Tired of low inbox deliverability rate? Want to send a customized email to your customers? But couldn’t because you don’t know the perfect software for this.

All you need is a good bulk emailing software that gives you the best output with minimum input by providing a high inbox deliverability rate at a nominal price. 

Here. we are providing you the list of best email marketing software with their finest features and pricing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the enlisted software and choose the best one for yourself.

Comparison Between Best Email Marketing Companies For Small Business Of 2022
Services Pricing: 5k Emails Free Trial Mobile Optimized Emails Email List Cleaning Ratings
 Pabbly Email Marketing $29 5/5
 MailGet $5 4.9/5
GetResponse $45 4.2/5
SendinBlue $25 4.2/5
Redcappi $34 4.5/5

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing software has made bulk emailing easy and amazing. With its powerful drag and drop builder, you can create email real quick. This software gives you two times open rate which assures the easy success of your marketing campaigns.  Moreover, you can get a high inbox deliverability rate with SMTP routing.  

Additionally, this email marketing service will keep your list clean by removing suspended, bounce and spam subscribers through MX checker. Also, you can import email to your pabbly email marketing list on a single click.

Pabbly Email Marketing

In comparison to other email marketing software, Pabbly Email Marketing has come up as a topmost software in the recent reports with 43.64% Open Rate.

Around 1200+ users are relying on Pabbly Email Marketing for building strong customer relationships. It charges $29 for UNLIMITED EMAILS with guaranteed High Inboxing.

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There is much more to check, just read below –

  • Engage your users with automate e-mail sending process & drip campaigns.
  • Capture more email leads with enhanced lead capture tool and subscription forms.
  • Only service that comes with its own delivery engine and allows you to add multiple SMTPs.
  • Inbuilt integrations like Google Analytics and Webhook are  provided for tracking user behavior and much more
  • Get access to social media through social share button provided on emails

Paid & Free Plans Offered By Pabbly Email Marketing

No Charge Plan:-

With $0 plan,  you can explore Pabbly Email Marketing thoroughly and it also allows you to connect 3 SMTPs.

Paid Plans:-Even with the base plan, you can start sending unlimited emails to 5,000 subscribers at a cost of $29 a month. You can connect 3 SMTPs and also enjoy SMTP routing and automatic followups.

There are 2 more plans that Pabbly Email Marketing offers which range from $49 up to $99 for a month and allows sending emails to 15,000 – 50,000 subscribers. These plans let you connect unlimited SMTPs with live chat support and automatic followups.

This is not all! You can also enjoy a discount of 20% by opting for a yearly subscription for any of the above plans.

Pros & Cons Of Pabbly Email Marketing

  • Get free access to 500+ e-mail templates that are responsive and easily customizable.
  • Connect unlimited SMTPs and enjoy SMTP routing too.
  • The users are restricted to send emails with $0 plan.

2. MailGet Email Marketing Platform

MailGet has become the most prominent enterprise email marketing platform with time. Its intuitive properties and affordable prices grab the attention of different types of businesses.

It consists of amazing features like mail tracking, user-friendly e-mail builder, easy personalization option, multiple SMTP integrations and there are much more facilities on the list.

Best Email Marketing Companies For Small Business

After testing & analyzing various email marketing software, we found MailGet is the only software which has permission to connect with numerous SMTP servers at a time.

The best part of the software is its cost, you have to pay $4 for UNLIMITED EMAILS and it’ll satisfy you in every segment related to Delivery, Mass Emailing & Open Rate.

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Countless attributes for any type of organization –

  • Drag & Drop Email Builder – for creating stunning & responsive emails.
  • 500+ free email templates – on multiple niches to satisfy needs of various businesses.
  • Deliver mails that are fully responsive and looks great on various devices.
  • Attach subscription forms to mails and capture leads.

Paid & Free Plans Offered By MailGet

Commence for free and send limitless emails to 100 members of your contact list. MailGet e-mail service provider permits to send unlimited emails to 7,500 users at a price as low as $4 a month.

