There are hundreds of mailing list WordPress plugins available online on the web. But not all WordPress plugin are flawless and built to perfection.

So, we have come up with a list of plugins which will help you build & maintain a mailing list which is free from bounce, bad and unauthorized email addresses.

In this blog, you will find both free and premium plugins which are equipped with plenty of features and facilities.

Most of the plugins discussed in this blog offer content locking, sign-up forms, email tracking, drag & drop builder and form template. Plus you also get extra facilities like newsletter facility, various type of customizations and more.

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Let’s get started with the plugin details.

1. Chimpy – MailChimp WordPress Plugin

Chimpy is a WordPress plugin which is designed by MailChimp email marketing service for content locking and signup form creation to fetch user contact details. It helps you create different types of signup forms and allows you to display them on your website with ease.

You can easily integrate this plugin on WordPress sites as it gives you options to add forms in different parts of your website.

Chimpy Mailing List WordPress Plugin


  • The regular plan of chimpy WordPress plugin will cost you $29.
  • It also has an extended plan which is priced around $149 with which you get additional features and facilities.


  • With this plugin, you can easily apply custom settings like form styling and integration.
  • Designing different types of forms, popups, posts, and lockings for collecting subscribers details is just a few clicks job. As all the changes can be done through WordPress dashboard.
  • This plugin gives you full control over subscribers email list as changes like creation, updates or deletion of users are reflected in the mail list.
  • You can create a popup to grab users attention. Specify display frequency, allow users to close popup and mention the open delay time.

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2. Thrive Leads – Mailing List WordPress Plugin

Thrive leads is a WordPress plugin with which you can collect subscription leads through different types of opt-in form. It is a perfect tool with the help of which you can maximize conversion rates and generate more profits.

It has various inbuilt facilities like A/B Testing, report for lead details, drag-and-drop editor and more.

Thrive Leads Mailing List WordPress Plugin


  • Single site license will cost you $67 and allow you to deploy this plugin on one website.
  • The 5 sites license comes with a price tag of $97 which gives you unlimited updates, full access to all features.
  • $147 is the price charged for 15 sites license which provides 1-year support, all features and more.

[Note:- The annual plan costs $19 a month for 25 sites license and full access to all features & facilities.]


  • Helps you design various types of forms like popup lightbox, opt-in form, exit-intent lightbox, slide-in, widget forms, scroll mat, multiple choice forms, etc.
  • Drag-and-drop editor along with fully customizable templates which can easily be changed as per your website needs.
  • With this plugin, you get advanced targeting system which allows you to showcase forms on posts, categories, tags and more.
  • A/B testing facility to get the best results and reporting system which will provide you the best and most important user metrics.

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3. Email Marketing By MailGet – Mailing List Plugin

MailGet is an effective email marketing tool which also offers an advanced plugin maintaining email list on a WordPress site. It provides facilities like free email templates, drag & drop template builder, etc.

Other than that you can email list cleaning, list management and use different types of SMTP services using this plugin. In addition, you also get the functionality to manage all these things from WordPress dashboard.

MailGet Mailing List WordPress Plugin


  • Mailing list WordPress plugin provided by MailGet is absolutely free of charge with which you get plenty of features & services. You get free email templates, various analysis tools to track and much more.


  • Building a productive email list and segmenting user emails becomes easy with the help of this plugin.
  • With this plugin, you get an option to upload email list and provide email contacts in bulk with ease.
  • You can use drag & drop email builder to design emails or use pre-designed email templates which can easily be customized.
  • It also provides API with which the process of integration is simplified. With this feature, you can easily embed MailGet into signup and opt-in forms on your website for sending email notifications.

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4. ALO EasyMail Newsletter – WordPress Plugin

ALO EasyMail Newsletter is a specially designed plugin with the help of which you can collect, manage user details and create and send newsletters with a few clicks. This is an advanced plugin which provides multilingual support as well.

Even being a free plugin it provides frequent updates, supports all latest browsers & recent versions of WordPress. In addition, it holds more than 10,000 active site installations on the web.

ALO EasyMail Newsletter Mailing List WordPress Plugin


  • This is a totally free plugin which can simply be download with a single click from site.


  • This is a multilingual plugin with which you can create, manage and gather subscribers details like email address, name, join date and more from WordPress dashboard.
  • Easy management of bounce which checks emails which get bounced and helps you keep mailing list clean and free from bounce emails.
  • Various operations like create, search, edit and delete can be performed on subscriber details.
  • With this plugin, you can collect an unlimited number of subscriber details and also import/export email details in the form of CSV files.

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5. Email Subscribers & Newsletters – WordPress Plugin

This plugin is crafted for people who want to collect leads and visitors information through newsletters. Using this plugin you can send automated notifications, create newsletters, etc. Plus all these activities from the centralized dashboard of your WordPress site.

You are also allowed to track user activities on the sent emails, multi-language support is available and you can include or exclude categories with ease.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters Mailing List WordPress Plugin


  • With this plugin, you get full access to all the features and facilities at no cost. You can easily maintain a mailing list which is clean and free from bounce email addresses.


  • You can notify all subscribers about every new post publish. Plus you also get an option to schedule email sending and more.
  • Permit you to collect user info and leads details with the help of subscription box which is attractive in design.
  • Newsletters can easily be created, scheduled and send using this plugin.
  • Allows you to import/export emails, gives options to automatically send welcome emails, auto adds unsubscribe link and more.

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6. WP Email Capture – Mailing List WordPress Plugin

WP Email Capture is a WordPress plugin with which capturing visitor details like name, email ID and more becomes simple. This is an advanced plugin which comes preloaded with various services and also supports different types of integrations as well.

WP Email Capture Mailing List WordPress Plugin


  • WP email capture is another free of charge plugin which gives you the facility to fetch subscriber details like name, email address and more.


  • It provides various translation credits with the help of which translations can be done with ease.
  • With this plugin, it is extremely easy to integrate forms into pages and posts of your website.
  • This plugin is widget ready and provides you a user-friendly dashboard through which customization is simple.
  • It is compatible with all major email marketing platforms and helps you export mailing list and email addresses via CSV files.

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Finally, we have arrived at the end of this blog on mailing list WordPress plugins. I hope this blog has helped you find the most appropriate plugin which will fulfill all the mailing list needs of your business.

Still, if you have doubts or queries in mind, do let us know through your comments. We will be happy to hear from your side.