Use the best subscription business analytics tools & boost up your business’s growth!

Revenue Management Solutions help you to manage and optimize your subscription business by assuring that the right amount is being charged to the right person at the right time.

Hence, you can easily handle all the subscription lifecycle events with revenue management software like billings, MRR, invoices, dunnings and much more.

Here’s A Quick Comparison Between Revenue Management Solutions

Services Pricing  Unlimited Revenue Recurring Payments Dunning Emails
Pabbly Subscription Billing  $19/m
 Spreedly $200/m
 Subscription DNA $99/m
Chargebee  $99/m
 Paynamics $99/m

With the help of these software for managing revenue, you can effortlessly

  • Notify your customers about the expiration of their subscription
  • Also, you can provide your users with a dashboard that shows the details of their plan. 

and a lot more… 

Therefore, for your convenience, here is the list of 10 Best Revenue Management Solutions which are the pillars of the new economy.

Besides, these software will not only save your money & time but also reduce data error by automating customers payments and send their invoices via emails.

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Let’s dig into this amazing list one by one –

1) Pabbly Subscription Billing – Revenue Management Solution

Subscription billing task can cost a pretty penny to many. And to the remaining ones, it may be beyond reach.

Let us give you a cheaper yet effective alternative.

End your search at Pabbly Subscriptions.

Pabbly Subscriptions can do it all. It hardly matters if you are a newbie or a trending brand, it can tackle all the tasks of subscription billing and manages your revenue at the same time.

The Pabbly Subscriptions software is designed keeping all your subscription billing needs in mind.


It has four different pocket-friendly plans so you can select the one which suits your need-

  • Starter- Get this plan at a minimal cost of $19/mo billed annually & $39 billed monthly and manage 500 customers along with unlimited product & plans set up.
  • Rookie- You can get this plan at $29/mo on a yearly plan basis & $ 59 on a monthly plan basis where you can manage 2000 customers. Plus, you get all the basic features like you can get multiple payment gateways, collect unlimited revenuer, etc.
  • Pro- If you want to opt for the pro version, the cost is $49 for a month ( yearly plan ) & $99 for a month ( monthly plan ) where you can manage unlimited customers. Along with this, you also get access to the pro features like invoice billing, client portal, multiple payment gateways and a lot more.


We have handpicked a few for you to keep it brief:

  • Complete Subscription Management
    It automates your recurring and one-time payments. Also, you can add an unlimited number of customers, products, promo codes, and coupons.
  • API-Key Integration-
    API Integration key makes Pabbly Subscriptions’ integration possible with various pages.
  • Dunning
    Pabbly Subscriptions will notify your customer about failed payments via emails and will schedule those emails for future.
  • Multiple Currencies, Multiple Payment Gateways, and PCI-Compliance
    Supports multiple currencies and multiple payment gateways which suit your need. It also makes sure to keep your credentials safer with PCI compliance.
  • Simple Dashboard
    Simplicity is the key, Pabbly Subscriptions has got a simple dashboard to manage everything in a blink of an eye.

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2) Zuora – For Revenue Management 

Zuora is an enterprise level product designed to automate billing, finance operation and gives everything that an enterprise needs to grow their subscription business. Moreover, it provides tax automation, customers metrics, multi-currency support and a lot more.

Besides that, you can integrate your existing services like, Netsuite etc with this revenue management software.

Zuora Revenue Management


Zuora offers a free trial. For more pricing details, visit the site & contact the vendor.


  • Subscription Insight & Analytics-
    It also gives you subscription insights and analytics report where you can see the performance of your business on a single dashboard.
  • Keep Your Customer Updated
    In addition, the revenue management software sends an automatic email to your customers for every single transaction.
  • Flexible Pricing Plan-
    Giving customers pricing flexibility to create pricing plans according to their business needs and requirements.

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3) Subscription DNA – A Revenue& Billing Solution

Subscription DNA is the perfect solution for subscription businesses of every size. It helps you to run your business smoothly. With customized front-end options, customers can quickly manage their own account profiles, generate payment requests, analyze the reports, track customers sign in statistics and much more.

Subscription DNA Revenue Management


  • Basic Plan-
    This plan will cost you $99 per month
  • Standard Plan-
    For availing this plan, you gotta pay $199 per month for up to 350 users.


  • Schedule Your Emails-
    In addition, you can create & schedule your emails which can be sent later and reach your customers at the right time.
  • Subscriber Portal- 
    It allows users to manage their own subscription and payment methods.
  • Flexible Web Service API-
    For advanced integration, its web service API allows users to develop their own solution.

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4) Onebill – A Revenue Management Software

OneBill is one of the best cloud-based revenue management solution designed to improve customer billing & revenue management. It is the most efficient multi-channel billing platform that covers multiple operations in a single unit.

Moreover, the add-on module enables the user to manage resellers, partners and the third party involved in revenue pipeline.

OneBill Revenue Management


  • Its Lite Plan will cost you $350
  • Further, it provides you with a Flex Plan at $499
  • Lastly, you get the Enterprise Plan for which you need to spend $599


  • Social Media Integration-
    The revenue management solution also offers social media integration so that you can track the activities of influencers with ease.
  • Manage Accounts-
    Besides that, the software provides self-serve functionality that allows subscribers to manage their account information, payment methods, upgrade/downgrade and much more.
  • Analytics And Reporting-
    Shows all the reports like payment reports, credit card expiry report, churn rate etc that will help you to analyze your business performance.

