Do you have a website loaded with a heap of content?

Thus, It is difficult for your readers to find the popular content of your blog!

So, give some assistance to your readers by featuring your amazing content via popular post WordPress plugins.

These plugins display your popular, most commented, and recent posts on your website. And featuring popular posts in a widgetized area is the best way to boost the traffic on your posts.

As it makes an easy way for your readers to reach out the posts with a click right away!

Moreover, some of the plugins not only display your popular posts but also puts the related posts in the same category.

So, here in this article, we’ve hand-picked some of the best popular post WordPress plugins that make easier to promote the posts on your website.

All these plugins are highly customizable. They enable you to configure the widget area by setting up the limit of the number of posts to display.

These plugins also facilitate by allowing you to set time range which means you can display the posts that are published within the specified time range.

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Let’s get started-

1. Custom Posts Widget – Popular Posts Plugin For WordPress

Custom Post Widget plugin enables you to display your recent, tag-based, most commented, and popular posts in a widget area. The plugin offers you the highly customizable control panels where you can add your custom styles and scripts.

This plugin supports multiple widgets in the same sidebar. So you can display multiple posts of different categories at the same time.

Custom Posts Widget Popular Post WordPress Plugins


This plugin cost you only $7 if you buy it from


  • Custom date format option allows you to display the published date of each post as per your choice.
  • It allows you to show or hide post thumbnails. You can also adjust the thumbnail height and width.
  • The plugin comes with three predefined template styles.
  • It gives you the flexibility to add additional text or HTML code.
  • Displays the number of comments and post author in each post.

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2. Coliris – Most Popular Recent Posts Widget

Coliris is a powerful WordPress plugin that showcases your popular, recent, and most commented posts with thumbnails in a colored style. It offers colors shade card like widget section, each post has a different background color along with animated mouse hover effect.

It is perfect for magazines or blogging website if you want multiple color variations to display your popular posts.

Coliris Popular Post WordPress Plugins


The price of the plugin is $16 only on the


  • Display your different pages, recent and popular posts in different widgets in the same sidebar.
  • It comes with a simple interface to configure the widget sections.
  • In this plugin, the cache updated in every 5 minutes. So it boosts your performance speed.
  • It is available in 5 languages, these are English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.

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3. WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular Post is free WordPress plugin that shows your popular posts in a highly customizable widget area. With the help of this plugin, you can show several posts in multiple widgetized sections.

It supports WordPress Multisite. So that each website in your network has the possibility to showcase their own popular posts.

WordPress Popular Posts Popular Post WordPress Plugins

Free Download

This plugin can be downloaded for free from the


  • You can set the time range of the posts to display. For example, you can display those recent posts that are published in last 24 hours, 7 days and so on.
  • It also shows the number of views and number of comments in each post.
  • Provides you the specific stats section where you can monitor your posts’ comments views etc.
  • You can configure the widget area such as a title of the widget, a number of posts to show on a single page, and also you can sort the posts according to your choice.

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4. Top 10 – Popular Posts Plugin for WordPress

Top 10 WordPress plugin allows you to display the most popular posts. It automatically counts the page views of your posts, pages, and any custom posts types. Then, you can display the page view counts with popular posts of your website.

This plugin has an inbuilt caching system that helps to reduce the server load by caching your posts at a regular interval.

Top 10 Popular Post WordPress Plugins

No Charges

This plugin is completely free of cost, available on


  • It has an inbuilt powerful page counter that counts the pageviews on an hourly basis and then it automatically displays it on each post.
  • Highly customizable widget section enables you to control what you want to display in the list of the posts.
  • This plugin provides you two shortcodes. One is for posts lists and the other is for page views.
  • It has lots of filters and actions that allow the developers to add their features and outputs.
  • It works with caching plugins like WP Super Cache, Quick Cache, and W3 Total Cache.

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5. Trending/Popular Post Slider and Widget

Trending Post Slider and Widget lets you display the trending or popular posts on your blog. You can display the desired posts on any page sidebar by using a simple shortcode. Different styles to showcase the posts are available such as a widget, carousel, block grid, and slider etc.

Thus, with this plugin, you can beautifully display your popular posts in amazing styles.

Trending Popular Post Slider and Widget Popular Post WordPress Plugins


You can download it easily from the official WordPress website.


  • Possibility to limit the number of posts to display in the slider.
  • Show the post author using the shortcode.
  • You can limit the content words of the posts.
  • Ability to show comment count of each post.
  • It gives you the flexibility to control the slider speed and slider arrows.

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6. Relevant – WordPress Recent Posts Plugin

Relevant plugin allows you to display the related, recent, popular, and featured post on your WordPress website. With the help of this plugin, you can display or highlight the related information for your readers.

In case of any queries, their team provides 24*7 support to help their customers.

Relevant Popular Post WordPress Plugins

No Cost

It is another free popular posts plugin for WordPress, available in


  • You can display the popular, feature, and recent posts at different positions such as before and after the content.
  • Display the related posts in posts or pages based on categories, tags, and meta keywords etc.
  • It allows you to display recent post of a certain category.
  • You can mark any post as a featured post. Further, you can customize the feature posts such background color, title, text, description and so on.

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Wrapping Up!

So, above was our take on popular post WordPress plugins. We’ve covered both free and paid post plugins. All the mentioned plugins are customizable and SEO friendly. Moreover, they didn’t affect your website speed and performance.

If you are thinking that you’ll have to switch your current theme to access the functionalities of popular post widgets. Then, let me tell you these plugins are compatible with every WordPress theme.

We believe that you’ve found this article helpful. Still, if you’ve any queries then, feel free to share in the comment box.