Online proofreading for blogs and posts has become popular nowadays in every industry. It’s an act of checking style, grammar, and spelling of your contents through the help of web applications, extensions, and even plugins.

WordPress Proofreading Plugins

So, in this article, we’re going to explore online WordPress proofreading plugins. We will specifically know about it, why it’s important and how you can use these tools in your content marketing strategy.

Let’s discuss how these plugins can work.

You just need to copy your documents or save it in a certain file, visit the online proofreading tool which is inserted on your website, upload the document, allow the tool to do its thing. It is that simple!

Now, what these plugins work on.

These particularly work on the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, structure of the content and also on the punctuation to give a complete pre-publish review.

Apart from this, these plugins can also work to increase your website’s search engine ranking with their SEO optimization.

Let’s scroll down below and find which of the plugins suits on your business website. Before that, have a look at some more blogs we’ve listed for you:

1. WP Spell Check – Spelling Check WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows you to highlight spelling mistakes in text, grammar and you can get your site scanned in just a few seconds. With this plugin, you can make your articles look more professional by making it error free.

With this plugin, you can do a specific search for SEO problems to find the fix areas on your website that are hurting your SEO on Google. Moreover, you can also discover all the links that are not working on your site and are creating problems while generating your sales and revenues.

WP Spell Check WordPress Proofreading Plugin


This plugin comes at 3 different stages:

  • For agency owner, it will cost you $49/M.
  • Developers can use it at $45/M.
  • For blog owners, it will cost only $9/M.

Note: After purchasing this plugin and if you are not get satisfied then you can cancel it anytime.


  • This plugin finds out which pages of your website is showing HTML instead of proper contents and then it automatically fixes them.
  • While using the plugin you will get a video tutorial on how it checks grammatical errors, spellings and all.
  • WP Spell Check finds the hidden Lorem Ipsum (dummy text) in every content of your website.
  • It scans every single page or post on your website for any kind of grammatical errors.

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2. Proofreading – Online Grammar Check WordPress Plugin

Proofreading plugin allows you to improve the quality of your posts, pages and overall structure of your website. It quickly detects the error of the texts inserted into the post, pages of your website.

You will find an “analyze” button in this plugin and get a list of all errors that can be found. It also allow you to recognize different types of text errors on your website (like typos, nonstandard phrases, semantic, punctuation, confused words etc.)

Proofreading WordPress Proofreading Plugin


This plugin will cost you nothing. Means you have to pay $0 for using it. It is free and can be download from website.


  • The three buttons present on the setting page of this plugin allows you to display the paragraph of error, hide the error & hide all the errors.
  • In the setting page, you can customize which are the error categories that you want to fix.
  • This plugin supports various languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese and many more.
  • The plugin is fast and an open source software so that anyone can use without any fear.

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3. Stilus – Proofreading WordPress Plugin

Stilus is a WordPress proofreading plugin which enables you to check the spelling and the style of your texts before publishing them on your WordPress website.

Its large lexical base and context-sensitive proofreading option enable you to identify real errors with a high level of accuracy, at all linguistic levels like spelling, grammar, typography, and style. The plugin doesn’t replace the errors but detects and revises possible errors by offering alternative keywords for reference.

Stilus WordPress Proofreading Plugin


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  • You can configure proofreading options on your website according to your linguistic preferences.
  • To preserve the confidentiality of your website’s text, they automatically delete the contents once their processing is completed.
  • The plugin only store the information of users, time of the request to detect errors, and word count.
  • It shows the errors in a different color and styles.

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4. Scribendi: Proofreading WordPress Plugin

It can handle any kind of error content you have, so it is one of the popular proofreading WordPress plugins in the market. Also, it checks the errors of spelling, style, grammar, and format of your contents like other plugins do.

By using this tool you will get free quotes, choose your turnaround time of finding errors, choose the various versions of languages and a lot more.

Scribendi WordPress Proofreading Plugin


Get this plugin from @ free of cost and add professional proofreading editing tool to your website.


  • It checks the punctuation, grammatical errors, spelling and structure of your content.
  • You can send the content quickly to this tool and get the post-publish editing done with it.

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So, this was all about the WordPress Proofreading Plugins (Free & Paid) which were specifically selected for youEach of these tools have their own set of strength and advantages. These are surely going to find the maximum amount of errors in your contents and will fix them out.

We hope that this blog will definitely help you to fetch the best plugin for your website. So, pick the best one and share your experience with us below in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!