Gone are the days when low-price of Mad Mimi used to tempt business persons. Nobody wants to compromise on the quality of their marketing campaign by saving a few bucks.

And Mad Mimi cuts too many corners to make it a moderate email marketing solution for your business.

Apparently, the services that we are going to unveil here does no other work than Mad Mimi i.e. delivering attractive marketing messages to customers.

But the deal-breaker is, these services differ enormously in terms of both price and features, and thus, are highly recommended to turn your business into a brand.

Want more precision?

Here is a small glimpse of some very important features that are untouched in Mad Mimi:

  • List Cleaning
  • SMTP integration & routing
  • Preference center & consent-based email sending
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Inbound Parsing

If you are already excited to learn more about these Mad Mimi alternatives, let us quickly explore the services now:

Look what naysayers pinpoint after using Mad Mimi:-

  • No A/B split testing to test subject headers or content variants to roll the best performing versions.
  • Just one email template.
  • Needs advanced segmentation
  • No free trial is given.
  • Lack of landing page builder.
  • The autoresponder functionality is fairly limited to certain events.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing provides an essential feature that makes your campaign successful. You can easily create & send attractive emails using the drag-and-drop editor or use the readymade email templates provided by this Mad Mimi substitute.

Pabbly Email Marketing

Standard Features

  • Integrated SMTP – This fully-fledged email marketing application has an inbuilt SMTP server that omits all the hassle of setting up the SMTP server manually.
  • List Segmentation – Make divisions in the contact list based on customers activities & send targeted emails to achieve high click-through & conversion rates.
  • Drip Mailing – Automate the email series like welcome, re-engagement or promotional emails to the targeted customers to be in touch with your contacts at a suitable time. This is the best way to resolve human-error issues like missing some contacts or sending emails to inappropriate customers.
  • Email Tracking – Delve into stats like clicks, opens, bounce, unsubscribe, etc. and know what exactly happens to your emails at recipient’s end.

Pricing Plan

Plan Name Rookie Pro Advance
Cost $29/Month $49/Month $99/Month
Number Of Subscribers 5,000 15,000 50,000

Note:- There are 10 other pricing schemes in the Advance Plan that will cost you according to the number of subscribers.

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2. MailGet

MailGet is a much-talked-about and reliable email marketing software that comes with lots of amazing features like list management, autoresponders, email scheduling and a lot more.

Moreover, you can grow your subscriber list by providing subscriber forms on your website. Further, you can integrate these opt-in forms with MailGet Bolt’s API to add the contacts in your mailing list.


Standard Features

  • List Cleaning – It performs email list validation and verification on the email addresses of your mailing list & filter out duplicate and inactive addresses.
  • Auto Follow-up – You can automate the follow-up emails with few configurations like time interval, recipient, etc. You can use follow up emails to stay in touch with your contacts & turn your inactive users into active ones.
  • SMTP Routing – Integrate with multiple SMTP relays & define the number of emails traversing through different servers for load balancing & faster email transmission.
  • Inbox Preview – You can preview emails prior to sending them to your contacts to make last moment changes & send perfect emails.

Pricing Plan

Plan Name Rookie Pro Advance
Cost $29/Month $49/Month $99/Month
Number Of Subscribers 5,000 15,000 50,000

Note:- The Advance Plan consists of 9 more pricing plans that charge according to the number of subscribers.

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3. SendinBlue 

SendinBlue can be regarded as a tough competitor for Mad Mimi. It lets you enhance marketing efficiency by allowing you to send personalized emails in few clicks. You can be assured of sending perfect emails to the contacts as it provides an option of inbox preview.

Furthermore, its marketing automation lets you automate the workflow and allow automatic retargeting your contacts after analyzing their response to your email and other activity.

