Integrate WordPress antivirus plugins to your site & make it strongest just like Wolverine

If you got our point then its alright but if you don’t get it, Wolverine is the strongest comic character in Marvel Comics. Yet, we’ve mentioned him here just because he’s immune to all types of attacks. So do you really want to make your WordPress site immune to all types of viruses, hackers & malware?

If yes then you must integrate antivirus WordPress plugins to your site. They can stop & remove any kind of malicious elements & files which can harm your WordPress site tremendously.

Yet, there are too many antivirus plugins in the market for the same purpose. But no two plugins have the same accuracy of protecting your site. That’s why we’ve listed some of the best WordPress antivirus plugins which have the highest accuracy rate in removing the malicious files & viruses.

Some of them are free while others are paid.

Apart from it, there are some plugins mentioned in this article which can track down the viruses even before they attack on your site. Isn’t it amazing?

We think it is! That’s why we’d suggest you to read this blog & choose the best antivirus WordPress plugin according to your needs!

You might also find some of your latest blogs interesting. They have some more WordPress plugins which might help you in your work.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in together!

1. Wordfence: Primest in WordPress Antivirus Plugins

Wordfence is one of the best WordPress antivirus plugins through which securing a website is way too easy. It continuously analyzes the recent threats & viruses on your site. After doing this step, it then creates new protection & detection sets of protocols for handling viruses.

Basically, it detects & removes any kinds of viruses, threats, malware which can extensively harm your WordPress site.

Wordfence WordPress Antivirus Plugin


Its license keys (APIs) are mentioned below in numbers along with their price & validity in years.

 Years ⇣ | Keys ⇢ 1 2 3 4 5 10 25
1 $99.00 $74.89 $66.85 $62.84 $60.42 $42.91 $29.86
2 $89.10 $68.67 $61.86 $58.46 $56.41 $40.27 $28.04
3 $84.15 $64.93 $58.52 $55.31 $53.39 $38.12 $26.55


  • This antivirus plugin detects & removes threats/viruses in real time. So, you don’t have to stop your work when your site is attacked by them.
  • It blocks those geographical areas from where most brute force attempts are found.
  • You can filter the spam comments, emails, IP addresses from your site which may cause any trouble to your website.
  • Also, this plugin allows setting automatic & scheduled scans to trash out viruses from your WordPress site.

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2. Security Antivirus Firewall: Antivirus WordPress Plugin

Security Antivirus Firewall by WPtools is another WordPress plugin for securing your site against hackers, viruses, threats & many more elements that could harm your e-platform. Its smart algorithms & unique source code gives it the feature to do almost everything automatically.

Still, you can configure the settings of this plugin according to your needs at any time. That’s what makes this antivirus plugin versatile!

WPtools WordPress Antivirus Plugin


  • Its free plan provides a flexible support & some basic features which can protect your site at a general level.
  • Apart from it, this plugin has a beginner plan which charges $19.99 (one-time) which is for a single domain.
  • For 3 domains, it charges $49.99 which is also a one-time payment.
  • At last, it has a professional plan which costs $99.99 for 5 domains. Besides that, you’ll get updates for 1 year.


  • This plugin comes with a feature of Google Captcha through which spammers & bots identification is way too easy.
  • It automatically checks & sets the permissions for directory files to make them more secure against vulnerabilities.
  • The firewall module of this plugin protects the website from various types of intrusions.
  • Apart from it, this plugin also manages the list of banned IPs & verifies it from time to time.

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3. WebDefender: A Product by Cobweb Security

WebDefender is one of a kind WordPress antivirus plugin whose work is to detect the newest threats, viruses & malware which are hard to be detected by the majority of antiviruses. Also, it checks any kind of vulnerabilities which may indirectly harm your site in future.

There are some spywares which might gather the information from your site & deliver it privately to others. In this case, this plugin also detects & blocks all of those spywares.

WebDefender WordPress Antivirus Plugin


  • It has a free plan in which, this plugin analyzes & provides the solution for removing the viruses.
  • Its another plan of $6.9/m provides security solutions for small sized businesses.
  • This plugin has a plan which charges $12 per month or $130 per year which basically focuses on hackers activities.
  • Besides that, it removes the hackers & viruses from your platform under one plan which costs $16.9 on monthly basis.


