“Are you too messed up with all the media files on your site?”

If yes, then we have got the perfect solution to overcome this problem.

People often face problems when it comes to organizing media files on their WordPress sites.

Well, not anymore!

With the help of WordPress Media library plugins, you can manage these files without any trouble. Thereby, also sort the chaos being created on your site because of them and also saves a lot of time.

These plugins provide you the facility to create the separate categories for different type of files. Whereas, you can also use the categories defined by the plugin itself.

Furthermore, you can simply drag & drop the files to the required destination.

Do you want to display the same image or media file at various places? No problem!

You can simply create shortcuts which will not only save space on your disk but also help you add the same image at a different place.

So, in today’s post, we are going to discuss 5 best “WordPress Media Library Plugins” & we will also throw some light on their highlighting features along with their pricing.

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So without frittering around, let’s dive in.

1. WP Media File – WordPress Media Library Plugin

WP Media File manager is one of the most renowned WordPress plugins. It is used to manage your library and store the media files in an organized way.

Creating files and adding media to it is often tiring. Well, with the help of this plugin, you can directly add media from PC’s file manager without any hassle.

Moreover, it displays a beautiful popup which shows upload progress and its status. Also, you can regenerate thumbnails and for a single folder or for all the files.

WP Media File Manager WordPress Media Library Plugin


You can avail this plugin at two varied prices.

  1. The standard license of this plugin will cost you $24.
  2. For the extended version of this plugin, you have to pay $120.

Note: Along with this plugin, you also get money back guarantee. You will be able to refund 100%, in case you don’t like this plugin.


  • You can effortlessly arrange files & folders with the help of drag & drop interface. You can also select a single file at a time or use bulk mode in order to select multiple items at a time.
  • It facilitates you to create shortcuts for files. With the help of this, you can easily create shortcuts and have the same file at multiple places and also save space on your hard disk.
  • This plugin supports different file formats which facilitates you to add media files in multiple formats with ease on your website.
  • Plus, this plugin is also compatible with popular themes and plugins like WooCommerce, visual composer, slider revolution, divi builder etc.

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2. WP Media Manager – WordPress Media Library Plugin

This is an efficient plugin that enables you to filter your media as per your convenience. It supports all file types like pdf, zip, documents or another. It also provides you with 3 inbuilt gallery themes like slider, grid & masonry.

With exemplary features like the user-friendly interface, customizations and many more, this plugin simply stands out in the race of WordPress media library plugins.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly import all categories and implement it on folder management. Apart from this, it also provides a feature to download a particular folder in zip format.

WP Media Manager WordPress Media Library Plugin


To acquire the regular license of this plugin you have to pay $22. Along with this, you also avail the benefits of free regular updates and 6-month premium support. To extend the support facility for another 12 months, you have to pay $6.75.


  • It is easy to create multiple folders and its subfolders with this plugin. You can also create, edit, and delete files & folders.
  • With the help of gallery slider shortcode from folders, you can effortlessly change the gallery layout to slider form and much more.
  • This plugin also provides a fully customizable Lightbox extension with 5 PrettyPhoto themes. It allows you to define the animation & slideshow speed with a single click and you can enable or disable this function.
  • You can simply move a file to the desired folder. All you have to do is drag the selected file & drop it in the folder or subfolder you want to.

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3. WP Media Folder – WordPress Media Library with Folders

WP Media Folder is a popular WordPress media library plugin for managing and ordering your images and media files. It is directly integrated with the default WordPress media library and will let you manage and organize your media files quicker and easier than ever. Moreover, the plugin is also compatible with all major page builders, multilingual plugins, and WooCommerce with a dedicated integration.

It is a lightweight and neatly coded plugin that works flawlessly on all the servers with high speed. Besides, the plugin also includes an enhanced version of the WordPress media gallery system along with a cloud connection (Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Photos, Amazon S3).

