What are custom post types WordPress plugins?

These are such plugin with the help of which you can design custom post types and taxonomies for your website without having knowledge of coding. They allow you to add custom fields like radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, and many more in posts.

This is not all most of the plugins offer WooCommerce support, allows you to create shortcodes for easy application and offer widgets settings as well.

So, this blog is all about plugins which are into providing services for custom post types. We have listed some of the best plugins which are both free as well as paid here.

Before getting to plugins have a look at the blogs listed below:-

1. Easy Content Types Plugin

Easy Content Types is a WordPress plugin using which any non-technical person can create customized posts with a few clicks. This plugin supports all latest versions of WordPress and is suitable for different kind of website as you can create custom posts for them.

Easy Content Types Plugin Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin


  • Personal plan:- This plan is priced $70 for single domain application of this plugin.
  • Developer plan:- You can have this plan at a cost of $176 and apply the plugin on 3 different domains and enjoy updates & support for a year.
  • Agency plan:- This is the high-end plan which will charge $294 with which you can apply this on 30 domains and get priority support along with other services.


  • With this plugin, you can create & edit different post types, taxonomies, meta boxes and custom fields. There are 10 different field types provided with this plugin.
  • Auto creates template files for post types and taxonomies which are then added directly to theme’s directory.
  • This plugin comes with shortcodes which enables you to display custom post types and taxonomies anywhere on the website.
  • It offers easy to use interface which helps you attach various predefined options in post type.

Details On Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin

2. CustomPress – Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin

With the help of CustomPress, you can manage multiple contents available on your website, store and shared them with ease. In addition, you can all add custom posts with various fields, taxonomies and more.

You also create your own fields through this plugin and simply attach them to your website using shortcodes.

CustomPress Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin


  • This plugin will cost you $49 for a month and will give you various advanced features & services.

[Note:- It offers you free 30-day trial using which you can explore the plugin for free]


  • This plugin auto generates theme files and shortcode library which make integration a super easy task.
  • It allows you to create custom post types, tags, categories, custom fields and various design elements.
  • Custom fields like radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, embed codes are also provided.
  • You can simply create and sort content available in different custom posts.

Details On Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin

3. WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter – Plugin

If you want to have search functionality on your website which can be applied using meta fields and taxonomies. Then this will be the right plugin for you as it will permit you to filter the content by posts, custom post types, WooCommerce products, meta fields, taxonomies, etc.

That is not all you can insert forms using shortcodes on any desired place of your website. Plus, you can simply create them through a constructor.

WordPress Meta Data Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin


  • The regular plan of this plugin will cost you $24 with which you get 6-month support along with other services.
  • $150 is the price which is charged for the extended license of this plugin.


  • It provides AJAX searching option for posts, custom post types, woocommerce products, etc.
  • With this plugin, you create meta fields with checkboxes, drop-downs, calendars, multi drop-downs, labels, etc.
  • Shortcodes and widgets which help you include custom posts types in different parts of your website with ease.
  • This plugin makes the site content searchable via meta fields and taxonomies.

Details On Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin

4. Custom Post Type UI – WordPress Plugin

With custom post type UI plugin you get various tools and facilities to manage post and taxonomies on your site.

This is an advanced plugin which provides multiple settings to create customized posts, taxonomies, registering types and more. You can even import or export all these with a single click.

Custom Post Type UI Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin


  • One of the popular plugin which is available free of charge and holds more than 500,000 installations on the web. Plus it offers frequent updates as well.


  • This provides a user-friendly dashboard with which you can easily manage, create, edit and view custom post types.
  • Allows you to add & edit taxonomies and define slug, label, post types and other settings for it.
  • The custom post type UI plugin provides multiple support details related to the plugin, general queries, front-end and advanced.
  • You can simply import and export post types with just a few clicks

Details On Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin

5. Toolset Types – WordPress Plugin

Toolset types are one of the best plugins which help you add custom post types, fields and taxonomies on websites. It offers an extremely user-friendly dashboard which can be operated with minimal computer knowledge.

You can have different fields and you can apply different type of access control settings for each one of them.

Toolset Types Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin


  • Another absolutely free WordPress plugin which has got 200,000 plus installations. It offers various advanced features and services which can be enjoyed at no cost.


  • You can apply advanced settings and custom options on custom post types and taxonomies with this plugin.
  • This is a multilingual WordPress plugin which helps you custom fields and posts types in different languages.
  • Multiple fields like single-line text, multi-line text, checkbox, drop-down, etc are also available.

Details On Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin

6. Custom Post Type Maker – WordPress Plugin

Custom Post Type Maker is specially crafted for websites that lack in providing easy to apply customs posts and taxonomies. This plugin gives you an easy to use interface which helps you manage different changes and sittings just like the regular posts.

Custom Post Type Maker Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin


  • With over 9,000 active installations and high star rating, this plugin is available for free and can easily be downloaded from wordpress.org site.


  • With the help of this plugin, even non-technical people can create custom post types and custom taxonomies for their website.
  • It allows you to create, edit and delete custom post types and you can apply bulk actions on them as well.
  • Managing custom post type icon is simple as you can use WordPress media uploader or dash icons with this plugin.

Details On Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin


So, we have arrived at the closure of this blog on custom post types WordPress plugins. I am sure that you must have got the best plugin which is suitable for your business and helps your website growth.

Still, if you have doubts or queries in mind, please let us know through the comments below.