Auto Post WordPress Plugins are going to be your savior when you want to run in automation. So, when you hit the “Publish” button on your blogs, these blogs get posted not only on your website automatically on various social networking sites too.

Let’s make it clearer:

How easy would it be if we create a blog and sit back, and social media marketing will be done automatically! And if this marketing involves famous platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flicker, LiveJournal, WordPress, it would be even great.

Creating a blog on our website and posting it is very easy!

But for promoting it over social media platforms manually seems tiring! That too if it has to be done over and over again.

So for this, we need an effective automated tool that simultaneously shares our content over social networking websites in real time.

So, the auto-post plugins allow you take that extra time in improving your content and relax about posting and updating on relevant social networks.

That’s why we are introducing some of the best Auto Post WordPress Plugins to you, which will auto post your blog on various famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flicker, LiveJournal, WordPress etc. The best part about these plugins is they support scheduling of the auto post on the websites too.

The best part about using these plugins is that it gives you a liberty to schedule your posting completely according to your needs.

So, now once you are done with the creativity part of writing, hit the publish button and let any of these feature loaded plugins do the task of promotion.

1. Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows auto-posting of your WordPress Content to your social network accounts. Few examples of this unlimited lot are LinkedIn, Tumbler, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

With Social Auto Poster for WordPress, you can configure your social accounts to auto-post new content or repost the old one for every social network. The auto post can be scheduled at a certain delay time.

Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin


The pricing of this plugin is categorized in two formats:

  • Regular license – It will cost you $39 only in which you will get all the future updates & 6 months of support and end-user are not charged for.
  • Extended license – It charged $270 which includes 6 months of support and future updates and you can charge the end-user.


  • This plugin improves the SEO of the website by having more links back from social media networks.
  • The auto-reposting can be customized according to needs. You can assign particular days and times to limit both random and one-by-one auto-reposting.
  • It allows monitor your website traffic and tracks your clicks as it is integrated with Google analytics.
  • With this plugin, you can shorten long URLs into a tiny ones with the help of URL Shorteners.

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2. Facebook Schedule – Auto Post WordPress Plugin

This plugin is popular for scheduling an auto post for the Facebook posts or pages. All you need to do is to decide “what” to post and “when” to post. And this plugin will work on “how ” to do it.

Facebook Schedule Auto Post WordPress Plugin


You can avail this plugin at just $12 with 6 months support. And extended support for 12 months at $3 only.


  • This plugin provides a list option that contains the posts scheduling. This will hold a record of status (published or pending) for all the posts.
  • You can figure out the posts by their scheduled time, status or even from the text of the post.
  • This plugin is compatible with many browsers like IE10, IE11, FireFox, Chrome etc.

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3. FBomatic Automatic Post Generator – Auto Post WordPress Plugin

This plugin uses Facebook Graph API to convert your website into an auto blogging platform. This will frame relevant content for your blog.

The Text Spinner feature of this plugin will serve its purpose by modifying the created text, changes words, using synonyms. All of this is done according to the context without any duplication.

Then customizable section includes post title, status, featured image for post etc. There’s is a lot more which you’ll be exploring in the feature section below.

FBomatic Auto Post WordPress Plugin


Purchase the regular license of this plugin at a very affordable rate of $19, with 6 months support.
You can extend the support for 12 months at $5.63 only.


  • With Google Translate support, you can pick up a language of your preference to post the article.
  • This plugin aids you with shortcodes with many functionalities such as- integrating selected videos to the website, customizing post title and content.
  • The post category or tags can be defined automatically as well as manually.
  • This plugin uses important tools like KeyWord Replacer (to replace keywords with affiliate links), Random Sentence Generator(for relevant sentences).

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4. WordPress Automatic Plugin

This WordPress plugin automatically duplicates content/s from website to your WordPress website. And this can be scheduled for as many times. The plugin becomes very easy to use as it does not require any coding knowledge.

The content can be collected from non API providing websites as well. Now, this definitely allows having unlimited content.

WordPress Automatic Plugin - Auto Post WordPress Plugins


You can avail the regular license of this plugin at a very reasonable price of $30 with 6 months support. To extend the support for a year you just need to pay $ 9.38 only.


  • The plugin lets you decide whether the post has to be kept unique while auto-posting through translating it twice.
  • With this plugin, you can have content for your post from unlimited multiple sources simultaneously.
  • This plugin provides you with different easy to use template tags that can be used according to the need of the content.
  • It can automatically hyperlink specified keywords with your affiliate link or any specified link.

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5. AccessPress Facebook Auto post – WordPress Plugin

With an active installation of 10,000+, this is best among the free facebook plugins for WordPress. This plugin allows you to publish your websites posts and pages to your Facebook profile and fan pages too.

The auto post can be easily done in 2 easy steps:

  • Configuring the Facebook account where the auto post has to be done.
  • Defining content to be posted, this can be in any format like a post, page etc.

From here on, every new content added will be auto-posted on your facebook account.

AccessPress Facebook Auto Post WordPress Plugin


Make the most use of this plugin as it is absolutely free for you!


  • This plugin gives you two choices of post format. Either short and precise text message or an entire blog post.
  • The plugin enables you to assign an auto post to certain posts. This classification can be done on factors like post types, categories, tags and so on.
  • The auto post can be enabled and disabled easily. Without going to the back end or plugin settings, this can be done directly from the post screen.

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The purpose we provided you with these set of plugins was to ease out a load of manual posting of your content on multiple relevant websites. Hope you find them as useful to use on your website and eventually maximize the performance.

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