There are 12 additional plans designed by this mailing service.

  • For $24 a month send unlimited emails to 30,000 subscribers.
  • At a cost of $41 conduct bulk online campaigns for a contact list of upto 50,000.
  • Send unlimited emails to 100,000 users at a cost of $66 a month.

And so on these plans goes till $560 which allows user access of 1 million.
Plus get a straight discount of 2 months on annual subscription of any plans.

Pros & Cons Of MailGet

  • Video tutorials for every service are a great help as they define the usage of various service.
  • MailGet supports more than 40 SMTP service other than Amazon SES.
  • SMTP service integration is mandatory if you want to start sending emails.

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3. GetResponse Online Marketing Platform

Grow your enterprise with a complete online marketing platform. Conduct mail campaigns that end-up generating high conversions.

With this platform, you can enhance all marketing programs worldwide using the pre-integrated properties that GetResponse offers.

Best Email Marketing Companies For Small Business

Advanced features that will help in business growth –

  • Send timely emails, perform A/B testing and more to increase conversions.
  • Email list automation which delivers clean, managed and segmented.
  • Use pre-designed mobile-ready template that are responsive.

Paid & Free Plans Offered By GetResponse

GetResponse has 4 different packages which provide multiple user access at various price point according to the usage.

  • Email Package:- $15 is the monthly cost with which you get 1,000 user access for mail delivery.
  • Pro Package:- At a cost of $49 a month deliver responsive mails to 5,000 users.
  • Max Package:- This plan will charge $165 for a month and allow 10,000 user access.
  • Enterprise Package:- For larger organizations with a list size of 1,00,000+ users at a price point of $1199 for a month.

GetResponse also gives 30-days free trial using which emails to 250 users can be delivered.
Prepay for 12-months to get 18% off and for 24-month prepay get 30% off on the bill.

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Pros & Cons Of GetResponse

  • Perform spam and design testing both.
  • List management process is highly automated.
  • Pricing is much higher as compared to others.
  • Multiple emails templates are available but they are kind of outdated.

4. SendinBlue Email Service Provider

SendinBlue is another most powerful and top email service provider, that you will love to use for promotional purpose.

Best fits for any small or medium size business as the audience can easily be targeted with beautiful designs and optimized campaigns.

Best Email Marketing Companies For Small Business

Check out its unique properties below –

  • Send promotional and transactional emails that are triggered automatically.
  • Test the responsiveness of emails and optimize them for variety of devices.
  • Use API’s and Integrate plugins and third-party apps for easy functioning.

Paid & Free Plans Offered By SendinBlue

Send 9,000 emails with no contact limit to test all features and facilities for free. Other than that there are 4 paid plans to choose.

  • Lite Plan:- Deliver 40,000 emails to unlimited contacts and get billed around $8 monthly.
  • Essential Plan:- 60,000 email access which can be delivered to limitless contacts at a rare price of $39.
  • Premium Plan:- $66 will be charged monthly for 120,000 e-mail delivery to unlimited contacts.
  • Enterprise Plan:- For more details about the pricing and other information contact sales team.

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Pros & Cons Of SendinBlue

  • Email templates available are highly responsive.
  • SendinBlue also offers free plans with advanced services.
  • No third party contact upload is provided.
  • The account set-up is tricky and confusing.

5. Adestra Mass Mailing Solution

Adestra is another mass mailing solution in this list. This solution offers a number of data security properties like multiple data handling rights, ability to restrict IP address etc.

Marketing automation through this solution will help to maximise campaign results.

Best Email Marketing Companies For Small Business

Below are the attributes of Adestra –

  • Reach clients at times when they are most available by automatic e-mail delivery.
  • Social media sharing option is also available.
  • Quickly create campaigns with the flexible tool.
  • Step-by-step and in-depth reporting for campaign success.

