We released MailGet – email service provider last year near Christmas. The idea of MailGet originated when we felt the need of reducing our personal email marketing expenses.

On the same notion, we designed MailGet for ourselves and for the other businesses dealing with the same issue. January was our first month of MailGet running successfully. 🙂

Here are the highlights of happenings in MailGet in January, 2022 :

  1. We added a total of 16 new customers to MailGet, who are now cutting down their email marketing expenses along with us.
  2. Around 1.5 million emails were sent via MailGet in January, 2022.
  3. We generated a sum of $464 from MailGet subscription sales in our first month of MailGet.
  4. Expenses : Biggest recurring monthly expense of $600 comes from our Amazon hosting servers. Our hosting costs increased ever since we started following best practices in server management (will write a post soon on that). We are pretty sure to break that even this month in February.
  5. We are working hard on the development end, we added Autoresponder to MailGet within a month of its inception.
  6. Wufoo integration was added to MailGet. All contacts in your Wufoo form can now automatically sync with MailGet (Wufoo integration was developed on request by one of our customers in Australia).
  7. We added a new Include/Exclude feature, to send emails again to only those subscribers who didn’t opened your email, the first time. (you’ll love this feature.)
  8. We released Optin forms to be added to your website/blog to add subscribers directly to your MailGet account from your website.

Challenges We Faced :

  1. Our biggest challenge in January was to manage and scale our database CPU resources. I didn’t want to say this but the very first test email that we triggered to our 50,000 subscribers crashed our database server. We didn’t anticipated the amount of load on our database. Ever since, we scaled our server in a way to allow sending thousands of emails per minute without any issues.
  2. People loved our idea of sending emails via Amazon SES and we got hundreds of emails from people who wanted to reduce their email marketing costs. However, setting up Amazon SES account was a bit of hurdle for people and most of our time on support went on explaining about the steps to configure Amazon SES account.
    To resolve this, we wrote a blog post – Setup Amazon SES account and made a video to explain the step by step process to setup Amazon SES account. We are now planning to do this setup for our customers at our end itself. We are still planning it out, but we have decided that this is something we will be coming up with, soon.

Plans for February :

  1. We have planned to launch MailGet WordPress plugin in February.
  2. The most requested feature of automated sequential email drips too will be coming this February.
  3. We will be making few updates to our email builder to allow sending plain text emails and HTML emails.(This is again requested by one of our customers in Brazil.)

We think MailGet has got a lot of potential to improve your email marketing standards and reduce costs simultaneously. We are working continuously to enhance it and make it even more awesome day by day. With our efforts and customers’ feedback, MailGet is transforming into a more efficient email marketing solution and soon will rank among the top ones.

A big thanks to our users for their active participation.

If you haven’t checked MailGet yet, check it out via link below.

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