  • It has a feature through which you can fully encrypt the components of your site without knowing the hackers.
  • You can set daily, weekly & monthly scans of your site against any suspicious activities.
  • In case of brute force attacks, this plugin prevents the hackers from attempting to log in to your site.
  • There are some kinds of malware & viruses which can only be found in the database but it is a hard trick for other plugins. Well, WebDefender scans for them in the database & eliminates them from there too.

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4. CleanTalk: An Antivirus WordPress Plugin

CleanTalk is a WordPress antivirus plugin which majorly helps in stopping hackers to get access to your site & then do some malicious work with it. Apart from it, this plugin can also detect viruses & then push them off from your site.

CleanTalk WordPress Antivirus Plugin


Below, we’ve mentioned a table which consists of pricing of this plugin with respect to the number of sites on which it can be used.

Number of sites

Price (in $/year)
















  • This WordPress plugin protects the e-platform against failed login attempts by hackers & spammers.
  • Its security traffic control feature helps you to block the specific IP addresses, countries & networks directly from the interface.
  • Also, this plugin helps you in finding the codes of SQL injection & stops the illegal database manipulation.
  • If someone tries to privately enter into your WordPress dashboard, you will receive a notification about it via email.

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5. Bravo WordPress Security Plugin:

Bravo WordPress security plugin is a complete solution for maintaining the security of your site through 2-factor authentication, antivirus, reCaptcha & many more. Apart from it, your site might become less secure when you way too customize its coding such as PHP, CSS, HTML etc.

That’s why this plugin helps in reversing it by following certain functionalities from the dashboard section.

Bravo Security WordPress Antivirus Plugin


  • This plugin has a regular plan which charges $36. It includes both the item fee & the buyer’s price.
  • Also, this plugin has an extended plan which costs $220 for accessing advanced features.


  • It checks & tells you whether the domain of your site is listed in the global spamming list or not.
  • Through this WordPress antivirus plugin, you can block certain IP addresses & emails which might attempt to login to your account.
  • On the login page, you can insert the captcha functionality to stop the bots from logging into your site.
  • Also, you can check all of the histories of file manipulations of the database from the admin panel itself.

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6. WP Antivirus Site Protection: Free WordPress Plugin

WP Antivirus Site Protection is a WordPress plugin which helps in detecting, removing suspicious codes as well as viruses from your site. Mostly, it focuses on trojans horses, fraud tools, hidden links etc which can harm your site.

WP Site Protection WordPress Antivirus Plugin


  • This WordPress antivirus plugin is free of cost.


  • Your site might have some quarantined files which are of no use but may harm your site in future in any way. So, this plugins track them down & trash out easily.
  • It minutely monitors your site & also protects even before a problem comes to it.
  • Apart from it, this plugin also removes the phishing pages installed on your site by hackers.
  • Also, it removes the unwanted redirections of your site which might redirect you or any visitor of your site to any external malicious link.

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7. NinjaScanner: Free Antivirus WordPress Plugin

NinjaScanner is an antivirus plugin which you can integrate with your WordPress site in order to make it more secure. Apart from sites, you can scan your blogs for viruses & malware which might tremendously harm your site.

NinjaScanner WordPress Antivirus Plugin


  • This WordPress plugin doesn’t charge any amount for the lifetime.


  • It will scan both the core files of your site as well as the files of the plugins & themes integrated with WordPress account. And then, removes any unwanted entities from them.
  • When a scan is interrupted in between, it starts itself again to prevent any malicious virus to hide again.
  • Its file snapshot feature will show that which files are changed on your site with your consent.
  • Also, this plugin allows you to scan any of the files in the background processes without interrupting you in the current task.

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So above are some of the best WordPress antivirus plugins which you must integrate with your site to make it strong against hackers, spams, viruses etc. Some of these plugins are free while others are paid.

Apart from it, there are some plugins mentioned in this article which can notify you even before some malicious elements attack your site. Isn’t it interesting?

That’s why we’d like you to choose the best WordPress security plugin according to your needs & make your website resistant to attacks!

For any suggestions & queries, you can drop your comments. We’ll surely get back to you!