Announcements and notifications are the best ways to spread important information. Now announcements aren’t just about billboards and loudspeakers, announcements are for websites too. Of course, you need specialized tools for those virtual attention seeking announcements. Like banners, scrollers and more. And for this, we have brought the best announcement WordPress plugins.

Using these WordPress plugins you can offer special discounts, run time-marketing campaigns, ask users to participate in surveys and much more.

You can display profitable offers and declarations on the top or at the bottom of your website. Also, you can add visual effects, countdown timers into your announcement bar to make the statements noticeable.

Announcement WordPress Plugins

Moreover, these plugins are enriched with lots of great features like multiple notifications at a time, drag and drop options, editing the font size or background of the bar.

Now, let’s dive into the main functionalities of these announcements WordPress plugins.

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1. uAnnounce – Premium Announcements for WordPress

It is a high-quality premium announcement WordPress plugin from CodeCanyon.  This plugin has thin colored strips that can contain any kind of notification or offers and can display it at the top of the page.

Now, in this plugin you get a lot of scope of condition modeling so, this will help you in sorting the viewers for your announcements. Let us explain you, there’s a wide array of conditions and these influence the decision of on which page or post should a particular announcement or offer should appear.

Also, it offers multiple skin color for announcement bar types such as error, alert, offers etc.

UAnnounce Announcement WordPress Plugin


uAnnounce WordPress plugin comes with a price tag of $23 with regular license and lifetime updates.


  • You can use API keys for creating your own announcements.
  • This plugin will help you to add multiple notifications at one time for different post and pages.
  • Conditions of announcements bar can be changed using logical AND or OR operations.
  • You can easily customize the animation effects, fonts, background colors from the theme options settings.

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2. WP Update Notifier – WordPress Plugin

WP Update Notifier is a modern announcement WordPress plugin. It comes with a huge list of customization options that make your website look more attractive with offers and notifications.

This plugin also helps you to store the announcements in archives section for later posts.

Also, it includes file type like CSS which help you to edit or replace any kind of feature from the front end of a website.

WP Update Notifier Announcement WordPress Plugin


This easy install announcement WordPress plugin costs you $9 with lifelong updates and licenses.


  • This plugin offers you 8 different styles color for the notification bar.
  • With the help of WPML plugin, it supports different kinds of languages.
  • It comes with cross-browser compatibility like Opera Mini, IE8, Safari etc.
  • It’s easy to configure. Moreover, it comes with a clean code that can be further modified.

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3. Announcement Ticker Highlighter Scroller

If you run any special offer on your WordPress website then this plugin is a must for your site. Because it will help you to beautifully display all your offers in a sidebar with a scroller.

It will help your customer or visitors to go throughout the whole notification from top to bottom.

Without requiring any coding or technical skills just within a few clicks you can install this WordPress plugin on your website and start working.

Announcement Ticker Highlighter Scroller Announcement WordPress Plugin


Announcement Ticker Highlighter Scroller WordPress plugin is free of cost to you.


  • Drag and drop option will help you to easily pick and put the announcement from the appearance tab to sidebars.
  • You can edit, replace, or modify the style color and background of the announcement bar.
  • From the admin setting panel of the dashboard, you can easily set the display timing of notification bar.
  • This plugin has an inbuilt feature of enable/disable, so you don’t require any extra time for deleting the offer.

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4. News Announcement Scroll – WordPress Plugin

News Announcement Scroll is one of the most popular WordPress plugins with its a lot of active installations.

This plugin will keep updating your customers with the latest news and announcement in the market through your website and even you can add news link to them. It provides various ways in which you can display your content be it horizontal scroll or vertical scroll for the fact.

Also, with its drag and drop feature, you can easily display the contest announcements, latest happenings etc in the sidebar of the website.

News Announcement Scroll Announcement WordPress Plugin


This WordPress plugin is an open source that can be used by everyone.


  • You can use the shortcodes and show your news announcements easily on the post and pages.
  • Add N numbers of news notifications, that will scroll one by one in the front end (vertically).
  • This plugin will help you to easily filter the announcement categories and then can decide which should be displayed on front end.
  • You can easily set the expiration date for announcements, offers, notification etc.

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5. Horizontal Scrolling Announcement – WordPress Plugin

Horizontal Scrolling Announcement is another top quality WordPress Announcement plugin. It is one of our favorites in this collection because it gives a professional look to the site and provides tons of amazing features.

With this plugin, you can create offers and announcement in the horizontal layout for the website. Through shortcodes, you will be able to generate different small codes for announcements.

Also, you can add the announcements or notification directly to the theme using PHP codes. And not just announcement banners, you can drag and drop the widgets to the sidebars of a website.

Horizontal Srolling Announcement WordPress Plugin


With its active installation of 20,000+ and all the features, this WordPress plugin costs you nothing as it can be freely downloaded from


  • You can easily configure the scroll time of the announcements from the setting panel.
  • This plugin provides you to set the scroll direction and scroll dealy of offers and notifications.
  • From the backend option, you can set the start and expiry date of the announcements.
  • Moreover, it provides you with easy styling overrides option through which you can change the styles for them.

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Above we have discussed the best announcement WordPress plugin. We hope you will pick the best one for your website and start gaining maximum traffic on it.

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