I can bet all the small business owners and entrepreneurs are battling with the same set of questions –

#1 – Is there any good payment analytics tool?
#2 – Is it affordable?

I know how convenient it would be to find a highly functional and low budget payment metrics tool,

But with the availability of multiple software, you often get confused and end up making the wrong decision.

Considering time and money to be the most valuable resources for your business ventures, I have compiled up a list of low budget payment metrics and analytics tool.

These software are genuinely equipped to meet all your payment metric software needs and requirements like instantaneous calculation of MRR, ARR, growth rate and also churn rate.

Believe me, at the end of the blog you will be able to choose a decent and cheapest payment analytics software for your business.

Comparison between Payment Analytics Software For Small Businesses

Services Pricing  Unlimited Revenue Recurring Payments Dunning Emails
Pabbly Subscriptions  $5/m
Zuora Contact Sales
Chargify $149/m
Chargebee  $99/m
FirstOfficer  $29/m

1. Pabbly Subscriptions – Best Analytics Solution For Small Businesses

Pabbly Subscriptions holds the top spot on this blog because it offers flexible features & resources which can satisfy the needs of any size of business.

Further, you can simply manage and analyze recurring as well as one-time transactions are done through different payments gateways like PayPal & Stripe. It also provides well-explained reports which can be filtered with ease

Pabbly Payment Analytics Software For Small Businesses

Pricing –

For your convenience, this software provides you with multiple pricing options.

  • The Starter plan of this software is available at $5 per month where you can manage 50 customers & setup unlimited products along with multiple payment gateways facility.
  • With a Rookie plan, you get all the features like manage 1000 customers, unlimited plans, revenue & a lot more at just $29 per month.
  • If you want to opt for a pro plan, you gotta spend $59/month. With this plan, you avail various features like client portal, multilingual checkout page & much more.
  • For acquiring the advanced plan, the cost is $99 per month. Along with this, you get access to several advanced features like custom domain, affiliate system and a lot more.

One of the best facility of Pabbly Subscriptions which made us leave Recurly for subscription billing & Putler for Payment Analytics was that.

With Pabbly Subscriptions you can manage both Subscription Bills and Payment Analytics of your business using the monthly plan, you just pay a one-time cost of $5 per month and enjoy the services.

Pabbly :Manage Subscriptions & Analytics at $5

Features –

  • Track Each & Every Business Detail From Dashboard –
    The dashboard designed by Pabbly Subscriptions helps you monitor different aspects of business like total sales, refunds, canceled & new subscription, recently added customers, etc. All these things can be analyzed directly from the dashboard.
  • Advanced Reporting To Monitor Every Business Detail –
    Pabbly Subscriptions provides real-time data updates on net revenue, MRR, active customers & new subscribers reports. This makes the process of payment analysis easily as the data is updated as the transactions occur.
  • Multi-Currency & Gateway Support Available –
    You can access payments from via PayPal & Stripe gateways, 25 plus different currencies are also supported by Pabbly Subscriptions. You can create and send custom invoices to multiple customers as well.

More Details Are Available Here

2. Zuora –  A Payment Analytics Tool 

All the small SaaS business owners can opt this highly functional payment analytics tool. This software can very effectively track your business performance.

Calculation and monitoring of metrics like MRR, churn, revenue generated, etc are done with just a few clicks.


Zuora - Cheapest Payment Analytics Software For Small Businesses

Pricing –

Zuora is known for its free trial. Apart from this, for more information about purchasing. You can contact the vendor.

Features –

  • Build Your Custom Reports –
    While managing and aligning your organization according to certain metrics, it is wise to make a report. Zuora does it all for you. You can effortlessly drag & drop fields to dynamically customize your reports and then share them with your co-workers via emails or through the software itself.
  • Monitor Your Company’s Financial Metrics –
    This payment analytics software has most of the integrated tools to calculate your revenue, MRR, churn and also helps in identifying risky behavioral patterns of users.
  • Predict Your Customers Actions –
    The built-in machine learning algorithm is wise enough to notify you about the subscriber’s churn probability and chances of getting a renew.

More Details Are Available Here

3. ProfitWell – Payment Analytics Software

ProfitWell is one such low budget payment analytics tool which has the potential to get most of your payment metrics in one place.

This software has the option of Stripe integration (more coming soon) which can very easily fetch your data and track your progress report.

ProfitWell - Cheapest Payment Analytics Software For Small Businesses

Pricing –

Although ProfitWell is FREE to use, its other additional plans and upgrades are chargeable with variable fees.

Features –

  • Get To Know Your Growth –
    The simple yet highly efficient dashboard of ProfitWell provides deeper insights into different revenues generated and what impact will it have on your business. You can view them either in column chart format or in a descriptive tabular chart.
  • Monitor Your Cash Flow –
    Through ProfitWell, you can generate a tabular chart describing the annual subscriptions and refund will impact your company’s overall cash flow.
  • Get A Helping Hand –
    In case of any doubts and confusion, ProfitWell facilitates its users to talk and consult with some of its most knowledgeable analysts.

More Details Are Available Here

4. Chargebee – Payment Analytics Services

It is a multi-functional SaaS software is considered a top-notch service provider in terms of subscription management, billing & invoicing and payment analytics.

Plus, this all-rounder payment analytics software also supports a plethora of top payment gateways like Braintree, PayPal, Amazon payments, etc.