SendinBlue Mad Mimi Alternative

Standard Features

  • Email Designer – Create mobile-friendly emails using the drag & drop designer. You can also select and customize templates of different variety from the gallery.
  • Campaign Tracking – Get insights & monitor the overall campaign performance through tracking reports. You can export the report data in PDF/CSV format as well.
  • Contact Management – These Mad Mimi alternatives includes an advanced search to sort, filter and segment contacts for targeted campaigns. This functionality also lets you create dynamic lists that update automatically.
  • Spam Check & Inbox Testing – Perform the deliverability test of your emails to major email service providers. You can make a test list and send a test email before finally scheduling your campaign.

Pricing Plan

Plan Name Free Lite Essential Premium 1 Premium 2
Cost $0/Month $7/Month $39/Month $66/Month $173/Month
No. Of Emails 300/day 40,000 60,000 1,20,000 3,50,000

Note:- You can get in touch with the sales team to know the custom pricing of Enterprise Plan that lets you send 350,000 emails/mo.

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4. Moosend

Moosend provides email marketing and automation platform where you can manage all the task of the email marketing such as creating emails, sending & tracking without any hassle.

By using its built drag & drop editor you create your own newsletter that appears responsive in all the devices.

Additionally, it provides free newsletter templates so that you can customize them accordingly. It allows you to go through its preview and test without exiting the editor.

Moosend - Email Marketing Service

Standard Features

  • Segmentation – Using segmentation you are allowed to divide sub-group of email list so that you can easily connect with your users and offers correct information that they are looking for. However, list segmentation increases chances of open rate, click through rates, greater email relevance, better deliverability etc.
  • Analytic Tracking – Provides powerful analytics tool that will help you to track the unique or overall subscriber(s) stats, campaign’s activity over time etc.
  • API and Integration – Offers API integration and wrappers of this service so that users can easily connect applications to enjoy its functionalities. Also, you can send your emails easily by using our SMTP service.
  • Build Email List – Provides customizable opt-in forms that will help you to capture your visitor’s data easily and smoothly. You can insert these forms on your website, blog, social media or any third party sign-up form.

Pricing Plan

Number Of Subscribers Up to 3,000 Up to 10,000 Up to 50,000 Up to 100,000
Cost $20/Month $55/Month $205/Month $390/Month


It offers 6 months and yearly plans that allows you to save up to 15 & 20 percent respectively.

Some other plan like “pay-as-you-go” that is only for the occasional senders where they have to pay for each email.

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5. VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse is one of the prominent names in the list of efficient email marketing services. Not just it lets you send mass emails to your contacts, you are also facilitated with features that prosper your marketing campaign.

For instance, you will get custom branding, launching surveys, A/B testing, advanced reporting, surveys etc.

VerticalResponse Mad Mimi Alternative

Standard Features

  • Landing Page Builder – Make stand-alone pages that compliment your campaigns, and are optimized to increase sales as they are capable of creating brand awareness, capture leads, display new products, etc.
  • Test Kit – You can review the look & performance of your emails at recipient’s end across different devices using tools like inbox & subject line preview and link checker.
  • Preference Centre – Make the list accessible to the contacts by marking it “public” & let them choose what types of emails they want to receive instead of opting out of your mail service.
  • Automation – the automated follow-up emails series, autoresponders & scheduling option lets you maintain the spontaneity in your responses to clients with relevant messages.

Pricing Plan

Plan Name Free  Basic Pro Pro+
Cost For 500 Subscribers $0/mo $11/mo $16/mo $196/mo
Number Of Emails 4000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Note: – With “pay as you go” option, you can buy a fixed number of email credits by making one-time payment.

Learn More About VerticleResponse

6. Campaign Monitor

Get the best email marketing service in terms of speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with Campaign Monitor. Be it sending an occasional newsletter or using advanced features, Campaign Monitor has it all to scale your business.

For example, list segmentation, automation, analytics, and many such important add-ons will help you out to a great extent that makes it a better Mad Mimi alternative.

