.
2. Section Navigator – These are clickable icons that directly navigates you to the different sections of the same page.
3. Color Slider – This is a hover effect given to the elements with color slide in/out on mouse over.
4. Group Slider – It covers multiple sliders running at the same time in one slide. You can configure individual slider’s easing effects, sliding speed and time.

It is absolutely functional on all kinds of devices like desktops, mobiles etc. Further, the detailed documentation provided elaborates plugin’s functionality.

Mateffects Material Design jQuery Plugin


Have this amazing plugin on your website at just $11 with 6 months support. You can extend the support for 12 months at $3.38


  • This plugin allows using one effect multiple times on the same page.
  • It is a very lightweight plugin with a minified version of 14kb only. Integrate this to your website without hindering the site’s performance.
  • Using CSS helps to recreate the appearance and look to match up with any website design.
  • The 4 effects mentioned can be customized easily with the given settings option.

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2. Materialish Tabs

This plugin includes simple tabs which are based on the material design by Google. This includes tab-controller and tab panels. Further, you can add up as many tabs as you want on a single page.

Also, the plugin is enabled with CSS customization for even better display on your website.

Materialish Tabs Material Design jQuery Plugin


This plugin is available at a very reasonable rate of $5 only.


  • The plugin ensures a touch-friendly usage as it has an application on the mobile screens as well.
  • You can add the multiple tabs either on top or the footer of the page.
  • In addition to all of this, this plugin is absolutely compatible with the bootstrap framework.
  • This plugin provides you with examples in basic HTML file which can be modified and reused.

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3. materaMenu – Responsive Material Vertical Menu

This plugin provides a vertical navigation menu for your website. Navigation menu can be positioned as a fixed top menu or in widget style on a page. The fixed top menu opens up as a full-page drop-down menu.

Further, this plugin uses codedroids plugins principle of simple and fast usage for the users.

The plugin further excels in its performance as it is not generic to serve multiple purposes. Hence, you can pull out its functionalities and use it to a particular task with maximum efficiency.

Materamenu Material Design jQuery Plugin


The plugin is ready to use at an affordable price of $15 with 6 months support. You can further extend the support to 1 year at $4.88 only.


  • The plugin provides an easy way of the menu set up anywhere on the page, as it requires only a copy-paste approach.
  • It integrates 6 color themes for the menu from material design.
  • materaMenu is very responsive for all kind of window screens.
  • This plugin doesn’t require any coding language knowledge nor a documentation to be referred to set up. It is even more simple to use.

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4. Kast – Extraordinary SHOUTcast HTML5 Radio Player

This plugin allows live radio station streaming to the site visitors on all the devices like desktops, tablets, mobiles etc. It allows live streaming of radio station as a sticky player on your website.

The plugin also allows displaying information about current listeners, genre, current and played tracks, artist name and a lot more about SHOUTcast server.

It also provides streaming of multiple stations from the same server. The plugin also supports multi-format audio players like MP3, OGG, AAC+ etc.

This cross-browser compatible plugin supports DNAS JSONP for SHOUTcast metadata.

Kast Material Design jQuery-plugin



Get this plugin for your website at $129.


  • The plugin supports HTML5 audio player. For eg. all the versions of SHOUTcast station.
  • It facilitates album artworks to retrieve tracks from music database with lastFM API.
  • Also, it provides material design 20+ color options along with material dark and light themes that can be changed dynamically.
  • You can display an offline message on SHOUTcast server. This is possible while internet connection loss as well.
  • Allows easy customization and control on various elements of the player.

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5. Material Design Hierarchical Display

The plugin uses Hierarchical display (also referred as timing) of material design for creating transition element. For example, when a user clicks on any element of the page, the page either refreshes or it redirects the user to some other page.

It allows you to create a hierarchical display effect that will create transitions while opening up the clicked elements with an interactive and dynamic animation effect

In simple words, the plugin utilizes hierarchical timing from material design to show unique transitions. This makes it a must-have plugin on the website as it focuses on an extraordinary layout to grab visitors attention.

The plugin provides its users an explicit documentation and demo as well.

Hierarchical Display Material Design jQuery Plugin


You can use this plugin for free by downloading it from


  • The plugin provides a toggle animation option via basic data attribute configuration
  • You can control the animation speed and action as per the requirement. For eg., you can either show/hide/toggle the animation and trigger it with a ‘start animation’ button.
  • It allows using unlimited latest and distinguished display effects.
    For Animation In – flipers, hinge, flash, pulse, and variety of entrance/exit effects (zoom, bounce etc.)
    For Animation Out – jello, wobble, tada, rubberband, and numerous rotating and sliding entrance/exit effects. A lot more actually.
  • The plugin performs well on the variety of browsers like android, chrome, IE, Safari etc.

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6. Material Preloader

This jQuery plugin gives a recreated inbox preloader from material design. This can be used in any given website or web application.

It can be stylised in any way according to the requirement with the help of CSS.

Websites and apps are continuously adapting this plugin as the plugin is cross-browser compatible.

Material Preloader Material Design jQuery Plugin


Get this plugin on your website without paying any amount as it is free.


  • You can use multiple colors at once unlike the unicolor preloaders to give more noticeable effect.
  • The user can set the position (top/bottom) and height (any length according to the available space) of the preloader on the web page very easily.
  • This plugin allows fade in and fade out effect also. You can set the speed of this effect as per your choice.
  • Preloader can be turned off at any given point of time as well.

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Wrapping Up

These jQuery material design plugins have always been in great demand. Every single plugin seamlessly integrates with your site. Make the most use of them as they are designed to enhance the functionality of your website to the fullest.

You can easily pick the suitable one (from either paid or free) according to your website need and start using them instantly. For any further query or suggestion, comment in the below section.

Thanks and regards