Having any small or big business such as cloth store, construction, financial management, life coaching business or something else is not a big deal. But to manage the paperwork, accounts, payment processing information, customer’s growth, MRR rates and similar aspects of any business is quite difficult in this hectic schedule without an ideal recurring billing API.

Hence I’ve found some recurring billing and subscription management software that gives an API key through which you can easily get integrate your business with their profitable subscription billing and payments processing handling services.

Have A Glimpse On Various Recurring Billing API Tools

Services Pricing  Dunning Emails Recurring Payments Unlimited Revenue
Pabbly Subscriptions Billing  $19/m
Chargebee $99/m
Zoho Subscriptions $29/m
ChargeOver $65/m
FreshBooks  $15/m

Even their are some services mentioned in this article which don’t bound you on creating unlimited subscriptions for you customers. That’s all what you need.

You will find many features related to your work in this article. All you have to do is to read it & choose the best recurring billing API according to your needs!

1. Pabbly Subscriptions Billing

With Pabbly Subscriptions Billing, you can put yourself at ease as it will handle all the hassled tasks of your subscription-based business. While we are discussing best recurring billing API software, it’s API-Key Integration is definitely a showstopper here.

It is a perfect blend of all the features that will be difficult to find even in the costliest subscription billing software.

Recurring Billing API


  • Starter: It is available at $19 per month in a yearly plan and $39/month in a monthly plan where you can manage 500 customers along with full accessibility to all of its features.
  • Rookie: The Rookie plan costs $29 per month if you go for a yearly plan and $59/month if you select a monthly plan for the customer limit up to 2000.
  • Pro: For unlimited customers & subscriptions, you have to pay $49/month (yearly plan) and $99/month (monthly plan).

API-KEY Integration

You can integrate Pabbly with various web pages of your choice with the help of API-Key.

Following are some benefits that you can avail using Pabbly Subscriptions Billing:

  • Subscription: This tool provides you complete subscription management. It lets you add end number of customers, products, promo codes and coupons in a click. It automates all your recurring and one-time payments and automatically generates invoices.
  • Payments: Pabbly supports multiple currencies and multiple payment gateways. It also provides your customers with multiple payment options which they can use while making a payment. Along with that, it has dunning feature by which you can notify and follow up with your customers at the time of failed payments.
  • Analytics: Pabbly analyzes all your activities and prepares analytical reports so that you can track the growth of your business.
  • Easy to Understand Dashboard: You can manage your complete subscription management, payments, analytics in neat and easy to understand dashboard. And you can manage it all in a few clicks. So, for using Pabbly you really don’t have to be a tech-savvy, it is as easy as pie.
You do not need to go door to door for all your subscription billing needs.
You can get it all under one umbrella.
Pabbly Subscriptions Billing!
A new definition of all your subscription billing needs.
At just $19 on a yearly basis!
So, hit the button below and get lucky with Pabbly Subscriptions Billing.
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2. Chargify

Chargify has an amazing combination of technologies like subscription management, recurring billing, payment gateways, analytics, revenue retention and much more.

It also gives a mind-blowing aspect that is an API key which can be easily integrated with any services, environment and programming languages.

Recurring Billing API Software by Chargify


  • For any queries related to its pricing, just contact its sales department.

API Integration

Chargify REST API can easily fuse with many resources such as product, subscription, customers, etc. With this API, you can accept and return data in both JSON and XML format.

Following are some functionalities that will help you to understand the benefits of Chargify API: –

  • Subscription: – With this, you can create a subscription by just specifying a product and a customer details.
  • Payment Profiles: – This software allows you to record external payments means the payments that occur outside of the normal payment processing flow.
  • Invoices: – With this affordable subscription tool you can easily manage your invoices which will help you to know information about every transaction made.
  • Billing Portal: – Automatically manage your subscription billing task with the link given at the bottom of statements, invoices, and receipts.

Service Details

3. Chargebee

Chargebee is the smartest subscription billing and invoice management software. Here you will find everything that is required to manage subscription, recurring payment, invoices, etc.

Recurring Billing API Software by Chargebee


  • Go: The Go plan is for those businesses having a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of $25K. All they have to pay is just $99 on monthly basis.
  • Rise: For MRR up to $50K, this plan costs $299 per month.
  • Scale: The Scale plan bills $599/m for revenue up to $75K per month.

API Integration

An elegant API layer is also here with the help of which you can easily fuse any of your service or site with Chargebee to gain the benefits of this subscription management tool.