Campaign Monitor Mad Mimi Alternative

Standard Features

  • Create Custom Emails – Use the given email templates or code your own version and add videos from Vimeo or YouTube in it. Also, you can use the drag-n-drop builder to create unique emails.
  • Personalization – Segment the list as per subscribers interest & need to send personalized emails like sign up, or emails on the customer making a purchase etc. Such emails are 26% more likely to be opened & leads to 6 times higher transaction rates.
  • Integrations – Connect your e-commerce platform, CRM, or website with multiple applications like Salesforce, Wistia, Magento etc. easily.
  • Testing – Test subject lines, CTA buttons, message length etc. & deliver the revised & perfect emails to your customers.

Pricing Plan

Plan Name Basic Unlimited Premier
Cost For 500 Subscribers  $9/Month $29/Month $149/Month
Number Of Emails 2,500 Unlimited Unlimited

Learn More About Campaign Monitor

7. Sender

Sender is one of the most recommended Mad Mimi alternatives whose drag & drop editor lets you create responsive newsletters like professionals.

Send thousands of emails with high deliverability to recipient’s inbox without fail.

Also, Mad Mimi alternatives platform automatically disables non-existing email addresses to keep your contact list updated.

Sender Mad Mimi Alternative

Standard Features

  • Push Notifications – These are messages sent to the user once he opts-in & are meant to re-engage potential customers even when they are not browsing on the website. This is considered one of the advanced marketing technique.
  • Dedicated IP Addresses – If you need to send over 5,00,000 emails in a month, it is highly recommended that you use dedicated IP that ultimately improve your email reputation.
  • Feedback Loop Integrations – It integrates feedback loop system with major email service providers, such as Outlook/Hotmail, Yahoo etc. & provides instant notifications when a subscriber marks your email as spam.
  • Email Analytics – Improve your campaigns while monitoring open & click tracking, date & time analysis, click map, subscriber profiles, etc. in real time.

Pricing Plan

Plan Name Free Monthly
Cost $0/Month $10/Month
Number Of Emails Up to 15,000 Up to 60,000

Note: –

1. The Monthly Plan has different pricing plans with the highest cost of $226 for 1,00,000 subscribers.

2. The Prepaid Plan that has multiple cost estimations according to the number of emails you want to send. The least plan costs you $34 for 10,000 emails.

Learn More About Sender

8. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is regarded as the synonym for best email marketing software with which you can create, send, and track email campaigns.

Moreover, the bundle of attributes that you get in this service includes campaign and subscriber management, A/B testing, automation, real-time analytics, social media integration for brand promotion, newsletter templates, engagement monitoring etc.

Zoho Campaign Mad Mimi Alternative

Standard Features

  • Consent Campaigns – The permission-based email marketing lets you ask for explicit consent from the contacts and later send newsletter/promotional emails for better engagement rates.
  • Mobile Edition – Schedule campaigns, pause/resume campaigns, manage your lists, view campaign results etc. on-the-go from the mobile application.
  • Merge Tags – Address your recipients by their names, generate unique coupon codes, provide the point of contacts etc. for better personalization.
  • Drip Marketing – Analyse users interest & activity to send relevant messages at the most suitable time. Schedule a series of emails like reminders, seasonal greetings, or birthday wishes, account expirations, payments, or deadlines.

Pricing Plan

Plans Free Plan Subscriber-based Pay As You Go
Cost $0 $45 $12
Number Of Subscribers 2,000 2,501 – 5,000 10,000


  1. We have mentioned one of the pricing of the subscriber-based plan. However, it has multiple other schemes according to the number of subscribers you have.
  2. It has got an email-based plan with many pricing schemes. The starter plan is $3 for sending emails up to 500 emails.

Learn More About Zoho Campaigns

9. ConvertKit

ConvertKit transforms your average running marketing campaigns to an extraordinary & successful program with least efforts.

It lets you organize subscribers with the help of tags & segments and send personalized emails with highest inbox delivery. This helps alot to get higher open rates & more conversions.

