Use WordPress quiz plugins & increase the traffic on your website indirectly!

There are many ways of increasing the traffic on a website & doing marketing for it. Digital marketing is a method through which you can do it. Yet, it will take some months for it to show some positive results but you want the quick answers!

We know a way through which getting quick results is possible. yes! Through quiz WordPress plugins, you’ll be able to create quizzes on viral topics which will attract the users to participate. Eventually, it will lead to the increase in traffic.

WordPress Quiz Plugins

Through them, you’ll be able to create questionnaires on any niche without any hindrance. Also, you can add images, videos, GIF files & many more elements to a question for the help of your participants.

That’s why we’ve mentioned some of the best WordPress quiz plugins in this article. Some of them are paid while others are free.

You’ll definitely be able to catch the audience & gain traffic on your site by using them.

Some of these plugins also support the features of creating surveys, polls, forms & many more elements. Apart from it, you can post advertisments of others on your site using one of the below plugins. ‘A secodary income you’ll get to earn’. Isn’t it all enough?

So all we want from you is to surf down into this article & choose the best WordPress quiz plugin according to your needs!

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Let’s dive in together now!

1. Quiz Cat: Best in WordPress Quiz Plugins

Quiz Cat by Fatcat Apps is one of the best quiz WordPress plugins through which you can create quizzes on those topics which are way too viral nowadays. Apart from it, you can also create them on the topics according to the niche of your site.

Quiz Cat WordPress Quiz Plugin


  • Its personal plan charges only $29 for 1 website & updates for 1 year.
  • Besides that, it also has a business plan which costs $49 for 3 websites.
  • At last, its elite plan which provides an unlimited number of sites at just $99.


  • You can add illustrative images to the questions to give a little bit clue to the answer.
  • Also, one can track the popularity & usage of his quiz through analytics section. That’s how you’ll get to know if the quizzes are really engaging the target audience or not.
  • About from viral, you can create personality quizzes because people love to attempt them. Eventually, it will help in boosting your social shares when people share your quizzes on the web.

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2. WP Quiz Pro: Quiz WordPress Plugin

WP Quiz Pro is a WordPress plugin to create quizzes on a blog or a website. And yes, it will help you in creating viral quiz which will ultimately help you in destroying the bounce rate of your domain.

One important fact about this plugin is that it is compatible with almost all of the WordPress themes.

WP Quiz Pro WordPress Quiz Plugin


  • This plugin has a single plan which charges only $77 with 5 domain usage.


  • To make it more versatile, this plugin supports multilingual functionality. So you can create quizzes in any language you want to & gather the visitors from every corner of the world.
  • As is fully customizable, you can create a one of a kind quiz structure for your e-platform. The more it is unique, the more will be the traffic on your site.
  • For beginners point of view, this plugin supports 5 types of quizzes: trivia, personality, swiper, flip cards & facebook quiz. You can try any of them according to your needs.

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3. Quiz Engine: WordPress Plugin

Quiz Engine is an effective WordPress plugin through which through you can create feedbacks, quizzes & other types of questionnaires. It also allows the people to go back & change their previously answered question if they think it is not suitable.

Quiz Engine WordPress Quiz Plugin


  • It has a regular plan which charges only $36. It includes both the item price & the buyer fee.
  • This plugin also has another plan which costs $130.


  • For the quiz, you can set the time limit in which people have to complete it or their session will end.
  • Also, you can send the emails to your participants in order to let them know about their performance during the quiz.
  • Apart from it, you can assign a group of questions in a unique category. This is how you’ll be able to differentiate the questions easily.

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4. WP Viral Quiz: WordPress Plugin

WP Viral Quiz is a WordPress plugin which will help you to create quizzes on the most popular topics. It is easy to use in such a way that even a non-techie guy can also use it without any difficulties.

Apart from it, this plugin can be updated anytime from the WordPress panel itself. So you don’t have to worry about losing any new feature updates.

WP Viral WordPress Quiz Plugin


  • This plugin has a standard plan costs only $35.
  • It also has another plan of $175 which comes with more advanced features.


  • With an iframe, you’ll also be able to integrate & use this quiz plugin expand your visibility without any hindrance.
  • Apart from all of this stuff, you can post advertisements of others on your site which will get you a secondary income.
  • This plugin also allows customizing the CSS files according to one’s needs. Why? Just because you can create a well-styled questionnaire website with lots of colors & frames.

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5. WordPress Quiz Plugin:

For blogging, teaching & advertising works, you should give a try to WordPress Quiz. It helps in creating multiple choice questions for infinite types of purposes. When a participant completes the test, their data of answers is automatically stored in the database which only you can access later.

WordPress Quiz Plugin


  • $19 is the charge of its basic plan for using general features.
  • For more features, you can pay $115 to WordPress Quiz & create a unique questionnaire platform.


  • The participants of the quiz can share the info about it through social sharing icons.
  • As an admin, you can randomly arrange the questions in any order to make it perfect.
  • When people who are attempting the quiz don’t know the answer, they can get it from the hint section. Not all plugins have this feature.

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6. Modal Survey: Poll & Quiz WordPress Plugin

Modal Survey allows you to create a polling platform in which you can also design quizzes with so much ease. And yes! Polls, surveys & quizzes can really work like the center of attraction for your WordPress site.

Modal Survey WordPress Quiz Plugin


  • Its regular license charges only $35.
  • Apart from that, this plugin has an extended license with more features which costs $200.


  • Its trivia quiz style is getting way too popular nowadays as the Facebook share icon allows others to spread it. Eventually, your platform will be advertised without using a single penny.
  • By using it, one can create the unlimited number of polls, quizzes & survey in a couple of minutes.
  • This plugin also has rating feature through which, your participants can give grades to you quizzes & surveys in the form of ‘Stars’.

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7. Quiz And Survey Master: WordPress Quiz Plugin

Quiz And Survey Master is a WordPress plugin through which you can create a single as well as multi-page survey & quiz platform. All the texts which you can mention in the interface of questions are easily customizable for better user experience.

Quiz And Survey Master WordPress Quiz Plugin


  • This WordPress quiz plugin is free of cost.


  • You can create different types of questions such as multiple choice, true and false, drop down & many more.
  • Also, this plugin allows adding the illustrative videos to help the participants for analyzing the question & then answer it perfectly.
  • On real time, the participants can check their answer whether it is correct or not. This is what we think is an interesting feature.

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8. Opinion Stage: Best in Free WordPress Quiz Plugins

Opinion Stage WordPress plugin can help you in engaging more people to your site by creating polls, quizzes, forms & many more elements. And you can manage all of them from the dashboard itself without any complications.

Opinion Stage WordPress Quiz Plugin


  • It is free of cost for the lifetime.


  • According to your needs, you can customize the look of you quiz page at any time.
  • Also, you can create any type of quizzes such as trivia or personality. Don’t worry, they are easy to create!
  • Apart from it, this plugin is able to provide such a quiz structure which is responsive for all types of screens.

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So above are some of the best WordPress quiz plugins which you must use to engage people to your website. Through them, you’ll be able to create quizzes of multiple types such as personality, trivia, basic etc. Some of these quiz plugins are free while others are paid.

Apart from it, you can influence your target audience by generating quizzes on viral topics. Due to it, more & more people will become its participants. In the end, they’ll be curious about your website & will surely visit it.

That’s why we’d like you to choose the best quiz WordPress plugin according to your needs!

You may drop comments below if you have any queries or want to suggest some more quiz plugins for WordPress!