“Use jQuery Spotlight plugins to create a spotlight effect on various elements of your website!”

Try adding some spotlight effects to highlight various elements like texts, images or anything of that sort on your page & make it look more attractive.

jQuery spotlight plugins prove to be of good use when it comes to adding these effects.

jQuery spotlight plugins are quite a popular tool for highlighting the elements with cool animations and several other customizations. These plugins provide you with multiple features for adding these effects such as-

  • They allow you to customize the styling & appearance of color, size of radius, etc with the help of CSS.
  • By using these plugins you can create as many spotlights as you want & highlight the elements simultaneously.
  • These plugins are very user-friendly & 100% responsive.
  • Besides, these plugins are cross-browser compatible & even if they don’t support certain browsers these plugins adjust automatically.

and a lot more to explore…

Therefore, to prevent you from going on the hunt for these jQuery spotlight plugins, we have compiled few best jQuery spotlight plugins which are free of cost.

So, without wasting another second, let’s have a look at these jQuery spotlight plugins & get to know about them in detail.

1. jQuery Animations Spotlight – jQuery Plugin

This is as an astounding plugin which is widely used for adding a spotlight effect on the specific text, image or anything else. It provides you with a range of features like customization using CSS, adding animation effects and lot more.

You don’t need to hassle with the installation process as you can easily install this plugin by inserting few lines of code.

Additionally, this jQuery plugin is cross-browser compatible & works best with  IE10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera.

jQuery Animations Spotlight jQuery Plugin


  • This is a freemium plugin which is available at ‘github.com’. You can download this plugin & get access to all of its features without spending a single penny.


  • It provides you with the animation effects in spotlight form.
  • You can easily set the length of the radius of the spotlight.
  • This plugin lets you decide the number of moves of the spotlight.

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2. jQuery.spotlight – jQuery plugin

jQuery.spotlight is probably one of the finest jQuery spotlight plugins. It provides you with diverse features for customization like spotlight color, speed, animation and much more.

You can use this plugin to highlight any element on your website.

Besides, it doesn’t require CSS or any image for customizing the plugin, thereby any amateur can easily use this plugin without much trouble.

jQuery.spotlight jQuery plugin


  • You can get this plugin along with its features without having to pay any price. Simply go to ‘github.com’ and download the plugin for free.


  • It empowers you to customize the appearance & styling of the spotlight like color, opacity, etc.
  • You add various functions & methods for specific events like onShow, onHide, etc.
  • This plugin also facilitates with animation effects which you can enable & disable as you want.  

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3. Simon’s jQuery.spotlight – jQuery Plugin

This outstanding jQuery plugin provides you with various features for highlighting the elements on the page or website by adding an effective spotlight to it.

It does not require any specific CSS or image & is highly customizable.

Also, this plugin is 100% responsive & easy to use.

Simon’s  jQuery.spotlight jQuery Plugin


  • For purchasing this plugin, you don’t need to pay any amount as the plugin is available for free at ‘github.com’. All you gotta do is download this plugin & you are ready to use!


  • You can effortlessly modify the color, size of radius & various other details of the spotlight.
  • It enables you to add animation effects to the spotlight & hence enhance the look of a spotlight.
  • This jQuery plugin allows you to highlight the various elements on the page.

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4. jQuery- Spotlight – jQuery Plugin

This is a popular jQuery freemium plugin for the spotlight. It provides you with a simple spotlight effect on elements in DOM.

Besides, this plugin is very easy to use & can be initialized by inserting several lines of code.

jQuery- Spotlight jQuery Plugin


  • To get this jQuery plugin and all the efficient features, you need to go to ‘github.com’ & simply download it for free of cost.


  • This plugin enables you to add spotlight effect on various elements in the DOM.
  • It supports jQuery 2.0 version & is compatible with browsers above IE 9 version.

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5. jQuery_Spotlight – jQuery Plugin

jQuery_Spotlight is an efficient jQuery plugin which empowers you to create spotlighted content. Besides, this plugin provides you with various features like animation effects, color & a lot more.

In addition to this, you can easily add the effects & events on which it will trigger. Plus, this plugin highly responsive & user-friendly.

jQuery_Spotlight jQuery Plugin


  • jQuery_Spotlight is a freemium plugin i.e. you don’t need to pay any amount on downloading this plugin. So, visit ‘github.com’ & download it for free.


  • It provides you with auto restart functionality through which you can enable the spotlight to restart once the user hovers the mouse away or not.
  • You can easily customize the appearance & styling of the spotlight like color, effect, etc.
  • With this plugin, you can effortlessly add multiple spotlights as well which will run simultaneously.

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Although we have scrutinized few of the best jQuery spotlight plugin but you are the one who needs to choose the perfect plugin for your website.

After going through this blog, we hope you are able to evaluate various jQuery spotlight plugins without much trouble.

Smartly choose the plugin for your website looking at the features which suit best.

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