If you are searching for the best plugin which provides an easy way to build and customize your WordPress site which comes under your budget.

That’s why, I’ve handpicked the 4+ most usable visual editor WordPress plugins with which you can create, edit, and customize your site layout without writing a single line of code.

Visual Editor WordPress Plugins

In fact, here you will find an unlimited list of animation effects, various shortcodes, and visual resizers. Moreover, some of the plugins in this article are integrated with ACF (advanced custom field) with which you can add an extra content field on your site, CPT to provide easy to use interface, and mega menus that give users a lot of choices for drop-down menus.

The main reason to select these WordPress plugins is to provide: ease of use, design outputs, and to provide various flexibility in a website.

So, without any delay lets discuss each of these plugins one-by-one.

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1. Custom Sidebar Visual Editor WordPress Plugin

The plugin lets you configure unlimited custom widgets & dynamically displaying the custom sidebars on posts and pages of your website.

This plugin seamlessly integrates with a visual composer or WordPress editor to override the sidebars. You can create different sidebars for different pages & posts. Plus, you can add a contact page of the users, maps, and also you can use free HTML editor with the help of this tool.

Custom Sidebar Visual Editor WordPress Plugin

How to implement this plugin:

First of all, you need to replace all the sidebars from specific pages & posts and then add the plugin that allows you to do visual editing to override the sidebars.


This plugin will cost you $25 for its unlimited features and functionalities with 6-months supports. Moreover, you can also extend its services at $220 for its 12-months supports.


  • The plugin allows you to use WooCommerce shortcodes in the sidebar of your website as per the requirement.
  • It provides 40+ built-in custom add-ons which will help you create sidebars.
  • You can migrate your sidebars anywhere with its import/export tools option.
  • With its various sidebars, you can easily customize your website.

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2. BuddyPress for Visual Composer:

This is the most popular WordPress plugin for visual editing which helps you to add the best & important shortcodes of BuddyPress on your website. With this plugin, you can improve the social presence of your website across the world.

It provides unlimited useful shortcodes for your website like [bc_groups_carousel] for displaying groups as carousel slides [bc_groups_users] for displaying users for given groups and so on.

BuddyPress for Visual Composer WordPress Plugin

How to implement this plugin:

To use this plugin, you need to have to create a new page on your site, load backend visual composer editor and you can apply any of the shortcodes present in the plugin.


You can download this plugin at $7 only and get its most advanced features & functionalities.


  • It provides unlimited shortcodes for website designing and unique customizations.
  • Amazing sliders which engage users and latest scrolling effects.
  • The plugin is fast and provides new visual composer.

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3. Visual CSS Style Editor: WordPress Page Editor Plugin

Yellow Pencil is a CSS style editor WordPress plugin which lets you edit the website design in real time. You can customize any theme on your website with this plugin effortlessly within a minute.

It provides tons of resources like background patterns, styling, multiple colors options, fonts sizes and many more.

Visual CSS Style Editor WordPress Plugin

How to implement this plugin:

Simply click on this plugin & start visual customization instantly. No coding or technical skills are required as this is a genuinely helpful plugin for beginners and advanced users.


Buy this plugin at $25 with its unlimited functionalities for a 6-months support.


  • The plugin comes with features like visual resizing, drag-and-drop & measuring tool.
  • It gives you a lot of animation effects for your WordPress site (approx 50 ready to use animations).
  • With its animations generator tool, you can also create more animations for your website.
  • It supports automatic updater which frequently updates your software & products.

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4. Page Builder WordPress Plugin:

Page Builder is a feature-rich website page builder tool for WordPress. You will get all the features for free. This plugin provides facilities like WooCommerce supports, an advanced integration of ACF with which you can add extra content fields, CPT to provide easy to use interface, and various drop-down menu options.

Page Builder Visual Editor WordPress Plugin

How to implement this plugin:

With its drag & drop front-end editor, you can customize your website in an intuitive way and save money.


You can use its powerful features and services for free and easily download it from wordpress.org site.


  • You can export/import any page section of your website. Plus, you can also reuse those layout or page designs.
  • The plugin is fully compatible with various other plugins like Yoast WP SEO, contact form builders etc.
  • Completely mobile responsive, 100% open source product and supports latest WordPress versions.

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5. WP Super Edit: Visual Composer WordPress Plugin

This WP Super Edit WordPress plugin is designed to add advanced functionality on WordPress sites with more buttons and customized TinyMCE plugin.

You can arrange the WordPress visual editor buttons easily with its drag-and-drop interface. It allows you to access built-in WordPress visual editor buttons along with various other functionalities.

WP Super Edit Visual Editor WordPress Plugin


Download this WordPress plugin @ free from the official site of wordpress.org.


  • It provides you a TinyMCE plugin to add buttons and features such as tables, layers, XHTML properties etc.
  • WP Super Edit plugin supports separate database tables for settings and for multi-site configurations.
  • It is an open source software so that anyone can get this and use it for their business purpose.
  • Option for allowing users to configure visual editor settings itself.

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These are the best visual editor WordPress plugin which gives you a highly customizable experience and lots of amazing shortcodes.

All the plugins are completely responsive and user-friendly, so you can pick any one of them which satisfies your requirements

Moreover, if you have any other suggestion regarding plugin do let us know via the comment section below.

Your feedback is always welcome!