Loading images, backgrounds, ajax content and other media files on a website in boring styles may cause you loss of precious users.

So, to make this boring process more entertaining and attractive jQuery Loader Plugins were designed.

These are plugins with the help of which you can add attractive styles, animations, color and other effects to make the loading progress look attractive.

In this blog, we have described some of the best jQuery loader plugins which provide compatibility with latest browsers, lightweight, easy to customizes and offer multiple setting options as well.

Want there is more, you also get options to define the loading speed, auto detects progress, and apply icons of your choice to display loading process on a website.

But before going into plugin details have a look at the blogs on popular niches listed below:-

1. MelonHTML5 – Royal Preloader jQuery Plugin

Royal Preloader is one of the best and affordable jQuery plugin for loading progress indicator. It is an advanced plugin which preload background images, Ajax content, and photos.

It also offers various API methods that allow you to configure the loader with ease. Plus you don’t have to change complex HTML or js codes, just include the files and the rest will be done automatically.

MelonHTML5 jQuery Loader Plugin


  • The regular plan comes at a cost price of $6 with which you get loading progress indicator with multiple customization options.
  • The extended plan of this jQuery plugin will cost you $30 and will provide enhanced features & services.


  • This plugin automatically detects the loading progress and displays it in the loader on your website.
  • It preloads all the website assets in a loading screen before displaying on the website.
  • With this jQuery plugin, you get multiple loading progress designs which come with different styling and customization options.
  • It is capable of detecting cached or invalid images automatically which is a great advantage.

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2. Simple Content Loader – jQuery Plugin

Simple Content Loader is a jQuery plugin which gives you the perfect alternative to iFrame and helps you show images and content loading in an attractive manner.

It provides you a sleek and user-friendly interface to display loading process on your website. This plugin is loaded with various customization options, style settings with which you can show image and content loading on your site with ease.

Simple Content Loader jQuery Loader Plugin


  • You can get the regular license of this plugin at a cost of $5. It will include various loading facilities and customizations options for a great design.
  • The extended license has got a price tag of $25 with which you are offered enhanced loading features and facilities.


  • It is a cleanly coded plugin which gives you the ability to call data from remote pages.
  • Provides well-documented demo which holds all the examples of the loading process which are available with this plugin.
  • This jQuery plugin is compatible with various browsers like IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.
  • With this plugin, you can add custom options and styling to give an attractive look to the loading process on your website.

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3. Loading Script – jQuery Loader Plugin

With Loading Script jQuery plugin you get more than 40 loading examples which work well with all major browsers. It has got a variety of loading options using which you can change animation speed, color combination, size, etc.

It helps you apply colorful loading effects and different types of animation effects on your website.

Loading Script jQuery Loader Plugin


  • The first plan will cost you $6 and allow you to add custom loading effects to your website with ease.
  • The second plan comes with various extended features and services at a cost of $30.


  • Helps you add animation effects to the loading process without GIF image.
  • With this plugin, you get full access to 12 methods for loading effects.
  • Different types of customizations like color, size, animation speed and more are offered by this plugin.
  • A complete documentation which holds each and every detail along with example and codes for easy application.

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4. PageLoader – jQuery Loader Plugin

PageLoader is a fully customizable preloader with content slide-in functionality through which you can add animated loading screen on your website. This is an easy to implement jQuery plugin which is fully responsive, multi-browser compatible and more.

You get multiple advanced functionalities like customization options and the support provided for this plugin is quick and helpful.

PageLoader jQuery Loader Plugin


  • $10 is the price which is being charged for the regular services of this jQuery plugin.
  • $45 is the price which is collected for all the extended features and services of this plugin.


  • It helps you add slide-in, fade way, slides down and other attractive animation effects to all the loading content.
  • Allows you to define multiple styling options like color, icon, effects and more for custom styling.
  • This plugin is compatible with all major and latest browsers, plus it also fully supports the mobile (iOS, Android) versions of them as well.
  • This is a super lightweight jQuery plugin which does not reduce the loading speed of your website.

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5. Circular HTML5 Preloader – Jquery Plugin

This is a jQuery plugin which is lightweight, easy to use and provides various loading functionalities. It allows you to add animated in SVG, you also get options for js callbacks. In addition, the demo documentation is also included which is a great help.

Circular HTML5 Preloader jQuery Loader Plugin


  • With this plugin, you get a regular plan which is charged $8 and the extended plan for which $40 is being charged for all the features.


  • You are allowed to preload files in different formats like JPG, JS, CSS, JSON, etc.
  • Other than the default options you get more than 30 custom setting options with this plugin which can easily be applied on a live website.
  • This plugin offers 3 draw methods, autoload function, cache busting and other options as well.
  • Loading progress looks great on different devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. This is a retina friendly plugin which easily resizes to any device screen.

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This was all on the best jQuery Loader Plugins and I hope that you must have got the right plugin for your website which meets all the requirements and needs. All these plugins are responsive, user-friendly, easy to implement and comes loaded with an enormous amount of features.

If you have got any queries or doubts related to these plugins feel free to ask us in the comments section below. We will be happy to hear from your side.

Happy website building.