Want to enhance the functionality of excerpts on your WordPress site?

In that case, you have landed on the right place, as this blog is all about WordPress excerpt plugins.

Excerpts are very important as they help you provide summarizes description or short detail about blogs, posts, pages, etc available on your website. Plus they are extremely helpful in increasing user engagements.

Writing an excerpt for website pages or blogs is not an easy task. So in this blog, we have defined some of the most powerful and effective excerpt plugins which will assist you to customize and automate this complicated process.

That is not all below are a few blogs on popular plugins you can have a look at them:-

1. Easy Custom Auto Excerpt – WordPress Plugin

Easy Custom Auto Excerpt is one of the best plugin which automates the process of adding an excerpt to your websites home, search and other pages.

With this plugin, you can apply various settings and custom style option to add unique excerpts. It’s an easy to use plugin which provides quick and responsive support with multiple other facilities.

Easy Custom Auto Excerpt WordPress Excerpt Plugin


Personal Plan Multi Plan Developer Plan Master Plan
$10 $15 $25 $40
Single Site 5 Sites 25 Sites Unlimited Sites


  • This plugin auto-fetch the excerpt for which you just have to define some parameters like word length, excerpt methods, etc.
  • Easy customization of “Read More” button like text style, color, etc are also available in this plugin.
  • Offers more than 40 predefined theme buttons to give a custom look to your blog post.
  • You are also allowed to disable excerpt on certain blogs or posts.

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2. Gocha Better Excerpt WordPress Plugin

Gocha is a WordPress plugin which will help you display refined excerpts on your website. With this plugin, you get various basic and advanced settings which can easily be added to create a custom excerpt.

This WordPress excerpt plugin permits you to choose the length of the excerpt, you can define custom ending to all excerpt and do more to attract visitors attention.

Gocha Better Excerpt WordPress Excerpt Plugin


  • Regular plan of this plugin will charge $11 with which you will get full control over excerpt.
  • The extended plan comes with a price tag of $49 which offers advanced features & services.


  • With the help of this plugin, you can simply define the character length of your excerpt.
  • Multilingual support is also provided as it includes .pot file for language.
  • Allows you to add ending string or characters to give a custom look.
  • In this plugin, you can also define tags to leave. These are such tags which should not be removed from the content.

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3. Zupper Portfolio WordPress Plugin

Customized excerpt helps you grab customers attention and increase page views, etc. Using this plugin you can create such type of excerpts for your website pages, blogs, posts, etc.

There are various custom styling, text formats and color options available for the excerpt in this plugin.

Zupper Portfolio WordPress Excerpt Plugin


  • $13 is the price of this plugin which is easy to use and offers various features.
  • The extended license of this plugin will cost you $299.


  • An easy to use plugin which comes loaded with multiple settings and style options.
  • You can choose to display excerpt in different content format.
  • Allows you to showcase excerpt with 10px gap items.
  • It offers various styles and multiple templates.

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4. Smart Post Lists for WordPress Plugin

This is an advanced WordPress plugin with which you can just drag & drop widgets on multiple widgetized areas and add excerpts about them. It helps you adjust positioning, apply colors, text and other custom stylings as well.

Smart Post List WordPress Excerpt Plugin


  • You have to pay $18 for the regular plan of this plugin.
  • The extended plan will cost you $85 which will handover various advanced facilities.


  • This plugin also supports custom post types and taxonomies.
  • The positioning of the image can be done on top, right, left, in or out of excerpt.
  • Easily applicable to unlimited post lists.
  • You can also choose the length of excerpt in words.

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5. Read More Excerpt Link – WordPress Plugin

With this excerpt WordPress plugin, you can simply define the length of your excerpt in terms of characters. It also allows you to add custom ending and it helps you change “Read More” links text as well.

Read More Excerpt Link WordPress Excerpt Plugin


  • This WordPress plugin for excerpt is totally free of cost which holds over 5,000 installations currently on the web.


  • You can simply change the word length of the excerpt. By Default, it is 55 characters.
  • Gives you the option to truncate ellipsis at the end of the excerpt.
  • Also displays Read More link even if the excerpt entered is specific or short.
  • With this plugin, you can also style the Read More link.

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6. Multiple Excerpt Lengths WordPress Plugin

With this plugin, you can adjust the excerpt length of different templates on your WordPress website. Multiple Excerpt Lengths is a top class plugin which can easily be handled on WordPress sites through the dashboard.

In addition, it provides you a maximum character limit of 999 words for the excerpt.

Multiple Excerpt Lengths WordPress Excerpt Plugin


  • Multiple Excerpt Lengths is also an entirely free WordPress plugin which is easy to install and customize.


  • The default length of the excerpt is 55 characters which can be altered with this plugin.
  • Using this plugin you can also change the except length of any specific page/template.
  • Helps you control the character length of your excerpt.

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7. Theme Junkie – WordPress Excerpt Plugin

This plugin allows you to display a custom excerpt for recently published posts and blogs. This plugin is available in three different languages which are English, French, and Portuguese.

You can specify the length of excerpt along with multiple other features and facilities.

Theme Junkie WordPress Excerpt Plugin


  • This is another free to download WordPress plugin for excerpt which gives you various customizations and setting options.


  • Showcase excerpt about posts and pages with custom character length.
  • Fully compatible with all the latest versions of WordPress.
  • Allows you to add “Read More” link.

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Final we are here at the end of this blog on WordPress Excerpt Plugins. I am pretty sure that you must have found the best plugin for your website which will help you create attractive and attention grabbing excerpts.

If you have doubts or queries related to WordPress excerpt plugins you can freely ask us in the comments section below.

We will be happy to hear from your side.