Chargebee - Cheapest Payment Analytics Software For Small Businesses

Pricing –

This highly functional software comes with three extremely affordable plans –

  • The Standard plan of $99/month for 200 invoices.
  • The Pro plan of $199/month for 200 invoices along with various integrations and add-ons.
  • The Enterprise plan of $599/month for all the available features.

NOTE – In case you are starting up, you can avail a free plan until you generate $50K revenue.

Features –

  • Cumulative Data In One Place –
    With the assistance of Chargebee’s dashboard, you can effortlessly track valuable metrics such as MRR, churn, transaction trend and lost opportunities.
  • Personalized Reports On The Go –
    Chargebee also makes you look good on papers too. It allows you to customize your reports by adding additional data and displaying it in a different chart and graphical formats.
  • Always Stay Notified –
    Through daily report functionality of this software, you can get informed about all the essential metrics.

More Details Are Available Here

5. FirstOfficer – A Software For Analysing Payments 

In the list of low budget payment analytics software, FirstOfficer definitely makes the cut not only because of its cheap plan but also because of its high efficiency.

Despite its simple user interface, it can very easily display all the necessary stats and that too in a very descriptive way.

FirstOfficer - Cheapest Payment Analytics Software For Small Businesses

Pricing –

All the plans of FirstOfficer come with a FREE 30 days trial period.

  • Hobby – Worth $29/month, up to 250 customers.
  • Startup – Worth $79/month, up to 1000 customers.
  • Professional – Worth $149/month, up to 2500 customers.
  • Business – Worth $249/month, up to 5000 customers.

Features –

  • Easy Monitoring Of Company’s Growth –
    Monthly Recurring Revenue is one of the most important criteria for your small business’s growth. FirstOfficer presents an illustrative graphical view of new & lost MRR and upgraded & downgraded MRR.
  • Know Your Customers Worth –
    In order to create and manage a sustainable business, one must know the Customer Lifetime Value of their customers. This software being prominent in calculating the accurate CLTVs, helps you overcome this informational barrier.
  • Get A Detailed Weekly Reports –
    FirstOfficer – a cheap payment analytics software also sends you highly informative weekly reports straight in your inbox.

More Details Are Available Here

6. GetControl – Tool For Analysing Payments 

This SaaS payment analytics software is not so popular but definitely get your work done in no time.

Just like other software mentioned in this blog, GetControl is also highly methodical in tracking your business’s growth and other necessary metrics.

GetControl Cheapest Payment Analytics Software For Small Businesses

Features –

  • Subscription Analytics-
    The quick to calculate metric tool will show you the detailed analysis of almost all the known SaaS payment metrics.
  • Customer Management Dashboard-
    The advanced feature of notifications enables you to be aware of every important business activities. Plus, you can also send a daily, weekly or monthly reports.

  • Customizable Real-time Alerts-
    GetControl is also known for its real-time data analysis which can be used to see the trends in data, following this you can predict your future data using regression calculations.

More Details Are Available Here

7. Chargify – Payment Analytics Software

Chargify is another multi-purpose software which takes care of all the payment analysis along with subscription management, recurring billing, and third-party integrations.

MRR insights, subscriber growth, and tax history reporting are some of the features that this all-in-one software excels in.

Chargify - Cheapest Payment Analytics Software For Small Businesses

Pricing –

  • Essential – $149/month + 1.2% of revenue (few advanced features included)
  • Advanced – $299/month + 1.2% of revenue (extra advanced features included)
  • Enterprise – Contact Chargify sales team for a custom plan (all advanced features included)

Moreover, Chargify also provides 30 days FREE trial for beginners.

Features –

  • Revenue Account Reporting –
    The time-consuming process of generating a revenue report will now be completed in a snap. The report will also highlight all the subcategories of revenues like total revenue, total billed, net revenue, etc.
  • Detailed Churn Analysis –
    Get to know the churn rate and other related numbers that will impact your business. This feature covers all the churn subcategories like subscriber churn, MRR churn, gross MRR churn, etc.
  • Easy Data Exporting –
    From highly advanced processes to a basic one, Chargify does it all for you. You can export your data in a CSV format with just a click.

More Details Are Available Here

8. RJMetrics – Analytics Tool 

Although RJMetrics is mentioned last in the list, it definitely has the power to tackle all your payment analytics problems.

This software packs all the necessary functionalities that you are looking in a cheap payment analytics software.

RJMetrics - Cheapest Payment Analytics Software For Small Businesses

Pricing –

In order to get started, RJMetrics invites you to try their demo followed by a custom plan.

Features –

  • Advanced Data Analytics –
    RJMetrics too has a separate, dedicated feature to analyze all the important metrics like cohort analysis, churn analysis, revenue analysis, etc.
  • Huge Array Of Integrations –
    This software allows you to connect your data sources from different databases (MySQL, MongoDB, etc.), SaaS products (Salesforce, Stripe, Shopify, Magento, etc.) or even a simple file upload.
  • Automated Reporting & Privacy Settings –
    Easy emailing of reports to you or your subordinates can be achieved with the help of this payment analytics tool. Also, you can control the right of access to every metrics.

More Details Are Available Here

On An Ending Note –

Although,  the above-mentioned payment metrics tool has been globally identified as the best in the market and will fulfill all the needs of your SaaS business. But, I would like you to go through the details of each software & choose wisely.

Consequently, I hope that this blog has answered all your questions, clarified all your doubts and ultimately led you to land on the pocket-friendly payment analytics software for small businesses.

In case you are still not satisfied and want to explore other software. You can go through these blogs as well.

Besides, for any more queries and suggestions.

Contact us!