Use marketing WordPress plugins & boost the growth of any kind of website!

For the growth of your business, you try many strategies such as creating offers/discounts on products, request your previous customers to spread the info about your work & many more. But what if you can boost up your business without any human help with high success rate?

There is a way which through digital marketing plugins. If you have a WordPress website then you must integrate those plugins with it. Through them, you can socially share links, send promotional emails, create lead generation/attention grabber forms & so on.

Marketing WordPress Plugins

After hearing about this thing, you might be searching for ‘The One Plugin’ for your work which can get your website beyond the seven star systems.

But in place of ‘One’, I give you 5+ WordPress plugins for marketers which can help you to achieve your goal. Some of them are free while others are paid.

Each of them possesses unique facilities & features which are beyond the comparison with any other WordPress marketing plugins.

Even there is one plugin which can help you in earning ‘a secondary income’ with so much easiness.

Now are you feeling thristy?

HaHa! That’s normal! So just dive with me into this article & get to know that what ‘more’ things you can do which can make you a future billionaire!

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1. WordPress to Buffer Pro: Best in Marketing WordPress Plugins

WordPress to Buffer Pro is a WordPress plugin which automatically publishes existing & new custom post types, pages & posts on some social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & many more.

All you’ve to do is to connect this plugin to your Buffer account & then schedule when you want to publish the contents to your social media accounts.

WordPress to Buffer Pro Marketing WordPress Plugin


  • Single Site: The charge of this plan is $39/year with features such as automatic pages, posts sharing, customizable status messages, dynamic tags etc.
  • Unlimited Sites: It comes with the features such as multi-site facility, scheduled statuses, conditional publishing & many more in just $89 charge on yearly basis.
  • Lifetime Plan: It costs $199 as a one-time payment with lifetime supports & updates. You will get to access some features like full image control to define a photo, bulk publishing & many more.


  • For each social media account & post types, you can set the unique statuses individually. Those statuses can contain URL, date, excerpt, etc.
  • Same is the case for images too. You can set a default featured image provided by this plugin or upload yours for individual social media accounts.
  • Apart from all of this, it has a vast variety of publishing statuses such as publish now, add to queue, after some days & many more.

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2. Yoast SEO: WordPress Plugin for Marketers

Now comes a unique WordPress plugin in this link, ‘Yoast SEO’. It comes with lots of features for making your site to rank higher on Yahoo, Google & Bing searches. Besides that, it is the best solution for a WordPress website for handling the SEO functionalities.

If the SEO score is good then your site will eventually get a good rank on all of the search engines.

Yoast SEO Marketing WordPress Plugin


  • The pricing of this marketing WordPress plugin starts from $89 for a single site to $6,675 for up to 150 sites.


  • While other SEO plugins provide the facility for a single keyword, this one allows to add up to 5 focus keywords which is a good thing for your site.
  • It also has a feature of readability through which you can check whether your content is easily readable or not.
  • For best accuracy, it runs an update in every two weeks to get the latest info about the change in Google’s algorithms.

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3. ThirstyAffiliates: Marketing WordPress Plugin

ThirstyAffiliates is WordPress plugin for cloaking the long links into small affiliate links. It is basically designed for bloggers through which they can make money with so much ease. So without annoying your audience, you can earn a secondary income when they click on the affiliate link.

ThirstyAffiliates Marketing WordPress Plugin


  • Single Site: This plan charges only $49 for a year with features such as URL shortening, affiliate link picker tool, smart uncloaking, etc.
  • Multi-Sites: It costs $79 for 1 year by providing some facilities like automatic keyword linking, geolocation link redirecting, import/export CSV tool & so on.
  • Unlimited Sites: For an unlimited number of sites, $149 is the charge for one year to provide some feature such as link health checker, Google Analytics click event pushing, advanced statistics reports, etc.


  • When someone clicks on the affiliate link, you will get an instant notification as this plugin is also integrated with Google Analytics.
  • It also supports the importing of 3rd party APIs such as Amazon Products API.
  • With the help of proactive link checking, you’ll never miss any of your affiliate links when it comes to a ‘404 error’.

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4. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress:

With the help of this plugin, you can extend the marketing of your site with social sharing buttons. It comes with 50+ beautiful templates for social media sharing & 20+ attractive animations with customization facilities.

Easy Social Share Buttons Marketing WordPress Plugin


  • Regular Plan: The charge of this plan is $20 for providing access to some basic features.
  • Extended Plan: For more features & facilities, you’ve to pay only $100.


  • To avoid any negative social proof, you can display the shared numbers of your site.
  • In order to grow your mailing list, you will also be able to add the subscribe form. So, people can enter their email in it & subscribe to your website’s alerts.
  • Through Facebook Messenger & Skype live chat, you can provide the real-time support to your customers.

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5. FormGet Contact Form: Marketing WordPress Plugin

FormGet is a drag & drop contact form maker tool. Through it, one can also do the marketing of its products or services by building a survey, lead generation, contact, invitation & other types of forms in just a couple of minutes. Even a non-techy guy can also use it without any issue.

FormGet Contact Form Marketing WordPress Plugin


  • It is an open source product. So you don’t have to pay any charge for it. To access more features of it, you can buy the higher version from its website.


  • In a single form, one can create unlimited fields according to his needs.
  • You can create contact forms in more than 15 languages. So you don’t have to fear about losing any international visitor or customer.
  • Also, you will be able to customize the background as well as header image according to your requirements.

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6. Email Marketing by MailGet: WordPress Plugin for Marketers

‘Email Marketing by MailGet’, the name of this plugin defines itself clearly. It is a simple solution for those people who want increase the sales of their business through emails. Yes! It is possible. By mentioning the promotional offers, discounts, advertisments & many other things in the email, you can engage your customers or subscribers to reach out to you.

This plugin efficiently works with HotMail, Yahoo, Gmail & another advertising-supported email service.

MailGet Marketing WordPress Plugin


  • This marketing plugin is free of cost. For more features, you can purchase the advanced tool from its website.


  • Through it, you can create multiple templates of emails for promotions, campaigns, newsletters, contacts, etc.
  • Suppose you send emails to 10,000 people. If 40% of people out of 100% have not opened your mail then you can send the email again which may result in the better exposure.
  • To send follow up emails, you can also create autoresponders when someone subscribes to your newsletters or services. This will also help in re-engaging your old as well as new customers/subscribers. After that, you can send them emails for marketing purpose too.

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So above are some of the primest marketing WordPress plugins which you can integrate into your website. They will surely help you in marketing & advertise your products or websites with quality.

Each of them is unique in function. Through them, you can create multi-category forms, send emails for marketing purpose, create social media buttons, affiliate marketing & many more.

That’s why you should try these plugins at once!

For any queries & suggestions, drop your comments below & I’ll get back to you soon. After all, we’d love to help the future billionaires!