Are you planning to display ads on your website in the near future? Then you should be familiar with WordPress banner plugins.

All these WordPress banner plugins will allow you to insert ads anywhere throughout your website. Also, these plugins will help you in handling the display locations, sell ad spots, in tracking impression/click statistics, and in managing your ads.

Some of the banners which we have discussed in this blog are:

  • Custom Banners – Use to create reusable banners,
  • Random Banners – Allows you adding and controlling your quotes or text,
  • Image Banners – Allow you to add images and banners to your sidebars,
  • Pop-up Banners – You can use this to add popups on your website, and
  • Banner for WooCommerce – Allows you to manage page and category specific banners.

Now let’s take a look at the top WordPress banner plugins. And we will also discover that how they can help you to perk up your earnings.

We thought you may browse some more:

1. AdRotate – A WordPress Banner Plugin

AdRotate is one of the finest plugins in all WordPress banner plugins discussed here. This is because of its easy to use functions, building & managing of unlimited ads, and its stats gathering capability.

AdRotate is used by many popular companies like The Walt Disney, Mobile Food News, Playboy, and The Avid Cruiser.

This particular plugin has been downloaded for 46178 times and still counting. Also, all over the world, it has more than 6697 satisfied users.

Ad Rotate WordPress Banner Plugin

Price –

The pricing of this plugin varies depending upon the activation of itself on the number of websites with all features, multisite compatibility, and email support.

  • 1 site: The price is $34.64 only for a single site.
  • 2 sites: The price is $46.59 for duo sites.
  • 5 sites: The price is $106.32.
  • And for unlimited sites: The price for developer license is $237.73.

Features –

  • You can show only selective ads on mobile by ceasing the desktop ads from displaying on mobile phones.
  • This plugin will keep you update via email or push notifications, to know when adverts will expire, or when advertisers create new ads.
  • With AdRotate Pro you just have to review the ads as AdRotate helps your advertisers in creating their own adverts.
  • AdRotate gives you the freedom to place ads anywhere on your site with ease.

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2. Popup Banners – A WordPress Banner Plugin

This WordPress popup plugin helps you in adding many responsive popup banners with custom messages and effects on your site.

Using this popover WordPress plugin you can easily create or fix the custom banners, which will appear in middle or bottom of your websites page.

This Popup banners plugin includes an image, shortcode, text, animations, and video popups.

Popup Banners WordPress Banner Plugin

Price –

The price of this popup plugin is $29 for a single site and $59 for up to 5 sites.

Features –

  • This popup banner plugin is responsive and also comes with an excellent lead generation tool. You can use this tool to grab the viewer’s contact details.
  • Also, it allows you to add numerous banner ads on any page of your site.
  • You can also add the popup appearance when the user clicks on the image or hovers over an image.
  • With this plugin, you can easily set up the time difference between the page load and the popup appearance.

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3. Custom Banners Pro – A WordPress Banner Plugin

Custom Banners Pro is a very advanced and easy to use plugin. This plugin has over 1 million downloads by now with happy and satisfied customers.

To display a particular banner throughout your website you have to copy and paste a simple shortcode into your page or post on your website.

Most importantly you can control all the functions of this plugin easily from your WordPress dashboard.

Custom Banner Pro WordPress Banner Plugin

Price –

The cost price of this plugin varies according to the usage of this plugin on the number of sites.

  • One site: The cost price is $59 only for personal use.
  • Two – Five sites: It cost $199 and use for business use.
  • Twenty – Five sites: You can grab it at $599 for your agencies use.

Features –

  • You can create only one customized banner and reuse it throughout your website.
  • Without disturbing your code, you can update your banners with the help of this plugin.
  • This plugin allows you to easily add captions and place them at the top, bottom, left, and right.
  • These banners are 100% responsive and adjust according to screen’s size.

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4. Custom Background and Banner for WooCommerce

Using this plugin you can easily design a banner for each category and product individually.

This plugin provides you fully customizable options which help you in adding background images to your WooCommerce product and category pages.

WooCommerce custom background and Banner is one of the easiest ways of making your website a great deal for you.

WooCommerce Custom Background WordPress Banner Plugin

Price –

You can purchase this amazing WooCommerce compatible banner plugin at $23 with 6-month support from WPproducts.

