You must be wondering why lightbox is on-trend for website designing? Why more and more people have started using them on their websites?

Lightbox is a JavaScript technique that can display large images with modal dialogue. It is the great way to present your media files in the eye catching manner.

However, to do that, you need jQuery Lightbox Plugins.

jQuery Lightbox Plugins

These jQuery plugins can transform your dull web pages into the beautiful piece of work.

Some of these plugins not only support images but also works well with iframes and videos.

In this article we are rounding up the list of 5+ jQuery Lightbox Plugins that can beautify your websites in a way that will attract your visitors.

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1. LC Lightbox – Premium jQuery Plugin

It is a jQuery lightbox plugin that can show off your favorite medias in an elegant manner. It supports HTML5 videos, iframes, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and HTML contents.

The plugin allows touch interactions with one or several fingers on your smartphone. You can swipe, pinch, drag content like with a native mobile swipeable view.

It supports components toggling, so that thumbnails and texts can be toggled.

LC Lightbox jQuery Lightbox Plugins


  • The plugin supports dynamic elements tracking by which you can add or delete elements.
  • It supports HTML contents which allow you to use whatever you need in descriptions from basic texts to complex HTML structures.
  • It ensures superior performance as it is 100% CSS driven.


It is well documented and dev-oriented plugin. You can buy it for $16 with 6 months support from LCweb.

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2. jQuery CSS3 Lightbox Gallery Plugin

It is one of the premium jQuery lightbox plugin that you can use to display your images in an engaging way. This plugin supports CSS3 transitions, whenever a user clicks over the image it automatically zooms out.

The plugin also supports animate.css effects allowing you to add unlimited of transition effects. You can also set the duration of the applied transition effects.

jQuery CSS3 lightbox gallery plugin is made by using Modernizr, allowing it to work with all the browsers. It even works well with those browsers which does not support CSS3 transitions.

jQuery CSS3 Lightbox Gallery Plugin


  • The plugin supports all the keyboard shortcodes.
  • It is mobile friendly and works with all the touch device like iOS.
  • The plugin is lightweight and easy to use.
  • The user will get FAQ and uncompressed js file on purchasing this plugin.


Get this plugin at $6.

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3. Flipping Lightbox 3D With jQuery, And CSS3

This plugin is focussed on providing fancy 3d flipping effect to the images of your website. It is based on CSS3 and javascript.

It is a responsive jQuery plugin that supports both image lightbox and HTML dialog. You can also create lightbox gallery through this plugin.

With this premium plugin you can make single image lightbox and open/close events callback. It also allows to add customized close button to the HTML dialog.

Flipping Lightbox 3D with jQuery, and CSS3 jQuery Lightbox Plugins


  • The plugin provides 15+ options for customization.
  • It supports all the modern browsers: firefox 12+, opera 12+, safari 5+, chrome 16+ and IE10+.
  • The plugin works well with PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.
  • You can also use keyboard shortcuts for close, navigation left and right.


You can purchase Flipping Lightbox 3D with jQuery, and CSS3 plugin at $22.

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4. TileBox jQuery – Modern Responsive LightBox

The plugin can be used to create modern lightbox with CSS3 animation effects. It provides customization options for all the modern browsers.

It can work with single box images, photo albums and gallery Ajax box. Whenever a user click on the image, it will zoom out with the applied transition effects. You can add size switcher and cross button.

TileBox jQuery Lightbox Plugins


  • You can combine Inline and AJAX content through this plugin.
  • The plugin also supports full screen custom content.
  • You can choose to show/hide the Thumbnail Ribbon.


Grab this plugin at $10 with 6 months support from SOHN.

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5. Featherlight – jQuery Lightbox Plugins

The plugin is a lightweight and flexible jQuery lightbox plugin. It has minimum css use and does not has inline styles. The plugins footprint weighs over 4kB.

Featherlight is completely customizable via config object. You will also get the out of the box supports of image, ajax and iframe. The plugin is based on name-spaced CSS and JavaScript.

Featherlight jQuery Lightbox Plugins


  • The plugin works on IE8+ and all modern browsers.
  • It is a responsive plugin and supports mobile platforms.
  • This plugin has an extensive test suite.


It is a freemium plugin provided by GitHub.

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6. Colorbox – A jQuery lightbox

It is a customizable jQuery lightbox plugin compatible with 1.3.2+ in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer 7+. The plugin works with photos, grouping, slideshow, ajax, inline, and iframed content.

You can restyle the appearance of the lightbox through CSS. The plugin can be extended with callbacks & event-hooks without changing the source files.

Colorbox jQuery Lightbox Plugins


  • It is a completely unobtrusive plugin.
  • The plugin can preloads upcoming images in a photo group.
  • You will get beginner’s guide, FAQs and how-to examples for its complete use and installation.


It is absolutely free jQuery lightbox plugin of GitHub.

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Wrapping It up!

These jQuery lightbox plugins are super useful to create elegant lightboxes for your website.

With these hand-picked  jQuery Lightbox Plugins you can alter the presentation of the image or video based on the resolution of screen accessible on the device used.  

Do you have any great recommendation for the jQuery lightbox plugins?

Let us know in the comments!