For Details On Price Plans By Adestra

Contact sales team to find out the price details or book a demo by filling up a form to know the billing price of your plan.

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Pros & Cons Of  Adestra

  • An emailing solution which is best for enterprises.
  • Offers top class marketing features that work quickly.
  • Information related to pricing is only provided upon request.
  • Complicated service to understand.

6. AtomPark Software

AtomPark Software is the developer of programs that will satisfy all your email marketing needs: from growing a mailing list to sending mass emails. Since 19 years of company existence, the most wanted product is a universal tool for promoting any business via bulk emailing – Atomic Email Studio.

Thanks to the set of pro tools like finding target emails, list management, crafting, and sending newsletters you can start mass mailing campaigns just today.

Best Email Marketing Companies For Small Business

What about the main features?

The program can do all the work associated with mass mail campaigns:

  • Creating and sending email newsletters to contact customers without limits.
  • Collecting target contacts from the Internet and your PC to create your own mailing list.
  • Searching email domain owners to find contacts of the owners of sites.
  • Verifying emails to remove spam traps, duplicates, and non-existent addresses and avoid getting into spam.
  • Editing mailing lists to segment your audience.

Paid & Free Plans Offered By AtomPark Software

  • Full version: $229
  • Demo version: free. You have the opportunity to test the key features of each program for 7 days! The trial gives access to all functions except export and project saving.

You can also buy each component separately.

Wholesale discounts and gifts are available.

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Pros & Cons Of AtomPark Software programs

  • Wide functionality and lack of restrictions on the number and duration of work with programs.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Outdated interface design.It doesn’t affect the functionality of the programs.
  • Lack of built-in SMTP.

7. Redcappi Email Marketing Service

Redcappi is a powerful email marketing service that simplifies promotional needs. Its interactive platform helps to send targeted emails to customers and also allows a variety of testing on emails.

The service comes loaded with lots of facilities like beautiful newsletter, contacts importing, easy contact management and much more.

Best Email Marketing Companies For Small Business

Interesting feature of Redcappi –

  • Easy to use Drag & Drop e-mail builder.
  • Check user actions on emails like opens, clicks, etc in real-time.
  • Built-in Sign-Up forms to collect more subscribers.
  • Autoresponder to send automated emails.

Paid & Free Plans Offered By Redcappi

Redcappi email marketing solution has a wide range of plans starting at $10 monthly with a contact delivery of up to 500 users.

Excluding the above plan, there are 8 other plans which range from $15 to $288 and give user access ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 users.

It also offers 3 months discount on the yearly subscription which is applicable to all plans.

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Pros & Cons Of Redcappi

  • For start-ups and beginners a great Emailing service.
  • Free plan which can deliver unlimited emails to 100 users.
  • No pre-designed mailing templates.
  • Drip e-mail and autoresponder attributes are not available.

8. Hems Mail Marketing Software

Hems Mail, a popular and affordable email marketing software that offers tons of features for marketing your business. Design stunning emails, send them to a targeted audience and track all the results in real-time with this software.

Performing bulk email campaigns is just a few clicks task with this software, plus you will face no deliverability issues as well.

Best Email Marketing Companies For Small Business

Check out more features below –

  • Mail creation is an extremely easy task which saves time, money and resources.
  • Process to manage all your subscribers is simple.
  • Collect more subscribers with built-in Sign-Up form.
  • Get detailed stats and reports to optimize campaigns.

Paid & Free Plans Offered By Hems Mail

Hems Mail marketing service has got 8 distinctive price plans with quality features and amenities.

  • The base plan starting price is $19 + 18% taxes monthly and gives 20,000 e-mail credits(1 credit equal to 1 Email).
  • The next plan costs $24 + 18% taxes and provides 30,000 e-mail credits for a month.
  • $31 + 18% taxes is the price of this plan that allows 50,000 e-mail delivery in a month.

And so on….