Here are some important links of API that Chargebee provides:-

  • Subscriptions: – Here you can see the list of recurring items like plans, add-ons, coupons, etc that the customer has subscribed too.
  • Customers:- Able to see each and every action of your customers whether it’s related to payment or analytics.
  • Payment sources: –  From this feature you’re able to know the payment source [credit card, direct debit, PayPal or any other] by which the customer has made the payment.
  • Invoices: – These are the statements of billing charges, adjustment or any discount for a subscription.

Service Details

Pabbly Subscription Billing

4. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is the all-new and marvelous subscription management and recurring billing software that will automate all your billing task, payment process, and will monitor the churn rate, cohort, customer retention etc.

An API key is also lent by this tool to help their customer in the integration process.

FreshBooks Recurring Billing API Software


  • Lite: This plan costs $15/m for 5 clients, limitless estimates, invoices & many more.
  • Plus: The Plus plan bills $25/m for 50 clients, time & expenses tracking.
  • Premium: For 500 clients & more features, you can buy this plan at $50 per month.

API Integration

FreshBooks API allows you to create and send invoices when the customer signs up with your website automatically, pulling lists of users information, copying data to the 3rd party service and much more.

There are some more attributes of that FreshBooks API gives are as follows:-

  • Account IDs & Businesses:- FreshBooks API provides 2 different ids for account and businesses so that they can access both the account at same time.
  • Request Limits:- There is no limit on the number of API’s requested per day. Only the request will be rate-limited if too many calls are made within a short time duration.
  • Gateways:- Here you can easily integrate any gateway to the payment processing method. And this service will provide you specific information about which payment gateway is active for your business.
  • Invoices:-  By this you can easily get the details of disputes, successful and failed transaction, the exact amount that the client owe to you and much more.

Service Details

5. FastSpring

Get rid of the hurdle name billing management with FastSpring subscription and recurring billing handling software. Other than this you can also find some marvelous features like optimization, conversion enhancement, payments methods, security, relationship rights management and a lot more.

FastSpring also gives the API key so that the user could easily interface their business with this subscription management solution for proper billing tactics.

Recurring Billing API Software by FastSpring


  • It has multiple pricing plans for which you have to contact FastSpring.

API Integration

Following are the types of API’s that FastSpring billing software provides. Let’s have a look in detail:-

  • Subscription:- By using a reference you can create a subscription or update an existing subscription, renew the subscription or cancel it for the next subscription period.
  • Order:- The create order API allows you to pass one or more product to the shopping cart or at user information page.
  • Coupon:- Via API key you can generate or retrieve the new codes for an existing coupon. You can generate 10,000 coupons max in a single day.
  • Localized price:- Display the amount of your product according to countries. This software detects the location of your customer using Geo-location service and sets the price of the product according to that country.

Service Details

Pabbly Subscription Billing

6. Zoho Subscriptions

Perfectly manage customer lifecycle, revenue retentions, and everything from accepting recurring payments to handling customer subscriptions all can be done from a single platform know as Zoho subscription management software.

Zoho Subscription billing solution also gives its API key to the customers which helps them to easily get integrated with Zoho.

Zoho Recurring Billing API Tool


  • Standard: For 500 customers & 3 users, this plan charges $29/m.
  • Professional: This plan is best for those persons who want the features of unlimited customers as well as users. It charges only $69 on monthly basis.

API Integration

Zoho Subscription API is built using REST principle which ensures predictable URL’s and follows HTTP rules. This mandatorily required 2 types of headers:- Authentication and X-com-Zoho-subscriptions-organizationid.

More Zoho API features are also mentioned below:-

  • Subscription:- This enables you to charge the customer for their plan at a specified time.
  • Invoices:- Here you are able to see that how much a customer owes for the subscription. Invoices are created from a recurring charge or a one-time charge.
  • Payment:- Gather the payment details of particular customers from this feature. There can be multiple payments from single invoices and multiple invoices for a single payment as well.
  • Hosted-Pages:- For here you can collect the information about your customer’s credit or debit cards. But this Hosted Page will expire within an hour itself.

Service Details

7. SaaSOptics

SaaSoptics is a complete subscription management platform for growing businesses. Along with handling bills you can also deeply analysis the payment metrics like MRR, revenue retention, customer lifetime value, cohort, churn and much more.

Also, gives numerous features like e-invoicing and payments, subscription metrics, multi-currency management and reporting, revenue recognization and a lot more.

Recurring Billing API Software by SaaSOptics


  • For any inquiries related to pricing plans, contact its sales panel.

API Integration

SaaSOptics enables you to integrate any of your services with this incredible billing tool by just using the API key. This gives an open API key for analytics with which you can easily connect through multiple data source, leverages your payment metrics, analyze things like MRR, churn, cohort, projection, and more.

