What does WordPress Tagging plugins do?

Basically, you can create tag cloud on your website with the help of WordPress tagging plugins.

Let us explain with an example.

Suppose you have hundreds or thousands of blogs and posts on your website. Now, if all the blogs are of the same genre then it won’t be fussy to sort. But if there is a wide array of topics that you’ve covered than neither you nor the visitor would be able to sort.

Now, if you have tags on all your blogs this state of confusion will never come across. Like a blog on e-commerce plugins will have such tags – plugins, e-commerce, WordPress plugins, WordPress etc.

So, tags help a reader who lands on your site to find the exact post he was looking for. They are more like a label which gives an overview of the topic or the subjects that you have covered in your article.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best WordPress Tagging Plugins both free as well as paid.

These plugins have lots of functionalities such as they are fully customizable, auto tag, auto blog and a lot more.
Let us discuss each WordPress tagging plugins in detail.

1. 8 Degree Easy Tags Pro – WordPress Tagging Plugin

8 Degree Easy Tags Pro is a powerful WP plugin which is used for generating and managing tag clouds. You can showcase your tag clouds in the most attractive way using this plugin.

The plugin is fully customizable so that you can easily change the text size, tag number, layout, separator, etc according to your choice. Also, there are no coding skills required for using this plugin.

It has short and orders tag terms feature which allows you to choose the numbers of terms to be included in the tag cloud. Further, you can sort it according to name and count.

8 Degree Easy Tags Pro WordPress Tagging Plugins

Pricing :

You can buy this 8 Degree Easy Tags Pro WP plugin at $15 with 6 months support and regular updates.

Features :

  • You are able to display images instead of words as tags in tag cloud using this plugin.
  • There are more than 35 unique templates are available in this plugin which you can choose before building the tag cloud.
  • It has typography options which allows you to make tag cloud look much dynamic and beautiful by changing various font size, font color etc.
  • 8 Degree Easy Tags Pro plugin can be implemented by using shortcodes and also from the widgets.

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2. Extended Tags Widget – WordPress Premium Plugin

Extended Tags Widget is a powerful plugin which helps you to take total control over the output of your tags. It allows you to take control over the output to the user by allowing the input of all the arguments typically seen in the tag cloud functions.

Some of the key feature includes that the plugin permits you to search the tag with the help of search tag section. Also, you can find with the help of names alike feature, by which you are able to display the match or partial match of a tag.

Extended Tags Widgets WordPress Tagging Plugins

Pricing :

This plugin is available at just $6 with 6 months support. You can extend your support up to 12 months by paying $0.75 only. The extended license is available at $30.

Features :

  • The plugin comes with more than 20 tag styles which will give your site a better presentation.
  • Extended tags widget plugin enables you to use the icon for the widget title by using title icon feature.
  • You are able to display all your taxonomy which is a grouping mechanism for some posts or links or custom post types.
  • One can use an image for the widget background and arrange tags in 3 various orders such as ascending, descending or random tag.

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3. TagGator Pro – WordPress Auto Tagging Plugin

TagGator Pro is a widely used plugin in the list of WordPress tagging plugins. This plugin allows you to create tags, and assign them based on the keywords discovered in your contents.

The noteworthy feature of this plugin is auto-tagging. You don’t have to tag your posts, it can automatically be tagged as soon as you create them with the help of this plugin.

TagGator Pro WordPress Tagging Plugins

Pricing :

You can buy this TagGator Pro WP plugin at $15 with 6 months support and regular updates. The extended license will cost you $75.

Features :

  • TagGator Pro will create the tags, and assign them, you only have to write the different keywords that represent your tags.
  • One time configuration available so that admin does not have to worry about tags anymore.
  • It is an auto blog supporter so that tags are created automatically when the posts are generated.
  • You can set the minimum number of occurrences of a tag and its keywords in the contents using this plugin.

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4. Simple Tags – WordPress Tagging Plugin

Simple Tags plugin is the most secured plugin in the list of WordPress tagging plugins. This plugin is developed on latest WordPress version with all the important functionalities consist in it. The plugin comes with the possibility to tag pages and include them inside the tags results.

Simple Tags WordPress Tagging Plugins

Pricing :

Download this Simple Tags WordPress tagging plugin free of cost from wordpress.org.

Features :

  • It has auto tags feature you do not have to tag your posts, it can automatically be tagged as you create them.
  • You can make easy changes in tags such as rename, delete, merge, search and add tags, edit tags ID etc.
  • The plugin permits to tags suggestion from Yahoo! content analysis, OpenCalais, tag the net, dataTXT etc.
  • Simple tags plugins allow auto link tags in post content.

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5. DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager for WordPress

DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager is a simple, yet powerful plugin. This plugin is a tag management solutions which helps to manage and deploy analytics and marketing tags.

This plugin places the GTM container code onto your WordPress website so that you do not need to add this manually. Also, there’s no need for the coding knowledge required to setup this plugin.

DuracellTomi's Google Tag Manager WordPress Tagging Plugins

Pricing :

This plugin is available free of cost. You can download it from wordpress.org.

Features :

  • You can add and update your own tags for conversion tracking, site analytics and many more.
  • This plugin helps to check the working of your tags with the help of error checking and security features.
  • DuracellTomi’s Google Tag manager supports all the Google and third-party tag.

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In the above article, we have discussed the 5 WordPress Tagging plugins with all their functionalities description. The article consists of both free as well as paid plugins.

We hope that you have got the plugin of your choice.

Still, if you have any queries, you can comment it in below comment section.

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