Integrate Flickr WordPress plugins with your site & create beautiful image galleries of your Flickr images!

Well, you have been using various strategies to display the images on the WordPress site. All you did was just upload the images to the site. But you were unable to showcase the images of your social media accounts. For example, let’s say about Flickr.

What if we say that you can do it easily?

Yes! With the help of Flickr plugins, you can create the gallery of images in just a couple of seconds.

That’s why we’ve listed some of the best Flickr WordPress plugins. Some of these plugins are paid while others are free.

Apart from the galleries, some of the plugins mentioned in this blog have the functionality of adding the Flickr image in a slider which creates a well-mannered outlook.

So all you have to do is to choose the best plugin according to your needs!

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1. Social Media Gallery Pro: WordPress Plugin

Social Media Gallery Pro is a WordPress plugin through which you can create image galleries for social media accounts such as Flickr, Facebook, etc. It displays the images in a 4 grid layout which includes horizontal as well as vertical variations. On those images, you can display the textual information with a beautiful animation.

Social Media Gallery Pro Flickr WordPress Plugin


  • It has a plan which charges $16 for only a single site access.
  • For 3 sites, this WordPress plugin charges $39.
  • $56 is the charge of this plugin for using it on 5 sites.


  • It has a feature of lightbox preview option to showcase the multimedia elements/contents with modern & classic layouts.
  • Apart from Flickr, you can add more social networking icons such as Soundcloud, Pinterest, Facebook & Youtube.
  • To give the gallery more varieties, you can customize it with multiple color options & then give it a better look.

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2. Simple Flickr Gallery: Flickr WordPress Plugin

Simple Flickr Gallery is a WordPress plugin which allows displaying the Flickr photostream in a neat & clean interface. It is easy to configure with customizable CSS options. Apart from it, you can change the skin of your site from white to black color in a single click. That’s how anyone can adjust this color according to the stress on their eyes.

Simple Flickr Gallery Flickr WordPress Plugin


  • This plugin has a regular plan which charges only $5 with basic features.
  • For more features & facilities, you purchase its extended plan at just $30.


  • It has two types of mode for displaying the Flickr images: List view for precise information & Grid view for the default display.
  • Also, you can set that how many photos you want to display on a single page. All you have to do is to follow the customization guide.
  • Apart from it, the image detail page has Photo description, medium sized photo, its publish date, Flickr page link & many more.

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3. Markhor: WordPress Flickr Plugin

Markhor is a WordPress plugin which will help you in displaying the Flickr photos in the form of sliders. In this plugin also, you can change the theme in the light as well as dark mode.

Apart from it, the slider of this plugin is way too responsive for all types of devices & the images added to it. Also, you can set that how many photos you want to display in a single slider.

Markhor Flickr WordPress Plugin


  • This plugin costs only $6 which includes both the item fee & the buyer price.
  • Apart from it, $30 is the charge of its extended license.


  • You can also display your photos in just albums for more personalized categorization.
  • Besides that, you can assign the author to the photos to give credits.
  • This plugin is way too easy to use such that even a non-technical guy can use it.

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4. Awesome Flickr Gallery: Free WordPress Plugin

Awesome Flickr Gallery is an easy to use WordPress plugin for creating the galleries of the Flickr images on a website. For instantly loading the image gallery, this plugin uses an intelligent caching system which is a plus point for it.

Apart from it, all the photos added in its gallery are visible to search engine crawlers due to SEO friendliness.

Awesome Flickr Gallery Flickr WordPress Plugin


  • This plugin is free of cost for the lifetime. You can download its free version from ‘’ website at any time.


  • You can customize the image sizes along with cropping functionality to make it look better when someone opens it.
  • Also, you can use this plugin to display the Flickr images in a sidebar which makes it more versatile in this list of WordPress Flickr plugins.
  • Apart from it, you can display as many galleries you want to in a single page with multiple types of paginations & slideshows.

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5. Flickr Badges Widget: Flickr WordPress Plugin

Flickr Badges Widget provides a simple widget to display the Flickr photostream in widgetized area using some javascript functionalities. With its attractive widget interface, jQuery, tabbed system, this plugin is too much easy to use. All you have to do is to put your Flickr ID & then, the widget will be launched soon.

Flickr Badges Widget Flickr WordPress Plugin


  • This Flickr WordPress plugin is available on ‘’ at free.


  • You can choose the size of the images according to your needs from the gallery itself.
  • Also, you can open the images of your Flickr gallery in a new window if you want to.
  • Well, it has a responsive gallery layout even to display images with large sizes.


So above are some of the best Flickr WordPress plugins which you can integrate with your site to display the images of your Flickr account. Some of the plugins mentioned in this article are free while others are paid.

With some of them, you can add the Flickr images in a slider in order to showcase them in a better way. Also, there are other Flickr WordPress plugins which help in creating a gallery with images of your choice.

Apart from it, there are other add-ons mentioned in this article through which you can also display the images & videos of your other social media accounts.

All we want from you is to try these plugins with a free mind & finalize the best one according to your needs.

For any suggestions & queries, just leave your comment below. We’ll get back to you soon!