“Use jQuery sorting plugins to filter your website data in a fraction of time.”

Filtering and sorting are very useful if you have a large dataset present in the online website.

jQuery sorting plugins permit you to control the order, placement, paging and organization of page and your table elements.

This article includes 5+ best jQuery sorting plugins for developers. These plugins come with a number of features by which one can easily sort and filter data for their web applications

Some of the key features are various filtering mode like best match, isotope etc. Further, it has CSS customization options for creating beautiful effects and a lot more.

You can use these plugins for arranging your website table views. However, you can also use these jQuery sorting plugins for managing list views like for a portfolio page etc.

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These Plugins help you to add the keyboard to different text elements of your site.

jQuery Webcam Plugins organize video chats or streams your images in a real-time through a computer to computer network.

Retina Display Plugins will make it easy for you to serve high-resolution images to your website with retina displays.

Let us discuss each jQuery sorting plugins in detail.

1. UniFilter – Multipurpose jQuery Sorting Plugin

UniFilter plugin is a powerful plugin which was created to make filtering, searching and sorting in any list of items as simple as possible. It has a faster response that makes your search result possible in few clicks.

It is best suitable for galleries, online shops, portfolios or any other kind of lists where you need to perform sorting or filtering.

Further, the plugin permits you to use filters, range sliders, sort & search boxes together as well as you are allowed to use them separately.

UniFilter jQuery Sorting Plugins


You can buy this UniFilter plugin and get all of its features along with future updates at two varied prices-

  • The regular license cost you $10 with quality checked by Envato.
  • You can buy the extended license, at a reasonable price of $45.


  • It has multiple filters and search boxes where you can do searching by one or few words and result came in a fraction of time.
  • The plugin consists of four CSS3 animations which help to filter and rearrange list items in a well-organized manner.
  • UniFilter plugin support any grid type whether it is fixed or fluid. Further, the plugin has simple configuration and usage comes with detailed documentation.
  • Consists with advanced “best match” filtering mode. This will help you to position list items by their best match with active filters and search queries.

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2. Arcfilter – Best in jQuery Sorting Plugins

Arcfilter is a jQuery plugin which works in all modern browsers and it has a responsive layout which fits for every screen. Also, the plugin is highly customizable you can make easy changes in the plugin code with just a little HTML and CSS knowledge.

 Arcfilter jQuery Sorting Plugins


Buy the regular license of this plugin at $10 with all the future updates and full support up to 6 months.


  • This plugin uses animate.css and provides more than 30 animations effects. Further, it provides beautiful animated filtering on your website.
  • It supports adjustable speed, and animations delay and come with full-width display support.
  • Arcfilter plugin allows showcasing multiple galleries on the same page.
  • You can filter list item by categories. Also, one can use this jQuery plugin with any HTML content.

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3. jQuery Simple Content Sorting Plus Plugin

This plugin provides a modern way to beautify your interface by providing a side sorting mechanism. So that there is no page loading happens as the sorting takes place since its all done with javascript.

Further, the plugins create a simple content sorter for your content and allow you to control your content with pagination.

jQuery Simple Content Sorting jQuery Sorting Plugins


The Simple Content jQuery plugin is available at a reasonable price of $6 with 6 months support and regular updates.


  • The plugin has complete pagination functionality that’s why it has the ability to sort and paginate your content quickly.
  • It has a clean sorting interface and consists of an important flexible sorting functionality.
  • Simple Content Shorting plugin supports unlimited filters and several effects options.
  • This is a lightweight plugin comes with the minimal amount of clean and simple code.

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4. DoFilter – Bootstrap Multipurpose Filtering and Sorting Plugin

DoFilter jQuery plugin is an elegant plugin in the list of jQuery sorting plugins. Further, this plugin is fully responsive and supports multipurpose filtering and sorting. Also, the plugin is built on isotope filter, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

The noteworthy feature in this plugin is it has lightbox image gallery along with various image hover effects.

DoFilter jQuery Sorting Plugins


  • The cost price of this plugin is $10 with a regular license and six-months support.
  • You can extend the support for a year by paying $3 only.


  • There are more than 25 different style isotope filtering. Some of them are blog isotope filtering, team isotope filtering, photo gallery isotope filtering and more.
  • It is a fully customizable plugin by which you can make easy changes according to your requirement.
  • DoFilter plugin has very neat and clean code comes with good documentation and complete user guide.

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5. Filterizr – Best in Free jQuery Sorting Plugins

Filterizr is a unique jQuery plugin. It sorts, shuffles and applies stunning filters over responsive galleries. Moreover, this plugin is using CSS3 transitions and custom CSS effects to give your website a better presentation.

Filterizr jQuery Sorting Plugins


The Filterizr plugin is free of cost. Download it from the official website of GitHub.

Features :

  • This plugin has small file size with compact functionality less than 20kb.
  • It has a responsive layout that’s why the plugin performs great on mobile as well as desktop.
  • The plugin supports all the major browsers such as IE 11, Chrome, Safari and more.

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6. Clayfy jQuery Sorting Plugins

Clayfy is a full-featured jQuery plugin which makes elements draggable, resizable or sortable in a fraction of time. And, one of the main features of this plugin is you can sort elements from a same parent or export to a new one.

Clayfy jQuery Sorting Plugins


Clayfy plugin is available free of cost at GitHub website.


  • The plugin allows you to resizing handlers from outside. Also, you can use CSS customization resizable handlers for resizing purpose.
  • It has a separate container area where you can scroll containers over boundaries.
  • Clayfy plugin has an option for migration where you can append an element to a new parent on dropping or vice versa.

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Now as you read all the 5+ jQuery Sorting plugins, we hope you have understood each and every aspect of this blog. Hope you have found the jQuery sorting plugins according to your need.

Stay tuned for more plugins.

Further, if you have any queries you can ask them in the comment section.