“Integrate step by step form wizards with jQuery Form Wizard Plugins.”

If your website has long forms for entering users data then you can convert them into a series of related steps.

Long forms are really annoying and visitors try to escape from entering large information.

That’s why you should have wizard forms that can give indication of their progress as they enter their information.

jQuery Form Wizard Plugins smartly divide your forms into several steps enabling your visitors to fill out those forms without getting inattentive.

However, there are lots of wizard plugins available in the market but to help you out we are sharing the filtered list of 5+ jQuery Form Wizard Plugins.

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1. jQuery Step Wizard With Step Form Builder – Timon Step Form

It is all-in-one wizard plugin that comes with the power combo of 21 styles and 8 transition effects. You can also set up a basic form validation with this plugin.

The plugin comes with predefined set of forms with many sizes. You will get unlimited customization options to create form that better fit your needs.

You will get bonus of  ‘Grumpy – Multi Step Indicator 60 Style’ plugin with it for creating step forms easily. It has 60 CSS3 styling designs by which you can create both horizontal as well as vertical step forms.

Timon Step Form jQuery Form Wizard Plugins


  • It comes with detailed documentation having explanation and ‘how to’ enabling you to publish your multi step form effortlessly.
  • The plugin lets you create clutter-free forms because every step is efficiently laid out.
  • You can do unlimited color customization of multi step checkout process.
  • It is compatible with IE10, IE11, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Edge browsers.


You can get this plugin at $10 with 6 months support from CidCode. Your request will be responded within 24 hours or less by the provider.

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2. Multi Step Form Wizard jQuery Validation

This plugin can be utilized for all sort of web applications like CMS, CRM, custom admin panel and project management system. It is based on jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3.

You will get full jQuery form validation with this plugin with which you can validate all or specific field of your multi step form.

It provides step counter which displays form filling progress through a sequence by breaking it up into multiple steps.

Multi Step Form Wizard jQuery Validation jQuery Form Wizard Plugins


  • This plugin is designed to support any device using latest Bootstrap 3 framework.
  • You can set the option to switch on the next step of the form with or without validation.
  • It allows to create wizards with: clickable all step, disable all step click, clickable active step only and multi theme option.


Get this plugin at $8 with 6 months support from logicalstack.

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3. Form Wizard – Multi Step Form Validation

It is a lightweight wizard plugin that can create 3/4/5 steps wizard with jQuery. The plugin comes with 4 formats, each having 27 styles and 12 colors settings.

You will get script field validation for every step. It also includes image uploader system and progress bar. So that users can know their completed steps, current step and how many steps still remain to complete.

The plugin is bootStrap responsive thus it’s very easy to customize

Form Wizard jQuery Form Wizard Plugins


  • It has bug and error free code.
  • The plugin is compatible with multiple web browsers.
  • Responsive design makes it desktop, tab and mobile friendly.
  • You can also create User, payment, employee as well as bank registration forms with this plugin.


It will cost you $9 having 6 months support from Hi-TechParks.

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Pabbly Form Builder

4. Wizardify jQuery Plugin

If you want to convert your HTML form or simple markup into a functional wizard then this plugin will be a solid choice for you. The plugin design is based on linear-navigation, visitors need to navigate step-by-step.

You will get numerous options to change the layout of your forms to suit your needs. It comes with three theme templates of light, dark and blue color. You can set the position of content and step bar at left, right or top inside the Div.

Wizardify jQuery Form Wizard Plugins


  • This plugin is compatible with IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.
  • While creating multi step wizard form you can also add extra ‘cancel’ button with ‘next’ and ‘back’ buttons.
  • You can also choose to hide the step pane.
  • The sidebar titles of the step form are clickable.


Get this plugin at $6 including 6 months support from dexterous.

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5. jQuery QuickWizard

This plugin takes the subsections of a form and transform them into screens which is paged in a wizard-like fashion by the plugin. You can transform your forms smoothly by following conventions of markup fields.

You can include jQuery validation plugin with this for its out of the box performance. Also, if you want to specify fancy effects for the wizard transitions then you can include jQuery UI/Effects Core. It is also providing demos to show you how it works with these plugins too.

jQuery QuickWizard jQuery Form Wizard Plugins


  • It generates the previous and next button for navigating between the fieldsets.
  • You can also use the jQuery easing effects and set the value for variations on the swing behavior.


It is a free plugin by GitHub.

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6. jQuery Ajax Wizard

It is a form wizard plugin that provides next step based on the user’s input via AJAX. In a multi steps form, when the user fill inputs in the first step then only can move to further steps.

Each step of the form generates a hash, so the plugin makes a new AJAX request only when the user change some data to a already gotten step.

jQuery Ajax Wizard jQuery Form Wizard Plugins


  • You will get many callbacks with this plugin.
  • It is lightweight and clean coded.


Download this free plugin from GitHub.

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Wrapping It Up!

After going through this blog, you get to know that some jQuery Form Wizard Plugins have many handy features with advanced form customization.

These form wizard plugins are going to provide better user experience and help you receive more form entries.

Please, let us know in the comments which one of these jQuery Form Wizard Plugins you like the most.