Testimonials are the essential key to building trust with your potential customers. Before people buy your product or services, they want to be sure that they’re making the right choice or not. And a good number of positive testimonials might be the way to convert the buyers into loyal customers.

That’s why, in this article, we have handpicked the best testimonial WordPress plugins that you can use on your website and convert the buyers into regular customers.

These plugins allow you add social proof on your website and you build trust among users. Most of the plugins in this article have various shortcodes to insert the testimonial content anywhere on your website, so no coding skills are required.

Some of the tools even have a visual editor that let you preview testimonial before publishing. You get full control over website testimonials with these plugins.

Moreover, some of the plugins provide various customizable sliders to display the testimonials, and also background images, themes, autoplay option to show testimonials automatically on your site.

So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at these plugins in depth.

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1. AB Testimonial WordPress Plugin:

AB testimonial plugin is the most powerful WordPress tool to showcase client’s testimonials. This plugin contains unlimited shortcodes through which you can display testimonials in pages or posts content on your website.

This tool also comes with several sliding effects so that you can use those sliders to display the testimonials in your website.

AB Testimonial WordPress Plugin

Pricing of AB Testimonial WordPress Plugin:

Buy this WordPress plugins at $17 with its 6-months support. Moreover, you can extend its services at $85 with 12 months support.

Features of Review WordPress Plugin:

  • Provides various testimonial submit form which offers different styles so that your clients can post their feedback about your product or services.
  • Through its front-end AJAX form, you can let your clients submit testimonials along with various images.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials will only get displayed once “approved button” is pressed by the admin.
  • It supports autoplay option to run your slider effect testimonials automatically.

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2. Testimonial Showcase: WordPress Review Rating Plugin

Testimonial showcase is a WordPress plugin to display the feedback, reviews, quotes etc in multiple ways on your website. The plugin seamlessly integrates with your website and you can flourish the testimonials in 2 different ways i.e. Grid or Slider.

Additionally, the plugin also provides multiple inbuilt theme options such as rounded speech bubbles, flat card box, quote marks etc to provide more attractiveness in your website’s content.

Moreover, you can even include links in the subtitle of the testimonials as well. There is a front-end submission form so that your clients can directly submit testimonials from a page on your website.

Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin

Pricing of Testimonial Showcase WordPress Plugin:

Download this plugin at $16 only and get free updates, live customer support and several more.

Features of WordPress Review Rating Plugin:

  • The plugin is compatible with Gravatar plugin which provides a virtual identity of a user if no featured image is available on your page.
  • Testimonial showcase plugin includes various snippets that enable you to add structured data for search engines.
  • It provides shortcode generator along with 10+ visual customization options.
  • It is widget ready plugin with which you can add testimonials on different widget areas of your site.
  • With its strong setting, you can change the plugin’s name anytime.

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3.  Testimonial Pro Plugin

Testimonial Pro is useful for a showcase of client reviews. Front End submission is powerful for the feature of this plugin. You will get 101 awesome testimonials designs including Grid and carousal layout. Plugin is fully responsive and support all type of browsers. User can add unlimited testimonials in post, pages and widget area too.


Pricing of Testimonial  Pro Plugin:

You can buy this plugin at $14 & get various features.

Features of Testimonial Pro Plugin

  • Grid Layout
  • Carousel Layout
  • Rating Features
  • Section Background
  • 101 Design Templates
  • Front End Submission
  • Ultimate Animation Effects

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4. DVin: Best Review Plugin For WordPress

This powerful, yet effective WordPress plugin allows your visitors/customers to submit reviews on your website directly through a comment section. Which can be displayed on the site once approved by the admin.

DVin offers an easy to use testimonial system which provides both back-end and front-end templates that works well with all major browsers. Also, you can enable or disable the testimonial page anytime to display the photo of the client.

DVin Testimonial WordPress Plugin

Pricing of DVin WordPress Plugin:

Download this feature rich client testimonial WordPress plugin at $15 along with highly advanced templates, colors etc with 6-months support.

Features of Review Plugin For WordPress:

  • You can change the label of the form as you want by using poedit translation editor tool.
  • Admin receives an immediate notification as soon as a comment is submitted by the user on the site.
  • Provides 2 extra templates for further modification of background.
  • Supports auto rotating option for random/recent testimonials in widgets.
  • Display testimonials on different widgetized areas.

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5. Easy Testimonials: WordPress Review Site Plugin

This easy-to-use WordPress plugin allows users to add an unlimited number of testimonials in the sidebar, or you can embed them into pages by simply adding shortcodes on your website.

You can insert a list of all testimonials in your webs page & display them via the slideshow on your site. An easy testimonial is a great plugin to integrate random testimonials in sidebars, pages, widget areas etc.

Easy Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Pricing of Easy Testimonials Tool:

This plugin comes @ free of cost. No need to pay any amount at any stage of downloading.

Features of WordPress Review Site Plugin:

  • You will be able to add an image to your testimonials, which can greatly increase the impact of your testimonial section.
  • Display custom excerpts in the widget that draw your visitors into your testimonial archive section.
  • Gives you an easy-to-use interface so that it doesn’t require any additional or technical knowledge.
  • You can exhibit the testimonials on your website with different categories.

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6. Testimonial Rotator WordPress Plugin Free

The one of the top class tool to manage testimonials on your website. This plugin helps you create testimonials and moves them to rotators for display on your website. It includes various widgets and shortcodes for your website.

Testimonial Rotator WordPress Plugin

Pricing of Testimonial WordPress Tool:

You can buy this plugin from wordpress.org @ only free for a lifetime.

Features of Testimonial Rotator WordPress Plugin:

  • The plugin contains lots of rotator settings and you can change that via admin panel.
  • Testimonial Rotator provides prev/next buttons for every testimonial slides.
  • It contains author’s information field to reveal the profile info.
  • Provides pagination which helps you discrete testimonial into different pages.

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Now, this was all about the testimonial WordPress plugins which we have specifically selected for you. All these tools are fully customizable, user-friendly and multilingual. We hope that this blog will definitely help you to fetch the best plugin for your website.

Furthermore, if you have any great suggestion for the testimonial plugins then let us know via the comment section below. We would love to take that list in our further post.