What are tooltips?

Tooltips are the small pop-ups which trigger once they come in contact with a mouse. These tooltips hold a small amount of information about a specific thing, word or product etc.

People often trivialize what these tooltips could do for their website. They can actually engage website visitors by briefing them about various terms or products available on the site.

You must be wondering how to make it work practically on a WordPress website?  Right?

Well, here’s the solution to that problem!

With the help of tooltip WordPress plugins, you can actually add these pop-ups to your post content, title, tags, archives or on other places on your website.

Not only this, you can also add tooltips in different forms such as audio files, video files, simple texts, links and a lot more. This will surely boost your site’s performance.

That is why we have listed 4 most popular “Tooltip WordPress Plugins” and have described their features along with pricing and other important details.

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Without goofing around, let’s get going !

1. Tooltip Glossary – Tooltip WordPress Plugin

This is a perfect tooltip plugin which provides you with various features for adding useful information about each word or term. The content this plugin provides is gathered from trusted sources like Wikipedia, Amazon & Merriam Webster.

It enables you to add audio files, images, and even WooCommerce products to the tooltips. Furthermore, this user-friendly plugin supports multiple languages and is responsive to all screens sizes.

With the help of this plugin, you can easily enable your users to share or embed option which will allow your users to insert the words from your glossary to their site. This plugin also provides you with 12 unique index templates which are pre-designed to display your glossary.

Tooltip Glossary Tooltip WordPress Plugin


  • You can save a copy of your own glossary sheet on the server and protect it with a pin.
  • One can easily import or export CSV files of encyclopedia, dictionary or any other glossary term.
  • Apart from all this, using Google Translate you can effortlessly translate any particular word or phrase into any language.
  • You can insert shortcodes to create various glossaries and also to link with other APIs like Wikipedia, Glosbe, etc.
  • This plugin enables you to add a social sharing widget to all the words & phrases in your glossary.


You can get this plugin and all its features at varied prices according to the number of sites you are hosting it on.

  1. The single site plan will cost you $39.
  2. For hosting 5 sites you have to pay $69.

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2. Tooltips Pro – Tooltip WordPress Plugin

Tooltip Pro is a multilingual plugin for WordPress which supports all the alphabets and letters. It provides the users various exemplary features to customize the tooltips.

With this plugin, you can use tooltips in any post title, tags, post excerpt, etc to enhance the performance. Further, it supports all types of posts, pages and can be used with multiple sites as well.

It offers 7 beautiful style sheets which holds different color schemes like red, green, cream and many more. Plus, this plugin is responsive to all screen and is very easy to use.

Tooltips Pro Tooltip WordPress Plugin


  •  You can display the information in a beautiful way as it enables you to add different kind of content to the tooltip box like image, video, links and more.
  • This plugin allows you to modify the tooltip box color, width, alignment, border and more from the settings. 
  • You can easily change the information on the tooltip & this transformed info will be changed at all the places where that particular term is being used.
  • Apart from this, you can also add various animation effects to the tooltips. For example wiggle, 360-degree rotation, rotation Y & many more. 
  • This plugin integrates with different plugins like tooltips for WooCommerce, bbpress, contact form 7, BuddyPress, etc.
  • It allows you to define when the tooltip pops up on the screen i.e. on mouse over, hover, etc.


You can avail this plugin with all its features and future upgrades $9.

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3. jqEasytooltip – Tooltip WordPress Plugin

Are you in search of a plugin which provides you with tooltips to display on your sites?  jqEasytooltip enables you to add tooltips with brief information in the form of pop-ups.

This plugin provides you with various features like transition effects, font icons, etc. Also, it is responsive to devices like mobiles. 

It is easy to use & supports the latest versions of WordPress. You can choose from about 300 font icons & you can also enable the ‘mouseover’option with the help this plugin.

jqEasytooltip Tooltip WordPress Plugin


  • It integrates with TinyMCE editor which makes it easy to edit and modify the details in possibly less time.
  • This plugin provides you with 35 themes which you can modify and use as per your convenience.
  • You can add any content to the tooltip, for instance, YouTube videos, google maps, Vimeo or shortcodes of any other plugins.
  • Along with this, you can also define the display position of these pop-ups on mobile and tablet devices.
  • It provides 10 transition effects which you can use on tooltips as they appear and disappear.


You can avail the benefits of this plugin with future updates and prior support for 6 months at two different prices:

  1. Regular License  – $26.
  2. Extended License – $150.

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4. WordPress Tooltips – Plugin for Tooltips

With the help of this plugin, you can easily add a glossary, glossary index page and a lot more to your WordPress site. You can simply add any desired content to the tooltip such as images, video, text, etc.

Apart from this, you can add tooltips at any part of the page like post content, post title, tags, WordPress archives or anywhere else.

Furthermore, this plugin comes with multilingual support which makes it easy to work with sites using different languages.

WordPress Tooltips  Plugin for Tooltips


  • You can easily import various tooltip details in CSV file format.
  • It provides you a separate section where all the details like title, date, author, hits, etc are mentioned.
  • Also, you can effortlessly customize the glossary style to any color.
  • From the customize settings, you can easily modify the details like nav bar font size for selected or all items.  
  • You can also enable or disable the glossary index page.
  • With the help of shortcodes, you can simply insert shortcodes to add a glossary to your page.


You can get this plugin along with all its features from ‘wordpress.org’ site without spending a single penny.

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Conclusion :

We have listed the best Tooltip WordPress plugins above. These plugins can be inserted via shortcodes to your site. I hope that after going through the list you might be able to choose the best plugin for your site. 

Don’t forget to share your views with us. For any more queries and suggestions ping us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.