Have you ever wondered that what’s the use of search and replace WordPress plugins on your website?

No! Then we are here to explain you the best use of search and replace WordPress plugins. These search and replace tools are extraordinary to make quick changes to your WordPress website.

Search and replace plugins allows you to replace domains, content or HTML codes on your WordPress site and many more things.

Though the changes made on sites are permanent, as the database cannot be reverted back again and again and doing this sitewide can save a huge amount of time compared to changing the mistakes manually.

Also, these plugins approach you with many advanced functions like referral link can be attached to any content, offers WooCommerce labels, drag and drop interface and a lot more.

Now, let us have a look at some of the convenient ways to update site URLs, domains with search and replace WordPress plugins.

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1. On-Demand Search Replace Plugin – WordPress Plugin

The On-Demand Search Replace Plugin for WordPress is the best option that will help admin to make changes in any post, pages, comments, titles before its display on the website.

Its multiple search and replace rule makes simple for you to replace the domain or HTML on a website, with a simple search & replace database option.

Also, its search and replace script functionality is perfect for making the changes of data without applying them to WordPress database and you may also use the ACF (advanced custom fields) records.

On Demand Search Replace Search And Replace WordPress Plugin


This plugin comes with different sites prices:

  • Single Site – $29
  • 5 Sites – $59
  • 10 Sites – $79
  • 25 Sites – $129
  • 50 Sites – $219
  • 100 Sites – $339

All the sites contain 1-year license, support facility and 30 days money back guarantee.


  • You can easily change the orders of rules through drag and drop interface.
  • It also especially comes up with a bbpress plugin, that will add a forum to your WordPress site.
  • It holds the specific dates options for the search and replace rules and functionality.
  • From the admin panel, you can easily pause or delete the rules which are made while search and replacement.

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2. Search and Replace for WordPress – WordPress Plugin

This is a top class search & replace WordPress plugin which lets you fetch and change content without any hassle. It helps you perform search & replace operations on content available on pages, posts, tags, blog titles and more.

Moreover, this fully customizable WordPress plugin is both for users and developers.

Search And Replace Search And Replace WordPress Plugin


This plugin is will cost you $7 with lifetimes updates and regular licenses.


  • This plugin automatically replaces the replaced word of the content in the referral link.
  • If you add the Google Adsense block to any post then, this plugin will automatically generate a string (myadsenseblock) and replace it with Adsense code.
  • With this plugin, you will easily get notified about the replacements in the content of the website and at what part of it.
  • It supports all the cross browsers versions like IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.

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3. Search & Replace – Part of Search & Replace WordPress Plugins

Search & Replace is a simple search and replace plugin that lets users solve the database problems quickly and efficiently.

In addition to being replaced and search everything, this plugin allows you to easily create the database backup and restore it if necessary.

This plugin comes with some of the enormous features like you can easily replace the domain name or URL for simple transfer of WordPress.

Search & Replace Search And Replace WordPress Plugin


With a huge number of active installation, i.e 100,000+ this search & replace plugin is free of cost.


  • This plugin provides full support to serialized data on the website.
  • You can easily search and replace the data or content in the WordPress database.
  • You may choose the dry and run option or can download the SQL file replacement in the database.
  • It is also localized and ready to accept any kind of language with the help of WPML plugin.
  • It is compatible with all the sites present on the WordPress.

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4. Real-Time Find and Replace – WordPress Plugin

Real-Time Find and Replace are one of the perfect free WordPress plugins. With this plugin, you can dynamically remove or find any code or text from the themes. And with other plugins before presenting it in front of the end user.

As everything happens on the real-time bases so no changes are made with the themes or plugins and the update remains easily.

Real Time Find And Replace Search And Replace WordPress Plugin


It is an open source software which means it is freely available to all. This can be downloaded from WordPress.


  • You can easily use its additional filtering option to make changes in the database.
  • It also supports the import and export functionality through which you can easily do the changes.
  • This plugin has the ability to modify the admin pages from the dashboard setting panel.
  • Also while making the changes your custom edits don’t replace or change.

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All the above-mentioned search and replace WordPress plugins have useful features, the aim is to find the best tool that which make your website outstanding.

Also, these plugins are capable of fixing the content, titles, blogs on a WordPress site.

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