Service Details

8. Stripe

Stripe is the most energetic and flexible recurring billing software. Whether you’re creating and subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce service or a crowdfunding platform this tool will help you in every manner.

Stripe has also designed a meticulously API key by using which you can effortlessly integrate your organization with this powerful subscription handling software.

Stripe Recurring Billing API Software


  • It has a pay as you go plan which charges 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card cost.

API Integration

Stripe offers you to explore its API by testing your account in 2 ways: test mode and live mode. It uses cross-origin resource sharing that allows you to interact with API by your client-side web application.

Following are other features of Stripe API:-

  • Subscription:- This allows you to charge a customer according to their recurring plans.
  • Invoices:- Here you will find the statements of what the customer owes for a particular billing period, subscription, invoice items and any automatic portion if required.
  • Disputes:- If any dispute occurs like any of your customers ask about the charge from their bank. Then you can respond to that dispute with proper evidence that the charge deducted was legal.
  • Customers:- This customer object allows you to perform recurring charges and track multiple charges that are associated with the same customer.

Service Details

9. ChargeOver

Automate your billing and payments with ChargeOver subscription management software to save your time and money both. Also check the real-time metrics like MRR, churn rate, invoices and much more.

ChargeOver Recurring Billing API Software


  • Starter: This package charges $65/m for up to 50 customers profiles.
  • Basic: The Basic plan costs $115 on the monthly basis for customers ranging in between 51 – 150.
  • Professional: In this plan, you will get to work on 151 – 500 customers at just $229/m charge.
  • Commercial: For more than 500 customers, just contact ChargeOver.

API Integration

The ChargeOver API is organized around REST and is also designed to have predictable, resource-oriented, uses HTTP response code to indicate API error.

Some more services are described below that ChargeOver API gives:-

  • Transactions:- This is used to indicate that the invoice has been paid. So, you can keep yourself updated about every paid payment.
  • Invoices:- Can easily check the invoices of your payments and for the primary key for an invoice is invoice_id.
  • Currencies:- 5 Different types of currencies are accepted by this software and for each type, there is a unique code.
  • Subscription:- You can create a new subscription using this service and can also update the existing one.

Service Details

10. Recurly

Recurly is the powerful subscription management and recurring billing software which is trusted by thousands of companies. Along with subscription management, this billing solution also gives many functionalities like analytics, payment gateways, integrations, and a lot of services.

The best feature provided by this billing tool is its API integration which helps you to merge your business with Recurly for the perfect subscription management task.

Recurring Billing API Software by Recurly


  • Contact sales for any pricing related queries.

API Integration

Recurly gives an HTTP based API key in languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net. Also, you are able to see the recent changes at your site with its help.

More important attributes are mentioned below that shows the benefit of Recurly API:-

  • Billing Flexibility:- The Recurly API can be used to create a subscription plan with a variety of option like future start dates, custom trials, custom prices, pre-defined quantities with flexible subscription scenario.
  • Customer Management:-  Easily view all details of your invoices and change their subscription plans, update billing information, or cancel their subscriptions as per the user’s need.
  • Payment Method:- With Recurly, you can effortlessly manage the payments done by credit card. Other than that it also supports transactions made by Paypal or 3D secure.
  • Look & Feel:- This is a very important and critical part of billing. Your customer should feel that they are making a secure payment. So by using this service, you can provide a credit card statement followed by your company name to the clients.

Service Details

11. PaySimple

PaySimple subscription management solution will help you to automate the billing task, payment processing, analytics [cohort, churn, revenue retention] and more of your big or small businesses.

Integrate with PaySimple API to accept credit cards and e-checks in your business.

PaySimple Recurring Billing API Software


  • To know about its pricing plans, just contact PaySimple.

API Integration

PaySimple 4.0 API is designed intuitive and easy to integrate with any of mobile or desktop applications. It uses JSON to exchange the data between two sites.

Some more services are also given by PaySimple API which is mentioned below:-

  • Customers:-  You can easily create, manage and view the customer details via API. If the customer records are made via web-based UPI or web payment pages then by using this API you can manage them also.
  • Common API error:- If the error occurs then the top portion of response meta will showcase the explanation of the error in detail.
  • Payments:- This provides you with an effortless way to collect, refund, void, retrieve, schedule your payments.
  • Credit Card Processing:- PaySimple supports credit cards payments via 2 ways:- TSYS and global payment system.

Service Details

The Culmination:

After going through these recurring billing API services, I am sure now you will definitely find a software that keeps your data safe and secure and also help you to grow your business.

So, don’t think much just select any of this software and integrate it with your businesses without wasting time.

For any queries or suggestions, drop a comment below. We’ll surely reach out to you!

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