WP Media Folder – WordPress Media Library with Folders


This plugin is available at two different rates.

  1. The standard license of this plugin will cost you $29 for all the media management features (folders, galleries, watermark…) on an unlimited website install.
  2. For the full version of the plugin, the price is $59 and includes all cloud connectors (Google photos…).


  • You can effortlessly arrange files & folders with the help of drag & drop interface, batch actions, and multiple folders per media.
  • Folder creation and galleries are unlimited and come with 6 bundled themes.
  • This plugin is the most complete with unique features for your WordPress media like the cloud connectors mentioned above (Google Drive for example), this is handy to directly insert cloud content in WordPress while saving space on your server.
  • Other important tools included in the plugin are the custom media filters creation, import, and synchronization with server folders, image watermark by folder, or media access limitation per user and user roles.

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4. FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders Plugin

FileBird is an astounding WordPress plugin which is used for managing the media library on a website. This plugin provides its users with various features like library organization, user-friendly interface and a lot more.

This plugin is congruous with WooCommerce & WPML. On top of that, it also provides multilingual support which makes it easy to use by people using different languages.

File Bird  WordPress Media Library Plugin


This plugin is available at two different rates.

  1. For availing the regular license, you have to pay $25.
  2. To get an extended license, you have to pay $99.

Along with the product, you also get the benefits of getting all the future updates and support which can be extended for another year by paying the amount of $1.88 & $29.63 respectively.


  • You can easily manage and relocate the files from one place to another. All you gotta do is simply drag & drop the files from one place to another desired place.
  • It provides you with a sidebar that is fully customizable. You can effortlessly modify its size & width to any desired value.
  • Also, this plugin facilitates smart context menu where you can easily add, rename & delete the folders with a single click.
  • You can also create unlimited folders with this plugin and it also supports different file formats to comfort the uploading process.

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5. Media Library Folders – WordPress Media Library Plugin

Media library folder is a powerful WordPress plugin for organizing media files on your site. This plugin proves to be of great help when it comes to adding files or arrange folder in desired order.

It is compatible with WooCommerce and works with WP Offload S3 server files. It also syncs files and folders via FTP while uploading them.

Media Library Folders WordPress Media Library Plugin


This is free of cost plugin which you can access without spending a single buck out of your pocket. Simply go to ‘wordpress.org’ and download it for free.


  • You can move, copy delete or rename any file according to your requirement without any trouble.
  • It enables you to add not just date & month, but many more label tags to your media file folders.
  • This plugin empowers you to regenerate the thumbnails as per your needs and also images ALT text & title while you are uploading them.
  • With the help of this plugin, you are allowed to create a MaxGalleria gallery.

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6. Enhanced Media Library – WordPress Media Library Plugin

Enhanced Media Library is an excellent WordPress plugin which enables its user to arrange the media library according to their needs and under several categories.

It provides you with MIME Types. You can add MIME types and also delete them as per your choice. Apart from this, you can also define what type of file you want to upload.

This plugin is fully compatible with all the WordPress shortcodes which makes it easier for non-technical people to use.

Enhanced Media Library WordPress Media Library Plugin


You can simply download this plugin from ‘wordpress.org’ & install it on your WordPress site without having to pay a single penny.


  • As soon as you install this plugin, you immediately get access to various categories. Under these categories, you can smoothly add multiple files or images.
  • You can effortlessly define the category to media files as and when you upload them. Also, you can categorize the media in the form of new or existing.
  • It enables you to sort the media without any hassle. Also, through the wp-admin section, you can add filters for sorting.

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Above, we have listed a few of the exemplary WordPress Media Library Plugins. These plugins are user-friendly and they also empower you to manage your media files in the easiest way possible.

Moreover, it will enable you to move files at various places manually or you can use default categories for your files.

So, we hope you must have found an ideal plugin for your WordPress site, which will suit your requirements.

Don’t forget to share your views. For any more queries and suggestions feel free to contact us.