jQuery table plugins are used to create tables more quickly, easily & dynamically as compared to the traditional HTML tables.

But why would you need these jQuery table plugins on your website?

Tables are highly recommended and straightforward way to display information. It displays data in the form of rows & columns which make it easy to perform various operations. The operations that can be performed on a table are- selecting, sorting, merging, paging & filtering. It is a job that would manually drive you nuts! That’s why we knock the door of table plugins to create tables and to perform all those operations as well.

Many of these plugins make efficient use of the data fetched from the back-end (JSON) as well as pre-built standard HTML tables. Also, these table plugins are very easy to integrate & offer high customization.

In this article, we are going to run through the Top 5+ jQuery table plugins both free & paid. These plugins would definitely help you create, extend or enhance your site tables.

Further, these table plugins range in their scope from simple table restyling to premium solutions.

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1. JSON To Bootstrap Table – Prime in jQuery Table Plugins

JSON To Bootstrap Table jQuery plugin will help you display Bootstrap responsive tables from JSON file data. It will create a table of data fetched from the backend (i.e, JSON file which is a usual JavaScript functionality).

This is an ultimate and super easy plugin to display the Bootstrap responsive table with pagination & action buttons.

Furthermore, you only need to parse your JSON data & pass it to the JSON To Bootstrap Table plugin & it will automatically create a table.

JSON To Bootstrap Table jQuery Table Plugin

Pricing Plan-

JSON To Bootstrap Table plugin has a regular licensed plan of $9 and an extended licensed plan of $45.


  • It displays pagination as required.
  • A total number of pages & records is shown in the bottom pagination section.
  • It displays custom/smart titles like- FirstName to “First Name”/Country_Name to “Country Name” for header row.
  • You can specify page size, the primary key column, show/hide edit/delete action buttons.

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2. CSS3 Price Table – jQuery Table Plugin

As clear from its name this is a plugin which can create price tables using CSS3 & jQuery. It uses pure CSS3 animation effects. You can create pricing tables with the different color styles provided. Even you can add a badge/banners for tagging a specific plan. There are various animation styles available to experiment with the table animations.

Additionally, FAQ & source files are available to help you out. Also, it gives free updates for the future.

CSS3 Price Table jQuery Table Plugin

Pricing Plan-

CSS3 Price Table jQuery table plugin has two cost estimate plan. They are-

    • Regular – $5
    • Extended – $25


  • 8 color styles of badge/banner & table buttons. Plus 29 animation styles.
  • Optional badge/banner on the tables and the layered png of the badge are also included.
  • Optional animation style for each row of the table.
  • Either you can use the global animations available or you can customize each row in custom animation.

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3. TinyTable – jQuery Table Plugin

Normal tables won’t look great in mobile/phone browsers. So TinyTable jQuery plugin converts your tables into mobile/phone friendly format.

It will auto-convert your table width to the maximum width of your browser window. You can use 2 options to make use of this plugin’s functionality. The first is you can enable overflow so the table will be kept in a special container & on mobile/phone it enables swipe gesture. The second option is to convert the table into a 2 column table that is you don’t have to swipe but it stretches the site along its length.

TinyTables jQuery Table Plugin

Pricing Plan-

It has a regular licensed plan of $8 and an extended one for $40 with future updates.


  • It creates tables that fits great on mobile phones.
  • Multiple options to beautifully showcase long tables (along width or height).
  • Also, it supports swipe gesture as well as scrolling according to the options chosen for the table view.
  • It supports cross-browser compatibility to- IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera & Chrome.

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4.  Tablesaw – Free jQuery Table Plugins

Tablesaw jQuery plugins are for making responsive tables absolutely free of cost. These are some clean coded and well-tested plugins with 8+ modes available ready-to-use.

Different modes of responsive Tablesaw-

  • Stack Mode – Stacks the table headers into a 2 column layout
  • Column Toggle Mode – Allows the user to set the column’s visibility
  • Swipe Mode – To make use of the swipe gesture
  • Mini-Map – Add a series of small dots to show visibility of the current column
  • Mode Switcher – To switch between different modes
  • Sortable – Sort the table data
  • Kitchen Sink – Combines all the modes in a single unit
  • Check All – Enable a checkbox to toggle the other check-boxes in a column.

In addition, these plugins cut the mustard for A-grade support with Internet Explorer 9+
Android Browser 2.3+ & Blackberry OS 6+.

Tablesaw jQuery Table Plugin

Pricing Plan-

Tablesaw is a free product of GitHub. You can directly download it from the official site.


  • Internationalization i18n – to override internationalization strings.
  • Bundler compatibility – tested to work in Webpack.
  • Cross-browser support.

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5. tablesorter – jQuery Table Plugins

tablesorter is a jQuery plugin which simply turns a standard HTML table into a sortable table. The best thing is it doesn’t need refreshing the page while sorting. It can easily parse & sort many types of data including linked data in a cell.

Moreover, it will let you add a lot of new enrichment like- alphanumeric sorting, pager callback functions, multiple widgets, UI theme application, sticky headers, column filters and resizer.

tablesorter jQuery Table Plugin

Pricing Plan-

It is another free-to-use jQuery table plugin.


  • It supports Bootstrap V2-4.
  • It has parsers available for sorting plain/alphanumeric text, URIs, integers, floats, currency, IP addresses, dates and time. Plus you can also add a custom one of your own.
  • Support inline editing, row and col span for the <th> element, secondary sorting.
  • Very small code size starting at just 25K minified.

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6. FooTable – jQuery Table Plugins

FooTable is a jQuery plugin that will make the regular HTML tables responsive. It is built on jQuery & basically works with or without Bootstrap.

The FooTable plugin will eliminate the limitation of table scaling (large tables) by hiding certain columns on smaller devices. But it still allows the user to expand each row to see the content of hidden columns.

Furthermore, it also facilitates 3 ready-made table themes and you can add custom CSS anywhere you want.

FooTable jQuery Table Plugin

Pricing Plan-

It’s a completely free plugin and you can download it directly from GitHub.


  • It easily makes any existing HTML table responsive.
  • You can easily target a particular table using a CSS selector.
  • Also, it adds up sorting, filtering as well as paging your tables.
  • You can set a custom breakpoint size.

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Consequently, all the listed plugins are most noteworthy as well as satisfy the demand for both free and paid plugin requirements. Choose the one which best satisfies your site needs.

Lastly, we always keep your suggestions at priority so, please speak up!

Thanks for reading!