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5) Spreedly – Software For Managing Revenue

Spreedly is an end to end subscription management platform that allows the user to store credit card data in a vault without touching the server. It can be integrated with all major payment gateways.

Spreedly Revenue Management


  • The Standard Plan of this software costs $200 per month.
  • While for Growing plan, you have to pay $500 per month.
  • And for the Scaling plan,  the cost is $1500 per month. 


  • Multiple billing Periods- By using this software, you can also set different billing periods like weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc. with ease.
  • Support Multiple currencies- In addition, the system supports different international currencies and accepts all types of credit cards.
  • Payment Gateway Data- If you use more than one gateway provider then via Spreedly, then you can also compare the performance of all payment gateways.

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6) Chargebee – For Managing Revenue & Billing

Chargebee is the world’s leading subscription & revenue management platform. It handles the entire subscription lifecycle starting from free trial to paid to canceled and helps to grow your business.

Furthermore, the software supports a number of payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and much more.

Chargebee Revenue Management


  • Standard Plan
    $99/mo + 200 Invoices
  • Pro Plan
    $199/mo + 200 Invoices
  • Enterprise Plan
    $599/mo + everything in pro


  • Flexible Plan Management-
    This solution provides multiple pricing plans which are easy to change according to their needs and requirements.
  • Unambiguous Invoicing and Proration-
    Furthermore, the software allows you to check upcoming, pending and past invoices in a clear manner.
  • Dunning Management-
    With the help of this software, you can also manage all the declining issues of credit card payments with ease.

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7) Paynamics – Revenue Management Tool

Paynamics is a powerful subscription management solution which makes all recurring billing simple and easy. You can charge automatically all recurring customers payment at regular time intervals ( weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc).

Paynamics Revenue Management


To know the pricing contact


  • Update Subscription-
    The solution also allows the merchant to update all the subscription information like customers info, billing info, revenue info etc.
  • Setup/ Trial Fee Support-
    It helps the merchant to set up/trial fee before actual billing is processed.
  • Push Notification-
    Moreover, the subscription billing tool notifies your customers about subscription status via push message.

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8) Recurly – For Revenue Management 

Recurly is the best revenue management system. It has converted the complicated billing procedure into an easy and secure one. This subscription billing software used by thousands of companies all over the world.

In addition, the billing tool can be integrated with other payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net and many others.

Recurly Revenue Management


  • Core Plan
    $99/mo + 1.25 of revenue + 10¢ per transaction
  • Professional Plan
    $299/mo + 1.25 of revenue + 10¢ per transaction
  • Enterprise Plan
    Contact sales for the custom price.


  • Automated Recurring Billing-
    You can also schedule your recurring billing with the software.  send invoices to the customers automatically.
  • Ensure Security & Compliance-
    This software makes all the transaction secure and protects your customers from fraud.
  • Analytic Report-
    The software also gives analytics report where you can see all the details like churn rate, net revenue, current subscribers, total subscribers and recovered revenue.

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9) CheddarGetter – Solution For Revenue Management & Billing

CheddarGetter is a unique approach to subscription billing and revenue management. It comes up with the different recurring billing process. Besides that, it also eliminates the errors and hassles of manual billing through automated invoicing and ensures your transactions run on time accurately and securely.

Chedder Getter Revenue Management


  • Basic Plan
    $99/mo + 2.9% of revenue + 30¢ per transaction


  • Secure & Reliable Billing-
    All transactions are processed using secure encryption and keep your billing information always safe and secure.
  • Subscription Metrics-
    The billing software also provides subscription insights & metrics where you can get all the information about churn rate, monthly recurring revenue, and lifetime value.
  • Powerful Template Management System-
    With the help of this software, you can create new email templates and can also use & customize the pre-built business emails templates according to your needs & requirements.

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10) SubscriptionBridge – Revenue Management Solution

SubscriptionBridge is an easy online recurring billing and subscription management platforms with the capabilities that you need to grow your healthy subscription management business.

Subscription Bridge Revenue Management


The basic plan of this service will cost you  $25/mo

For more pricing & plans contact sales.


  • Payment Management-
    SubscriptionBridge also creates recurring payment profile and sends notification emails to both: The merchant and the customer.
  • Multiple Subscription Packages-
    Unlike other software providers, Subscription Bridge allows you to create and sell different subscription packages.
  • Free Trial-
    This software also provides you a free trial for the first 90 days up to the 100 subscribers.

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11) MoonClerk – Tool For Revenue Management 

MoonClerk is also one of the best revenue management solutions which are designed to suit the needs of industrial niches requirement. It gives you different customization options like font style, font colors, and add logos functionality that gives your brand a unique look.

Moon Clerk Revenue Management


  • $15/mo for up to $2k sales volume
  • $30/mo for up to $4k sales volume
  • $7.5/mo for up to $7.5 sales volume


  • Easily Setup-
    You can get started with this software within few minutes.
  • Notification to automated billing-
    This feature also allows you to send automated emails to your customers when payments are made or declined.
  • Manage Your Small Business & Startups-
    Moreover, the software offers hosted web pages that small businesses can use if they don’t have a website.

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To Conclude- 

Consequently, the above-mentioned services are the best one and it will definitely help you to grow your business smoothly.

Go through the details provided above and scrutinize them wisely. So that you select none but the best for your business.

Lastly, I hope this article 10 Best Revenue Management Solution will help you to choose best Revenue Management & Billing Solution according to size and complexity of your subscription commerce business.

Besides, feel free to share if you have any other better software in mind.

For an more queries and details. Contact us!

Thanks for reading!