Want to make your own domain checker or registration website like Godaddy & Bluehost?

If yes?

Then you should have fully functional Domain Checker WordPress Plugins for your website.

But before putting pedal to the metal, let me explain you what these plugins can actually offer to your website.

Domain Checker WordPress Plugins can add premium AJAX or Instant search box allowing your website users to check the domain availability.

These plugins do a domain lookup on every letter that your visitors type for searching their domain. Most of these plugins can do WHOIS lookup to browse the domain database and check for the availability of the entered domain name in the search bar.  

Some of these plugins also provides SSL checker functionality. Also they can show domain search results in less than 100 milliseconds on your website.

In this blog we are going to share the list of 5 Best Domain Checker WordPress Plugins that can provide relevant domain names to your website visitors.

Swift through more WordPress plugins:

1. WP Domain Checker – Domain Checker WordPress Plugins

This plugin can be used to empower your website with domain checker capability. It allows users to check or search for any generic top-level domains (gTLD) like (.com, .net, .org, .gov etc).

You can also enable users to search for country code top-level domains (ccTLD) that identifies a specific national domicile for an address like (.fr for france, .in for india)

It provides premium AJAX search box for your website users to check the domain availability.

WP Domain Checker WordPress Plugins


  • It is WHMCS integrated which provides a single centralized platform for managing your web hosting business.
  • The plugin also helps to protect your website from bots as it supports Google reCAPTCHA , designed to ensure that a computer user is human.
  • Whenever a user search for the domain name, it provides records of the WHOIS database for the entered domain name.


You can buy this plugin at $23.

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2. Domain Checker Shortcode & Widget plugin

Domain checker is a premium plugin through which you can add a domain checker search bar to your website.

It lets your visitors check the availability of the domain names which your customers are looking to buy or register.

This plugin comes with 32 domain extensions and you can also add  unlimited number of them.

Domain Checker Shortcode Domain Checker WordPress Plugins


  • Domain checker has direct connection to WHOIS server.
  • You don’t need to pay extra tax for using this plugin for your WordPress website.
  • It is compatible with all versions of WordPress.
  • You can integrate Domain Checker easily with other plugins.


You can purchase Domain Checker at $12.

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3. Domains Names Checker for WordPress – Domain Checker WordPress Plugins

You can add Domains Names Checker on your blog by using a single shortcode.

It can be utilized in 2 different search modes i.e. AJAX search and an Instant search. In AJAX search mode user needs to hit submit button for searching the domain name.

Instant search is a live search where users can get search results while they type the domain name. Submit button is not present in this search mode.

Domains Names Checker WordPress Plugins


  • By using shortcodes you can enable domain checker service to any page or post of your website.
  • It supports .co .com .net .org .biz .mob extensions and more when using the Dreamhost API provider.
  • It also supports caching of the results to speed up the same searches in the future.


This plugin will cost you $16.

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4. Domain Check – Domain Checker WordPress Plugins

It enables your website visitors to check domain names and SSL certificates. They can also check out the expiration dates of their domain names as well as SSL certificates.

You can add email addresses of your visitors and send reminder emails for upcoming domain renewals and SSL certificate expiration.

Domains Check WordPress Plugins


  • Through this plugin you can keep track of your owned domains easily. It has “Your Domains” section from where you can check your owned domains. You can also add expiration notifications as well as domain expiration alerts as well to them.  
  • It also has the feature of Domain Watch which allows you to see domains that are Owned or Taken.
  • Through SSL Check feature you can search to see the status of your SSL certificates and check the validity of your current SSL certificates.


You can download this plugin for free from official WordPress website.

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5. Ajax Domain Checker – Domain Checker WordPress Plugins

This freemium plugin allows your visitors to search for any generic top-level domains (gTLD) or country-code top-level domains (ccTLD) on your website. It has 2000+ installations till date.

As it is clear from its name, that it is made with AJAX and easy to use with Shortcode or Widget.

Ajax Domain Checker WordPress Plugins


  • There is no need of domain reseller API for installing this plugin.
  • It has easy to use admin dashboard for various settings.
  • You can allow the visitors to do multiple TLDs search on your website through this plugin.


Download this plugin for free from wordpress.org.

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Over To You

So these are the only 5 best domain checker WordPress plugins for hosting and domain providers which can add domain checker search box on your website.

If you know any domain checker WordPress plugin better than the above mentioned listings then do share in the comment section.