If you want to add playlist feature on your website then WordPress Playlist Plugins are right up your street!

These plugins provide the complete spectrum of playlists, audio and video player with unlimited customization capability.

They allow you to load as well as cue videos into the player. With these plugins you can provide programmatically control playback options like pause, play, or seek to a specific point in the loaded videos. Also, some of these plugins support orientation changes and transitions to fullscreen playback.

When it comes to present your music or videos online through your website, there are dime a dozen of WordPress playlist plugins you can choose from.

But choosing the right one is the subject of thought.

Therefore to help you out, we are sharing the list of 5+ WordPress Playlist Plugins that will let you add desired playlist on your website.

Check these WordPress playlist plugins to uplift the performance of your WordPress website.

1. Spider Video Player – WordPress Playlist Plugins

It is a video player plugin for your WordPress website available on the Web-Dorado. This plugin can show the video playlists on your website in a presentable manner. You can display videos to blogs, posts, and pages of your website. Spider Video Player can be used to organize videos into playlists and choosing a preferred layout for the player.

Spider Video Player WordPress Playlist Plugins


  • The plugin comes with wonderful flash effects at its video player.
  • You can also add many video players in a single page with different parameters and playlists of your website.  
  • It also allows to edit and change the layout of the player by editing the style sheet provided by this plugin.
  • The plugin allows to play video player at full screen.
  • You will also get various playback options like auto play, next song for the video player.
  • It also supports single video display or individual video playlist for your website.


It has three pricing strategies:

  • Personal for $20.
  • Business plan for $30.
  • Developer plan for unlimited domains: $40.

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2. YouTubeR – Unique YouTube Video Feed & Gallery Plugin

This plugin can be used to upload your videos on YouTube through your WordPress website. You can also embed YouTube videos, playlists and channels to your website.

The plugin can be used to create outstanding video galleries on your website.

YouTubeR can make a completely responsive playlists through its 5 awesome playlist templates.  

YouTubeR WordPress Playlist Plugins


  • The plugin supports infinite scrolling for playlists. It will allow your users to scroll through massive chunk of video content without any finishing line.
  • You can create video galleries with single video, YouTube playlists and its channels on your website.
  • The plugin has caching mechanism which ensures the fast loading and caching of data from YouTube and YouTube servers.
  • It provides three highly customizable widgets i.e. video, playlist and channel that can be embedded at the widgetized area of your website.


You can purchase this plugin at $19.

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3. HTML5 Video Player WordPress Plugin

As it is clear from the name, this plugin works on the basis of HTML5 that make it great to work on mobile devices.

The plugin can be used to add playlists at the right and bottom side of your website. It’s playlist supports Vimeo, YouTube and Self-Hosted videos. You just need to enter the ID of the desired video from these platforms.

HTML5 Video Player WordPress Plugins


  • It provides an option to activate Google Analytics tracking, allowing you to track how many times each video was played.
  • The plugin offers you unlimited color customization of audio player, enabling you to add designer audio player on your website.
  • You can showcase the playlist with three versions like thumb, title and description. It comes with customizable parameters for modifying the size and color of the playlist.
  • HTML5 Video Player plugin has playlist search option which displays the song results as the user type the search term on your website.
  • You will get two color skins i.e. black and white of the video player.


HTML5 Video Player has the simple pricing of $24.

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4. Post Video Players – WordPress Playlist Plugins

It provides the complete solution for adding multiple media content to your website. You don’t need different plugins for adding distinct media on your website.

You can add image slideshows, video galleries, audio players, and podcasts and playlists to your website with this plugin.

The plugin is also prepacked with 100+ templates for slideshows, video players, cooliris and lightbox. It allows to compose the most matched layout of the playlist with your website.

Post Video Players WordPress Playlist Plugins


  • Its content is empowered by the JSON-LD embed code which provides smarter SEO support to your website.
  • The plugin can do automatic resizing and video transcoding to FLV/3GP/MP4.
  • You can track complete analytics of your website traffic.
  • The plugin supports many types of video players like JW, flowplay and Cooliris.


It is a freemium plugin that can be downloaded from official WordPress website.

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5. YouTube Playlist Player – WordPress Playlist Plugins

This freemium plugin has 1000+ installations till date. It provides a Youtube player which can be added by using shortcode on any post/page of your WordPress website. You can also add YouTube’s playlist through this plugin.

The plugin supports both static and dynamic YouTube player so that you can display its videos on your website with/without video title.

YouTube Playlist Player WordPress Playlist Plugins


  • The plugin is responsive to ensure compatibility of your website with mobile phones, tablets as well as desktops.
  • It provides parameters for customizing colors of the video player on your website.


You can buy this plugin for free from wordpress.org.

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6. YotuWP – WordPress Playlist Plugins

The plugin can be used to showcase youtube playlist and channel on your website. You can embed them by inserting URL at the backend of the plugin. It has 4000+ active installations world wide.

It comes with three layouts to showcase videos i.e. Grid, list and mix layout. You can change the number of columns for displaying your videos in these layouts.

With this plugin you can play videos in various modes i.e. large, popup, modal and lightbox.

YotuWP WordPress Playlist Plugins


  • The plugin provides the responsive video gallery and player for your website.
  • It also supports pager and load more options in case you have bulk of videos at your website template.
  • You will get styling settings of color and style for player buttons.


It is an open source plugin available at official WordPress website.

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Wrapping It Up!

Now, you are ready to create playlist on your WordPress website. As We’ve hand-picked the best class WordPress playlist plugins both free as well as paid. So, pick the one that satisfies your website’s requirement regarding features.

We believe that you’ve found this article informative.

For any suggestions, please comment down in the section below.