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Pros & Cons Of Hems Mail

  • Mass emailing is just a few clicks task.
  • Design emails with easy to use panel.
  • Limited features and facilities at available.
  • The plans are offered at a very high price.

9. 1PointMail For Marketing Automation

Right now, 1PointMail is a powerful marketing automation platform that helps to improve the sales and ROI of business.

Start sending emails in bulk without bothering about deliverability as it guarantees high inbox placement with advanced email deliverability property.

Best Email Marketing Companies For Small Business

Have a glimpse of these unique attributes –

  • Monitor all sent campaigns with a single click of a button.
  • Manage contacts and marketing list with list management tool.
  • Create beautiful campaigns with the extensive editor.

Paid & Free Plans Offered By 1 PointMail

This enterprise email marketing platform has designed 6 plans for your marketing needs which are as follows:-

  • First plan will cost $45 for 10,000 emails every month.
  • Second plan is offered at a price of $99 monthly for 50,000 emails.
  • For 100,000 email access, you are charged $149 a month.

And so on….

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Pros & Cons Of 1 PointMail

  • Event triggered email facility is also there.
  • You can track the bounce emails as well.
  • No drag & drop email building facility is there.
  • Does not offers any type of free email templates.

10. JangoMail Advanced Marketing Services

JangoMail is a permission-based marketing service used to engage more customers easily. It offers unique features and flexible prices to firms of different sizes.

You get access to 150 e-mail templates, easy to use WYSIWYG mail editor, spam content checker, and additional facilities.

Best Email Marketing Companies For Small Business

Below is a list of unique features –

  • Send automates, triggered and scheduled emails.
  • Check out campaign performance in depth with its advanced reporting.
  • Allow unlimited list storage with unlimited e-mail addresses.

Paid & Free Plans Offered By JangoMail

  • Free trial:- Get free access for 30-days and deliver 10,000 responsive emails to your customers.
  • Spark Plan:- Pay $90 a month to access 18,000 emails using multiple other resources.
  • Commerce Plan:- For a price of $144 you can have delivery limit of 100,000 emails in a month.
  • Pro Plan:- This plan will cost $500 for a month and allows to send emails upto 220,000.
  • Enterprise Plan:- For a higher volume of emails you have opted for this plan, to know the price details contact sales team.

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Pros & Cons Of JangoMail

  • JangoMail also allows sending of SMS (text) messages.
  • It also supports Unicode and multiple languages.
  • Drag & Drop facility in email builder is not there.
  • No Live client support is there.

11. Elite Email Marketing Tool

With Elite Email you get various email marketing benefits along with bundled features that assist in active promotion and advertisements of products & services online.

It also integrates with Facebook and Twitter which can maximize your marketing efforts. Additionally, you get hundreds of templates that gives you customization option as well.

Best Email Marketing Companies For Small Business

Other properties of EliteEmail –

  • Grow and manage the list by capturing new contacts with the sign-up form.
  • Create mobile friendly and responsive email templates.
  • Real-time analysis of reports and results in depth.

Paid & Free Plans Offered By Elite Email

Free Plan:- This plan is free forever and you can send online mails to 500 contacts on your list.

Subscription Plan:- This plan will cost $15 a month for up to 1000 users, $28 for 2,500 users and so on it will go.

Pay As You Go Plan:- In this plan for 1,000 credits, you have to pay $15, for 2,500 credits $30 and so on.(Each Credit = One Email)

By prepaying for 6 months you can save 10% and for 12 months you can save 15%.

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Pros & Cons Of Elite Email

  • Customer support offered is very prompt.
  • Allows unlimited picture hosting.
  • Can’t remove logo of the service from the emails.
  • Google Analytics integration is prohibited.

Wrapping Up..

Now, that you are familiar with all the top email marketing companies of 2022 please let me know which service you liked in the comments section below.

Well, I would highly recommend MailGet – Email Service Provider for your organization – one of the popular and best email marketing tool that offers stunning features.

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