Moreover, you can switch to ConvertKit from any other service along with forms, subscribers which could be as high as 5,000 etc.

ConvertKit Mad Mimi Alternative

Standard Features

  • Opt-in Forms – Grow your email list by using its easy-to-embed & customizable opt-in forms on your website and convert random visitors into profitable customers.
  • Reporting – The dashboard will keep you updated with reports related to your campaigns such as subscriber data and opt-in conversions.
  • Marketing Automation – Create emails via drag-and-drop sequence builder & automate them to send well-timed messages to targeted contacts.
  • Integrations – This email marketing service provides integrations with e-commerce, landing page, and membership site providers like Zapier, Shopify etc.

Pricing Plan

Number Of Subscribers 1,000  3,000 5,000 8,000
Cost $29/Month $49/Month $79/Month $99/Month

Note:- Above pricing plan is calculated on monthly basis. However, you can get 12 months for the price of 10 on annual billing.

Learn More About ConvertKit

10. ActiveCampaign

Its high time that you switch to ActiveCamapaign for your email campaigns with full control. You can use this substitute for Mad Mimi to send scheduled emails, autoresponders, event-based emails, & broadcast one-time emails to the customers.

These Mad Mimi alternatives has everything like templates, image hosting, integrations, geotracking, analytics and much more to make your marketing program successful.


Standard Features

  • Email Segmentation – Create & save unlimited segments of your contact list on the basis of user’s demographics, behavior, location etc. to send a customized message.
  • Subscription Forms – Introduce high-converting forms on your website with limitless customizations like display mode, redirecting page etc. These forms ultimately help you to capture more leads quickly.
  • Dynamic Content – Add dynamic content like RSS or live webpage to messages to keep your campaigns current. Also, use conditional content that is adaptive to individuals.
  • Split Testing – Test the variables such as subjects lines, content etc. Further, based on the detailed engagement report, use the winning version to optimize the campaign.

Pricing Plan

Plan Name Lite Plus Professional Enterprise
Cost For 1,000 Contacts $29/mo $70/mo $159/mo $279/mo

Note:- These prices are billed monthly, whereas annual billing will provide pricing at a cheaper rate.

Learn More About ActiveCampaign

11. Mailjet

Mailjet is an advanced email marketing software which is yet another Mad Mimi alternative. It enables you to build & send messages with maximum inbox delivery. Also, it has got all the tools that let you enhance your marketing campaign tremendously.

Further, with the analytics report, you can always stay updated with the performance of your email marketing program.

Also, With Mailjet’s inbound processing, you can parse the incoming emails without getting into the complications to manage SMTP protocol and email clients fragmentation.


Standard Features

  • Intuitive Builder – Create beautiful emails in minutes using its drag-&-drop editor. Besides, you get amazing newsletter templates which are absolutely responsive.
  • Personalization – Personalize the email according to interest & requirement of individuals. Add dynamic content based on recipients name, location, and user activity.
  • Contact Management – With it’s easy to install the opt-in widget on the website, you can fetch email addresses and automatically sync to your contact lists. It also integrates into your CRM & filter out unsubscribes and possible errors.
  • Role Management – Collaborate unlimited users & work from the same Mailjet account. You can create sub-accounts and define users roles for efficient workflow.

Pricing Plan

Plan Name Free Basic Premium
Send 6,000 Emails $0/Month $9.65/Month $17.95/Month


  1. Contact sales team to know the cost estimation of Enterprise Plan.
  2. These price fares are calculated on monthly basis. However, pricing will differ when billed yearly.

Learn More About Mailjet


The Mad Mimi alternatives that we have discussed above are very popular and highly used. They support you to grow your email marketing campaign in the truest sense.

Its high time when you stop using a service that might degrade your business.

Hence, choose a software that is capable enough to provide you A-Z features that are required for your marketing program.

Now smartly pick up the most suitable service as per your need and write us if you have got any query or suggestion.

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Thanks for reading.