Features –

  • This plugin is responsive and it will work with any responsive WordPress themes and all screen devices.
  • On depending on the category or product you can easily add a background on WooCommerce default product page.
  • Also, from WooCommerce products meta box area present in your dashboard you can set the background image for the individual product.
  • Moreover, you can add a background image to the product category page from WooCommerce products category option.

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5. Banner Manager for WordPress – A WordPress Banner Plugin

Banner Manager will allow you not only to manage your post but also selling banner spots on your website. Through this plugin, you can select any spot for advertisement purpose throughout your site.

Also, this plugin provides you many many payment gateways to receive the amount from advertisers. Some of the payment modes are PayPal, AlertPay/Payza, InterKassa, Authorize.Net, and Skrill/Moneybookers.

You can easily install it and if you wish to see its demo first you can also do that.

Banner Manager WordPress Banner Plugin

Price –

With the rating of 4.5 stars, this plugin will cost you only $21.

Features –

  • This plugin already has 8 preset banner sizes, yet it allows you to set customized banner size.
  • Also, your advertisers can look at the review of their ads on your website before publishing.
  • You can easily keep a record of statistics regarding the number of shows, click, and CTR automatically.
  • To add banners to your website you can use whether a PHP coding, an HTML code or shortcodes anywhere in place of WordPress theme, content, widget area, etc.

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6. WPLinkTrade Text & Banner Exchange for WP

This plugin helps you in exchanging the links and banners with various sites. Also, by using this plugin, you can create many shortcodes and use them everywhere on your website.

It comes with a banner and link submission form. So whosoever wants to advertise on your website has to fill this form to exchange text and banner links with you.

Once they fill the form, you can edit, delete or accept the banner or link submission form and exchange your link, or text with them in return.

WPLink Trade WordPress Banner Plugin

Price –

With a regular license and 6-month support from Powerfusion, this plugin will cost you $29.

Features –

  • This plugin allows you to exchange text and links of the images with other related websites with ease.
  • You will always be notified by emails whether you get notifications for new submissions, or when link partner removes your backlink, or to confirm link submission.
  • It is compatible with every WordPress themes without much ado.
  • Most importantly it offers reCAPTCHA integration which helps you in avoiding spam submissions.

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7. Ad Inserter – A WordPress Banner Plugin

This plugin has many advanced features, which makes it popular among its users. Ad Inserter supports all kinds of WordPress ads including Google AdSense, contextual Amazon Native Shopping Ads, and rotating banners.

In addition, it provides options to insert any opt-in form, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, tracking or advert code anywhere on the page or over the website.

Also, this particular plugin has up to one lakh active installations, which are increasing on daily basis.

Ad Inserter WordPress Banner Plugin

Price –

This amazing plugin is available free of cost along with its features.

Features –

  • With the help of Ad Inserter, you can insert the ads before or after the post, content, para, random para, multiple paras, comments and even in excerpt area.
  • Using Ad Inserter you can automatically insert code for AdSense ads on any page of your website. These AdSense ads help you in inserting the code into a blog post.
  • By using internal clipboard you can easily copy and paste code blocks or settings.
  • You can manually insert the shortcodes, widgets, or customize hooks in your theme files.

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8. Random Banner – A WordPress Banner Plugin

Random Banner WordPress plugin is very easy to use. Also, it holds a lot of functionality which can be added to your website for making it more interesting for users.

Some of its features are – you can filter the ads, display them by a popup, show banner as a slider in the widget, a custom title can be added to a banner in widget title.

Also, the free demo will be provided to you. In addition, this plugin has used various styles and scripts like Bootstrap, SweetAlert, Momentjs and

Random Banner WordPress Banner Plugin

Price –

With a 4.5 star rating and 3000+ active installations, this plugin will cost you nothing.

Features –

  • It supports almost all banners type like – image, SWF and script ads banners randomly.
  • By using shortcode and widget you can place your banner anywhere throughout your page, post or website.
  • You can also categorize the banners and then use them at different places.
  • Using this plugin you can disable/ able the random banners, or add/remove banners from a particular page or post.

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Conclusion –

This is all from our side about the eight amazing WordPress banner plugins. We hope you found the best one out of all banner plugins. All these plugins are SEO optimized and compatible with all latest browsers like – Chrome, Safari, iPhone, etc.

Moreover, if you like our blog post on 7+ WordPress banner plugins, don’t forget to mention your words in our comment section!